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Who Is ​Nico Walker First Wife, Kara Walker? Her Age, Job

Nico Walker served as a medic on more than 250 missions in Iraq, and upon returning home he suffered from PTSD. Depressed and traumatized, the US Army veteran became addicted to heroin and Oxycodone and eventually lost everything he held dear, including his first wife Kara Walker.

But who is Kara? Keep reading to find out.

Meet Kara Walker, ​Nico Walker First Wife

Kara Walker eloped with Nico Walker in 2005, just before Nico got shipped off to basic training at Fort Leonard Wood, in Missouri. Unfortunately, the war got the best of him, and when Nico returned home for good the next year, he and Kara divorced in March.

It seems Nico was being taken apart emotionally by his experiences. To say he survived his return might even be overstating the case; more than anything, Nico simply existed.

Nico was having trouble sleeping. When he closed his eyes, images of Iraq immediately crowded his vision. Over and over again, he saw the man who had appeared in the field, saw him falling, watched him die a slow and agonizing death, a death followed by more deaths, and the unraveling of a mission into slaughter and grotesque absurdity.

Thus, Nico often drank himself to sleep, and eventually, he started taking Oxycontin to help him sleep. To keep himself occupied, the veteran even enrolled in classes at Cleveland State University and worked on songs for Safari with his childhood friend Chris Hoke.

On the other hand, after the divorce, Kara went traveling to find solace. But upon her return seeing her ex-husband in such a condition, she tried to make things better for him. Unfortunately, ​Nico was beyond the point of saving. He often thrashed around at night, hitting Kara and screaming.

A forensic psychiatrist, Pablo Stewart, described Nico as being “one of the most severely impaired trauma victims” he’d ever seen.

One day, Nico woke up and had this urge to rob a bank. “It wouldn’t have taken much to discourage me, but I just felt like I had been pushed into doing it. I was self-involved, bitter, and angry. I just didn’t want to take any shit anymore,” he said.

So, he dropped Kara off at school (he used to drop off and pick up Kara from Cleveland State University) and drove straight to the Huntington Bank wearing a hat and a hoodie. Thereafter, he successfully robbed ten more banks in 4 months!

Kara Walker Relationship Status Today

Kara Walker didn’t reveal her relationship status. On the other hand, her ex-husband, Nico is happily married to celebrated poet Rachel Rabbit White.

Nico first met Rachel in March 2020 after he was smitten by her book. “It was pure. It was in earnest, and yet there was no discounting the technique,” he said. “The lines were as elegant as they were painful. Their intentions were as direct as they were dynamic in their complexities. It wasn’t the work of a dilettante.”

However, Nico first got in touch with the poet because he was working on a project for a magazine, and he needed contributors. It seems he emailed her from a burner phone he bought at Walmart — the day after he got out of prison. The two then “books and sh*t” and “it came naturally” to them.

Fast forward to June 12, 2021, the pair eloped to Biloxi, Mississippi, partially because of COVID and because Walker was legally unable to leave the state except for work. Later, they then had a second wedding in New York City, but Nico had to return to the South per his parole.

Now, finally, after almost 2 years of splitting his time, Nico has been given the go-ahead to relocate from Mississippi and Rachel’s throwing the celebratory bash at a Downtown haunt.

Did Kara Walker Inspire The Character Emily In Cherry?

Yes, Kara Walker inspired the character Emily in the movie Cherry, taken from Nico’s semi-autobiographical novel of the same name.

Just like in Kara’s real life, Emily (Kara IRL) and Cherry (Nico IRL) fall for each other immediately in college. But when Emily decides to finish college in Canada, Cherry decides to enlist. The pair then get married to cement their bond before they’re apart.

However, the movie has changed a few details about Kara and Nico’s relationship.  

In the movie, Emily is it for him. The only time Cherry considers leaving her is when he thinks it will save her life. But IRL, they’re a little more on and off. They get divorced and Nico briefly dates another woman before ultimately getting back together in the long run.

Kara Walker Age

Kara Walker was reportedly born after 1986. That means she couldn’t be older than 37 years of age in 2023.

On the other hand, Nico’s DOB is clear — April 19, 1985. This makes him older than Kara.

What Is Kara Walker Maiden Name?

Kara Walker’s maiden name wasn’t shared.

Kara Walker Job

She didn’t reveal her job. But we do know that she graduated after 2006 in Canada.

Related FAQs

  • Is Kara Walker On Instagram?

She wasn’t on Instagram.

  • When Is Kara Walker Birthday?

Kara didn’t reveal her birthday.

  • Where Is Kara Walker From?

Kara is reportedly from Cleveland, Ohio.

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