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Who Is RHODubai Chanel Ayan Husband Chris? His Age, Job

Meet Chris, husband of RHODubai Chanel Ayan. Chanel is Dubai’s and Middle East’s most celebrated and coveted black model. She grew up in a small village named Malanba on the border between Kenya and Uganda. When her mixed-race cousin from Sweden who came to visit her brought a magazine that inspired her to be a model.

Chanel started taking modeling seriously and started doing some commercials. She left Kenya at the age of 17 and moved to Brazil. Then she moved to New York and signed with Elite Models. She has modeled for brands such as Apple, Van Cleef, and Piaget. She was the first Black model in Dubai where she did the Emirate Airline campaign and Dubai Tourism Company.

Chanel’s four siblings are in different parts of the world holding prestigious positions.

But, fans inquired about the man Ayan Chanel is married to for more than two decades. Clearly, Chanel is private about her husband. Married for 22 years, she hasn’t posted even one picture of her husband on her Instagram or her Facebook. So, we might expect a big reveal from her in the show. But, there are plenty of pictures of her son who is also an aspiring model.

Keep scrolling to learn about Chris, RHODubai Ayan Chanel’s husband.

Meet Chris, RHODubai Chanel Ayan Husband

Chris is the husband of RHODubai Chanel Ayan. Chris is an American man who she met in Brazil while kick-starting her career there. She was 17 years old and Chris was 22 at the time.

She told Nigerian Tribune, “I’m married and I’m very proud of that because it was my first love and the only person I have ever been with. I met him when I was 17, he was 22 and we got married and have been living together for 20 years. We have a 14-year-old boy that also models, and does a lot of campaigns in Dubai. Yes, I know a lot of models that can’t keep relationships, they have many opportunities, meeting different people, so, it kind of makes it easy not to keep relationships”.

Not long after they tied the knots and have been married to him ever since. Their marriage was a low-key affair with only 15 attendees. Her wedding dress cost only 20 dollars. They got married but didn’t speak each other’s language.

However, Chris was fluent in Portuguese although he was American. Chris was the only man she knew and when she signed up for the show as one of the housewives, they were married for 22 years and shared one child named Taj.

Chris has also posted a few pictures of his son on his Instagram. In the 2016 post, he wrote, “Chilled with #son at soft opening #legolanddubai”. Chanel commented on the post, “My favorite human beings on this earth”. He also posted about his son’s passion for rock climbing with a picture.

Taj also posed for Vogue Arabia. Taj, who is now 16-year-old, is also featured on his mother’s TikTok.

Meanwhile, Chris also supported his wife in joining the Bravo show by posting a clip. Chanel commented, “Hi hubby love you”.

However, many outlets online shared that the RHODubai star is married to “Luca Salves”, which they likely mistakenly misspelled model and artist Brazilian model “Lucas Alves” (@lucasalvesofficial). Since there are many pictures of Lucas on Chanel’s IG many entertainment news outlets were misinformed about Lucas Alves or Luca Salves.

Chanel Ayan’s husband Chris and their friend Lucas Alves attend the Christmas party hosted by Chanel’s friend Annu Nayyar (Pic: Instagram)

Chanel on her Twitter bio has stated, “model/fashion/beauty mother to Taj and wifey to Chris. The owner of ayan beauty @ayanbeautybytonimalt with celebrity makeup artist Toni malt”.

But, they are just co-workers and great friends with each other. Lucas in fact is in a relationship with his girlfriend Letícia Pinheiro (@leticiapinheiro9).

Chris is close friends with Chanel’s many model friends including Lucas Alves and her new RHODubai castmate Lesa Milan. He attended Lesa’s birthday party with his wife.

Chanel Ayan Husband Chris Last Name

The last name of Chanel Ayan’s husband Chris is yet to reveal.

Is Chanel Ayan Husband Chris On Instagram?

Yes, Chanel Ayan’s husband Chris is on Instagram. His IG handle is (@theluckiedude).

Chanel Ayan Husband Chris Age

Reportedly born in 1975, Chris, the husband of RHODubai Chanel Ayan is 46 years old.

Chanel Ayan Husband Chris Job

According to Chris’s Instagram bio, he is an entrepreneur. He writes in his bio, “Experiences. Failing is merely the act of trying along the road to success”. He is often seen attending different fashion events with his wife. In his IG story, he posted about attending the Hugo Boss event and Couture event alongside his wife.

Moreover, he wrote, “supporting my family”. He is linked with many high-profile individuals such as Moto GP Champion Jorge Lorenzo (@jorgelorenzo99). He is frequently traveling so we assume traveling is a must for his job.

Chris also played a significant role to help Chanel launch her own line of make-up with celebrity make-up artist Antonia Malt named Ayan by Toni Malt.

Speaking with Nigerian Tribune, Chanel told, “For us, it was very important that we grew up together and made everything together. Like everything we have ever had is ours. I have worked hard for my stuff, he has worked hard for his stuff, all our staff is like combined together. We have a lot of properties in Dubai, In the US, I own homes in Kenya. When you marry somebody you don’t marry them for what they have, you marry them because of who they are. Like I always tell my son, you need to find somebody with a good heart, a beautiful heart, and never look for anything else. So, I’m very proud that everything we have we have made it for ourselves”.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Chanel Ayan Husband Chris From?

Chanel Ayan’s husband Chris is from the United States. However, his hometown hasn’t been shared yet.

  • How Tall Is Chanel Ayan Husband Chris?

Chanel Ayan’s husband Chris stands tall above 6 feet 1 inch.

  • Does Chanel Ayan Husband Chris Appear On Real Housewives Of Dubai?

Model/RHODubai Chanel hasn’t introduced her husband yet on her IG. So, Chris is not appearing on Real Housewives of Dubai just yet, as we assume. But, since he is also a friend of Lesa Milan, it is a probability that we might get to see him sometime in the future.

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