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Who Is Steph Michaels? Her Bio, Age, Net Worth, Height

We now have a new reality show, Hulu’s Back in the Groove that sees three successful women over the age of 40 and checks them into The Groove Hotel, a mystical resort on the beautiful island of the Dominican Republic. What happens out there is the main attraction of the show. For now, in the rest of the writing, we shall tell you all about Steph Michaels because she is one of the women in this experiment.

Steph Michaels On Hulu’s Back In The Groove

Steph Michaels recently invited her people on social media to see her check in for her stay at the beautiful The Groove Hotel. So, this show called Black In The Groove she went on premieres on 5 December 2022.

Introducing Steph as one of its cast members, Hulu revealed that she has a sense of humor that might come from a place of resilience. In a promo, Steph also excitedly says “she is ready to rock the cradle”. Meaning, she is ready to date younger guys. She does not shy away from confessing “Steph needs some sexy time. Like I need some sexy time in my life”. Yet, Steph did not already talk about her previous relationships and all in the promo.

Steph Michaels Job

Steph Michaels on her social media introduces herself as an actress, singer, creative, and as someone who is vegan and into holistic health and nutrition.

In an article about Steph, on, she is described as a cherished member of the musical community in South Florida. It goes on to tell that her career has spanned over twelve years: from singing the National Anthem for the Miami Heat and fronting several bands for major events to acting in several National commercials.

When the pandemic hit in March 2020, her musical career saw kind of a downfall. That is when she launched her own small business called Of Earth Organics & DIVG. She continued this in 2022 as well. Here, she sells wellness supplements aiming to change lives by helping people lead healthier lifestyles.

There is also another business that Steph has indulged herself in. It is called IAMDIVG and here they sell merchandise like waist trainers or waist trimmers.

As for her singing, we know that she was still doing it collaboratively with her band “The Untouchables” until 2015.

How Much Is Steph Michaels’s Net Worth?

Steph Michaels reportedly had more than $300K net worth as of 2022.

When her own health came in question last year, a fundraiser was held at Tavolino Della Notte in October as a “special raffle” to help raise funds for her cause. This was done in conjunction with breast cancer awareness month.

Steph Michaels Age

A self-proclaimed “Funny Gyal”, Steph Michaels was born in 1980. So, she reached the age of 42 in 2022. She often takes to her social media to say things like “Who said you can’t be 41 and FINE AF??!!! Nobody!” in her caption.

Steph Michaels Family

The only thing we know about Steph Michaels’s parents is that her mother is a Puerto Rican and her father was Jamaican. Also, from this, we can tell that her father is no more.

Another family member that Steph has talked about is her cousin Damian D’boi Oyola. She referred to him as her favorite.

Of course, there is also Steph’s own kid in the family. She has a son whom she refers to as her “Lil Broski” and he turned 22 on 5 January 2022. Last year on his birthday she joked by calling him her brother and that she found him inside a basket under a sycamore tree.

Is Steph Michaels On Instagram?

Yes. Steph Michaels could be found on Instagram @stephmichaels with 987 posts and 34.5K followers as of 1 December 2022.

On her Twitter account @stephmichaelstv, she wrote that making people laugh and feel good is “her thing”. She also showed glimpses of her life on Facebook, on TikTok @StephMichaelsTV, and on her YouTube channel ‘Steph Michaels TV’.

Steph Michaels Cancer Battle

Steph Michaels has been open about her ongoing battle with breast cancer that she got after her breast implants.

She was diagnosed with the ailment on 21 September 2021. Receiving the news, as she puts it, was completely devastating.

In the past 7-8 years before this, Steph has been hospitalized 5 times, anywhere from 3-5 days. She was tested for everything under the sun. Yet, she never got any answers.

She said her diet and lifestyle played a major role in her body being able to fight all these years. Yet, at times, it got to the point that she needed to be hospitalized. Around October 2021, the extreme fatigue was overwhelmingly difficult for her to hide and she was hospitalized again. Yet, she continues to fight believing in a holistic approach to medicine.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Steph Michaels’s Birthday?

Steph Michaels’s birthday is on November 25th and that makes him a Sagittarius.

  • Where Is Steph Michaels From?

Steph Michaels was born and bred in Miami, Florida. Later in life, she relocated to the Bronx, New York.

  • How Tall Is Steph Michaels?

About her height, Steph Michaels explained that she is 5′ 11″ inches in height and 6′ 3 in heels. She said she used to be self-conscious about her height. But now, she said she embraces it instead.

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