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Lexi Doll Bio, Age, Husband, Net Worth, Margaret Josephs

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Margaret Josephs, grew up as an only child and maybe that is why cultivated a tight-knit inner circle of family and friends that includes even her creative director and assistant, Lexi “Lexi Doll” Barbuto.

So, the writing below is just what you had been wondering about Lexi Doll.

Meet Lexi Doll, Margaret Josephs’s Assistant On RHONJ

Over the years, Margaret Joseph’s assistant Lexi has assisted her employer in her business affairs. But some fans without any humility have made their opinions loud and clear that they are sick of seeing the title of ‘creative director’ when Lexi Doll appears in RHONJ. That, however, still did not stop Margaret from considering Lexi her sister.

Lexi and Margaret go way back to 2008 when she started working for Margaret as the director of her marketing brand, the Macbeth Collection.

It was January of 2019 when Lexi got promoted to the creative director position. Also, it was since the Season 7 of RHONJ that Levi was known to the show’s fans after Margaret joined the cast members like Teresa Giudice and Jennifer Aydin.

The reality TV star’s right-hand woman during her events also cohosts her podcast: Caviar Dreams, Tuna Fish Budget.

Lexi Doll Age

Late in 2021, Lexi Doll turned 41 years old.

Lexi Doll Net Worth

Lexi Doll had more than $900K as net worth as of April 2022.

Before joining Margaret in her business, Lexi studied fashion design/fashion apparel design at Leed Arts University in England.

Is Lexi Doll On IG?

Lexi could be found on Instagram @thelifeofmrsb where she had 1,281 posts and 8,347 followers as of 7 April 2022.

Then, she also shared glimpses from her life on her ‘Lexi Doll’ Facebook.

Lexi Doll Real Name

Apparently, ‘Lexi Doll’ is not her real name but ‘Lexi Barbuto’ is.

Lexi Doll Height

Lexi, an advocate for a healthy lifestyle and fitness, stands above 5’7” tall in height.

She has opened up to her people on social media about her fitness/health journey. After becoming a mother, she had started a post-baby health journey exactly in July 2020. Sharing before and after physical transformation pictures, later in September 2021, she disclosed that she was 29lbs down having lost 7 inches from her waist. How? Getting out of bed early, working out, eating right, and consistently (of course).

Who Is Lexi Doll Husband?

Six years ago on 14 May 2016, Lexi Doll got married to her now-husband, Brian Barbuto.

“Four years ago today we got married (again) and it was quite honestly the best celebration ever anyone could have wished for 🖤 as we celebrate quietly tonight alone in quarantine we couldn’t be happier to have these wonderful memories with the people we love to look back on. It’s a fact we give each other a run for our money but I don’t think anyone else could handle either of us on a daily basis 😝🤪 love you, you actual crazy lunatic @mr.barbeautiful”, Lexi wrote to her husband once during their marriage anniversary.

Lexi Doll’s husband and the kids, as seen in May 2021 (PIC: Instagram)

Two years since the wedding on 25th October, they welcomed their son “party animal” Nino. And when talking about her Nino, in an Instagram post, Lexi said “thank you to Nino for being the wild thing you are thank you to Ariya and Mateo for being the best big sister and brother there is!”. This of course made us wonder who Ariya and Mateo are. Again during the kids’ birthday celebration, Lexi mentioned Sayonara who was turning 6, and Mateo turning 7 (as of October 2020). Are they Lexi’s stepkids and Brian’s children from a previous relationship? It is unclear.

Brian, the son of Angela and Arthur Barbuto, appeared to have deleted his IG account @mr.barbeautiful.

Related FAQs

  • What Do We Know About Lexi Doll Family?

Lexi’s mother is Ingrid Wilton-Caley and together, they are like best friends. “Happy British Mother’s Day to the mum in a million ❤️🇬🇧 I got so beyond lucky that you are my mummy. Rockstar, legend, inspiration, best friend. You are all that and more. I love you ⚡️❤️”, Lexi wrote to her on Mother’s Day.

The matriarch is now married to Mike Wilton-Caley of North London, United Kingdom. Mike, a self-employed architect, and Polytechnic of North London alum is not Lexi’s biological dad.

Lexi’s dad, the late Johnny C, is no longer alive. More than often, you can see Lexi recall him with their old pictures together. “I miss you so much every day, not just today, but always feel your presence guiding me and watching over me and Nino with love. Happy Birthday Johnny C you absolute legend ⚡️You’d be so proud of Nino and what a little rascal he is 🥰 chip off the old blocks for sure ❤️✨”, she would then create captions like this.

More than once, Lexi also adoringly mentioned, Joseph Benigno, Margaret’s husband as her “honorary Father Father”.

Lexi also mentioned Canadian digital content creator, Lindsay Solmer, her sister from another mother.

  • Where Is Lexi Doll From?

Lexi Doll hails from Manchester, a major city in northwest England with a rich industrial heritage.

  • When Is Lexi Doll Birthday?

The 29th of December is when Lexi celebrates her birthday, making her a Capricorn.

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