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Who Is Nick Lee? Meet Amournath Husband! Age, Job

Twitch streamer Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa s known for her ASMR and hot tub streams. Fans had since long been believing that she is single when surprising everyone during a particularly heartbreaking Livestream, she revealed that she has actually been married for some time now. She apparently alleged that her husband Nick Lee has been abusing her and controlling the content she puts out. Who she is let’s find out in the rest of the writing.

Meet Nick Lee, Twitch Streamer Amournath Husband

During a stream in October 2022, Amouranth opened up to her audience that she has secretly been married. And though she did not herself name him the internet was quick to identify him as Nick Lee.

In the stream, she is seen amid a phone call with Nick and he is repeatedly yelling and swearing at her, leaving her close to tears. Then, Amouranth also claimed that, on the other side of the phone, he threatened to kill her dogs if she did not do a 24-hour Livestream. Especially after Nick said “Nope, did not say that. Now you’re just being a f–king liar”, Amournath had teared up.

Amouranth opened up that she kept their marriage a secret to maintain her online image, at Nick’s insistence because he said it would ruin his business modeling career.

She also revealed how Nick had previously sought therapy for his behavior, and the therapist allegedly deemed his behavior psychological abuse. All in all, she declared, she is basically living in a fancy prison.

Fellow Twitch streamer Alinity, a close friend of Amouranth’s, claimed she made a request for a welfare check on Amouranth and the police still did not disclose to her whether or not she is fine.

Yet again, at this time, some of the media outlets reported not knowing anything regarding Nick’s identity. Also, Amournath’s social accounts had been silent since the stream and as of 18 October 2022. Her Instagram account had also been deleted since the Livestream.

While Nick on his Twitter, still introduced himself as the husband of Amouranth since December 2015, among other things.

Sometime in 2020, Nick also posted his and Amournath’s marriage certificate on Twitter. On it, it was mentioned that the two got married on 16th December 2015. The bride was mentioned as Kaitlyn Michelle Siragusa, i.e., Amournath’s real name. Also, it was clearly a courthouse marriage. So, when Nick posted this image of the certificate on his tweet, several years later, he wrote alongside how it was like living a dream. He cited that he was nobody having a low-income job his father got him after he spoke to his old boss in a Houston-based Taiwanese company. “Suddenly I got a wife and also a house in Sugerland as a present for me and Kaitlyn from my father. GO DADDY, GO!”, he then added to it cheeringly.

Later that year, Nick also showed their marriage application on the internet dedicating it to all “Amouranth’s obsessed fans”, who at the time thought he had forced her into the marriage. With this, he chastised them to think again, claiming that it was Amournath’s own signature on their marriage application.

How Many Children Do Nick Lee And Amournath Have?

Nick Lee and Amournath did not have any children as of 2022.

The memories of this couple go back as far as 20th August 2014. But, since then and until now, they never mentioned and not even hinted at having any kids.

Nick Lee Age

Nick Lee was born on 7 December 1988. So, he reached the age of 33 in 2022. Also, his zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

Nick Lee Job

Judging from this LinkedIn of the same name and similar address, Nick Lee had been working as the processing/liquids accountant at Superior Natural Gas Corporation from November 2018 until recently (2022).

If this should be Nick’s profile, he also has also been volunteeringly doing the ‘Sunday school teacher’ thing at First Phillipine Baptist Church.

As for his wife, other than being a streamer on Twitch, she is a social media personality, a glamour model, and a pornographic actress.

Is Nick Lee On Instagram And Twitch?

Nick Lee did not seem to be on Instagram and Twitch as of 2022.

But, he was on Twitter @Lee1988Nick. Here, in the bio, he introduced himself as a Taiwanese loafer, shortie, k-pop and gym lover.

Nick also appeared to be occasionally active on ‘Nick Lee’ Facebook.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Nick Lee From?

As of 2022, Nick Lee had been calling Sugar Land city, just southwest of Houston, Texas, his home.

But, he is Taiwanese as he was born in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan. Then again, he also might have been already granted an American nationality as well since getting married to an American national.

Nick likely has a father and a brother in his family. His mother unfortunately is no more. She likely passed away before 2014’s October.

  • How Tall Is Nick Lee?

Nick Lee stands around 5 feet and 8 inches in height.

  • How Much Is Nick Lee’s Net Worth?

Nick Lee was reportedly standing above $1 million net worth as of 2022.

Lately, he was also reportedly threatening to leave his wife with only $1 million. In detailed allegations of abuse, Nick has allegedly repeatedly threatened to spend much of their money, investing it into crypto and leaving her with only that amount.

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