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Who Is Roger Ordish? His Bio, Age, Wife, IG, Jimmy Savile

Meet Roger Ordish from Netflix’s “Jimmy Savile: A Britsh Horror Story”. He is featured in the documentary to give his insight into Jimmy’s life and their interactions. But, he wasn’t one of Jimmy’s victims but worked as a producer of Jimmy’s hit show Jim’ll Fix It.

Learn more about what Roger had said below in this article.

Roger Ordish On Netflix’s Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story

Roger Ordish served as a producer of Jim’ll Fix It for 19 years. He said with SussexWorld, “If I could have written to Jim’ll Fix It myself, I would have asked to appear in a musical”. During his 19 years, he had warned his staff on the show that Jimmy shouldn’t be left alone with children.

He shared that rule was not based on a fear that “something awful” might happen to the children. But, a rule that children should always be chaperoned and never thought that Jimmy was a pedophile.

Moreover, Roger shared that Jimmy’s presence could be “unnerving” and “frightening” for some young people. In her review, Dame Janet described Roger as honest and decent. She was satisfied he had not been aware of any of Jimmy’s criminal conduct. Former BBC DJ Tony Blackburn said he was offered the chance to quit before being fired by the corporation, which found he had not fully cooperated with the lengthy investigation into Jimmy’s sexual assault at the BBC.

Roger testified before Dame Janet Smith’s inquiry, which determined the BBC had lost opportunities to prevent Savile from assaulting children and identified 72 victims, eight of whom had been ra***.

“I remember saying he should not be left alone with children, but that would apply to any presenter because the rules were a young person should always be chaperoned,” Roger told The Guardian. “It wasn’t for fear he was going to do something awful to the child but I did think his presence was unnerving for some children. I think yes, frightening.

“[He was] creepy, yes, but it never crossed my mind there was any kind of pedophilia going on. If someone had come to me and said a specific thing had happened, a complaint about Jimmy Savile’s behavior, I would have immediately done something about it.”

Roger said he had invited the presenter to stay at his home, and Jimmy had slept in the room next to his 14-year-old daughter’s bedroom. “That is not the act of someone turning a blind eye,” he said. He described Jimmy, who died in 2011, as an enigma who built barriers around himself. “I knew him probably as well as anybody did but that wasn’t very well, because he was such a secretive man,” he said.

“He spent his whole life hiding things and rather enjoying hiding them probably. But that’s hindsight. I always found his behavior rather odd, but you’re not thinking about it, you’re not saying: ‘Is Jimmy Savile a drug smuggler? Is Jimmy Savile a pedophile?’ You’re just thinking: ‘That’s Jimmy Savile.’”

The BBC producer said when the idea of Jim’ll Fix It was floated at the BBC, Roger had met his boss, Bill Cotton, and said he thought the corporation should find a different presenter. “That was nothing to do with Jimmy Savile’s moral behavior, it had to do with his ability to communicate with young people,” he said. “He did openly say: ‘I hate children.’”

The producer said he couldn’t talk about his time at the BBC without feeling ashamed. “It’s of no significance compared to the terrible things that happened to the victims, but in retirement, people say: ‘What did you do?’.

“I’d say: ‘I was a BBC producer … Jim’ll Fix It, I did that for 20 years, and you used to get a wonderful reaction. Now it’s something I can’t mention, you’re ashamed of it.”

Where Is Roger Ordish Today?

Roger appears to be still situated in England and operates a production firm years later. Aside from that, he is a YouTube content maker. He has shared his biography on YouTube, click the link “If I Remember Rightly” to listen to him which he uploaded in 2020.

Roger Ordish Age

Born on 13 October 1939, as of April 2022, Roger Ordish is 82 years old.

Roger Ordish Career

Roger Ordish started his career producing Dee Time in 1968. He went on to produce shows such as The Kenneth Williams Show, Don’t Ask Us – We’re New Here. Moreover, she also produced Clunk-Click, Parkinson, Tell Me More, Call My Bluff, Odd One Out, and Wogan.

Other works of Roger as a producer include A Bit of Fry and Laurie, Wipeout, and Paul Daniel’s Secrets among others.

Is Roger Ordish Married?

Roger Ordish is married but he hasn’t shared any details about his family.

Related FAQs

  • Where Does Roger Ordish Reside?

Roger Ordish is living in Lewes, England. He was born in Yalding, Kent, England.

  • Is Roger Ordish On IG And Facebook?

No, Roger Ordish is not on IG or Facebook.

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