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Who Is TikToker sar_carollyn? Her Bio, Height, Job, Parents

Meet TikToker sar_carollyn AKA Sarah Stone. In 2022, she posted about her engagement on her TikTok and Instagram. Learn more about her below.

This article covers her job, height, age, and parents.

Meet Sarah Carolyn aka TikToker sar_carollyn

Sarah Stone aka TikToker @sar_carollyn announced her engagement via a TikTok post on 21 June 2022. The 32-second video posted on her TikTok profile showed a clip after her partner Cindy Moya proposed to her. Both, on a cliff overlooking a lake and the Rocky Mountains at Canada’s Banff National Park, she couldn’t contain herself.

Sarah was bouncing up and down and kissing her fiancee. She then spun around to hold up her left hand, screaming in excitement, “I’m engaged!”

Sarah posted the video with the caption, “Had to show you all my dancing”. She also announced it on her Instagram while captioning, “WE ARE ENGAGED”. The engaged couple was on a 1 week trip to Canada and Cindy proposed at Canada’s Banff National Park.

Then, she dumped a series of pictures that gave a closer look at a big beautiful ring. She captioned the post, “Banff day 3 w/ my fiancé”.

Sarah and Cindy have been together at least since 2019.

She introduced her now-fiancee first in August and captioned, “How did I get so lucky”. In September 2020, Sarah shared a mirror selfie with her arm wrapped around Cindy’s shoulder. She captioned, “To feel completely comfortable with who you are is such a liberating feeling. A feeling I’ve searched years for. Thank you for accepting every piece of me”.

Before Valentine’s Day 2021, Sarah made an early post and wrote, “My forever Valentine”.

Whereas, Sarah shared a few details about Cindy’s job in April 2021, when addressed Cindy as “My favorite Doctor of Physical Therapy”. Likewise, in October 2021, while both dressed for the occasion, Sarah wrote, “To the girl who makes me the happiest person alive, I love you. I will always love you”.

Moreover, on Cindy’s birthday on 8 December 2021, Sarah wished her via an IG post that read, “Happy birthday to my sweetest Angel. I promise to love you forever”.

Recently, celebrating pride month, Sarah posted, “Forever + always. Happy pride month friends.”

In May 2022 post, Sarah shared that Cindy’s family didn’t approve of their love for each other. She wrote in the caption that it was a hard week for them. But, she wanted Cindy’s parents to see the beautiful family they were creating.

Is TikToker sar_carollyn Married?

No, TikToker @sar_sarollyn or Sarah Stone and her partner Cindy aren’t married yet. But, just before their engagement post, Sarah posted on TikTok that they might have a private elopement rather than a wedding. As a caption for the post, she wrote, “In our opinion, they are a waste of money and overrated”.

On her recent TikTok, Sarah flipped off her hater who said she can’t marry the first girl she dated.

Back in March 2022, she also made a video about traditional things she won’t have at the wedding. The list included; a dad, a husband, and Cindy’s entire family because they are homophobic.

TikToker sar_carollyn Age

In January 2022, TikToker @sar_carollyn or Sarah Stone celebrated turning 25 years old. 1997 is the year of her birth.

TikToker sar_carollyn Job

TikToker sar_carollyn or Sarah Stone was working a full-time nursing job. But she quit her job in the spring of 2021 because she felt that she was worth more. She also reported that she was sexually abused by her boss so she deviated toward drugs and alcohol.

In May 2022, she celebrated 852 days of her sobriety.

Now, Sarah is a full-time social media influencer. She is on YouTube with 88.9K subscribers. Her TikTok has 3 million followers and received 108.8 million likes for her videos.

Sarah is also into modeling and walked in New York City’s 2022 FASHION WEEK with her sister Emily.

Is TikToker sar_carollyn On Instagram?

Yes, you can find TikToker sar_carollyn or Sarah Carolyn on Instagram (@sarah_carollyn).

TikToker sar_carollyn Parents

TikToker sar_carollyn or Sarah Stone was born to her mother Yvonne Stone. Yvonne is Australian-American who was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer when she was 16. Yvonne, most likely never married. She had Sarah from a donor who is Portuguese.

November is the month Sarah’s mother was born. In 2019, she wished her via an IG post where she wrote, “Happy birthday to this amazing woman. Thank you for all that you do for me. I am so lucky to have a mom like you. I love you”.

Yvonne seems to have beat cancer. But, she promised to take care of her siblings.

Yvonne has a sister named Emily Stone who appears on her socials most of the time. Yvonne had her from an Argentinian donor. Emily turned 16 years old on 4 May 2022. Emily had down syndrome and no one knew about it until her birth.

Sarah helped raise Emily for more than 15 years.

Furthermore, Sarah has another sister named Lauren Stone Francati whose donor was Irish. Lauren is 23 years old. Moreover, their brother Jayden Stone, Yvonne had him with an Argentinian donor.

Fun Fact — Emily has half-twin siblings in Albany NY. Emily and Jayden have the same brother so they are full siblings. As for Emily’s donor, he was ineligible to donate after Emily was born with Down syndrome.

TikToker sar_carollyn Height

TikToker Sar_carollyn or Sarah Stone’s height measures 5 feet 6 inches.

Related FAQs

  • When Is TikToker sar_carollyn Birthday?

On 8 January, TikToker sar_carollyn celebrates her birthday.

  • Where Is TikToker sar_carollyn From?

TikToker sar_carollyn is a native of Rochester, New York.

  • How Much Is TikToker sar_carollyn Net Worth?

TikToker sar_carollyn’s net worth should be under $200 thousand.

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