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Will Hurd Parents: Robert Hurd And Mary Alice Hurd

Just In: Former Texas representative Will Hurd has announced that he will be in the running for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination. The former CIA clandestine officer was first elected to his congressional seat in 2014 and did not run for reelection in 2020. Now, he enters the crowded presidential field of 13 other candidates as a “major underdog”. In this writing now, we are about to tell you about his parents, about who they are, what they think of him, and more.

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Who Are Will Hurd’s Parents?

Will Hurd was born on 19 August 1977 to a Black father and a Caucasian mother in San Antonio, Texas. His mother, from whom he now feels pride in learning life lessons to become a better leader, is no more. Any time he gets the opportunity, he loves to talk about the lasting impact of his mom’s leadership principles. He loves to tell the world that his mom was an incredible woman who touched so many lives and many more. He actually feels very honored to carry on her legacy by sharing her wisdom with others.

Will is also as much fond of his dad. About Mr. Kramer, his dad, Will has always talked about how he instructed him to always be involved in doing something meaningful and hard.

Meet Robert Hurd, Will Hurd’s Father

Robert Hurd is the son of Robert Edward Hurd, Sr, and Sammie Juanita Maxey. He was born to them in Texas. His father Robert was the son of Walter/Wallie Hurd/Heard and Mollie Jones. As for Robert’s mother, Sammie, she was the daughter of Sam Maxey, Jr. and Annie McClain. She also was born in Texas.

Among so many things, Will has especially always been blessed by his dad teaching him to always have a PMA (positive mental attitude).

  • Robert Hurd Age

Robert Hurd turned 90 years old on 31 October 2022. The family celebrated his reaching this milestone. And glimpses of it, his son Will took to his social media. In the caption, he gushed about Robert telling him he never thought he would be married for 52 years or make it to 90, but he did both and is still going strong.

  • What Is Robert Hurd’s Ethnicity?

Robert Hurd is of African-American descent.

  • Robert Hurd Job

Robert Hurd is known to have had a career as a salesman.

Meet Mary Alice Hurd, Will Hurd’s Mother

Time and again, on social media and other platforms, Will Hurd has talked about his mom being a role model, inspirer, healer, disciplinarian, cook, uber driver, tutor, teacher, cheerleader, boss, maverick, protector, and whatnot. Without her, he has said, he would not be where he is today.

  • Mary Alice Hurd Age At The Time Of Her Death

Days after Mary Alice Hurd was gone, with heavy hearts her son Will had taken to his IG to share the sad news. She was born on 3 May 1944 and she passed on 1 March 2023. So, she was 78 years of age at the time of her death.

She was born in Anderson, Indiana and she breathed her last air in her home in San Antonio, Texas.

  • What Was Mary Alice Hurd’s Ethnicity?

Mary Alice Hurd of English, Irish, and German descent was born to Harold Leroy Knapp and Clara Alice Muthert (Knapp). Harold was the son of Ralph Clarence Knapp and Ellen Francis “Nellie” McLaughlin. He was born in Pennsylvania. Ralph, meanwhile, was likely the son of Charles F. Knapp and Minnie Culbertson. And Ellen’s father was Irish and her mother was Canadian.

Will’s maternal grandmother Clara (the daughter of John William Muthert and Edith Blanche Doan/Doane), was born in Indiana. Her father was the son of Henry Harmon Muthert and Elizabeth Grile. While her mom was the daughter of Courtland Doan and Louisa Jane Chamness.

Will not long ago also revealed on social media about just finding out about his maternal great-great grandma Catherine Foley giving him Canadian heritage and her husband (great-granddad) Frank the “luck” of the Irish.

  • Mary Alice Hurd Job

Mary Alice Hurd wore many hats as a department store buyer, master seamstress, puppet maker, cosmetologist, beauty supply owner, and beauty school director. Her favorite role was of being a mom though.

She also loved crocheting, knitting, and needlework, making toys for family, and friends, and supporting the Society of St. Vincent DePaul, her favorite charity.

Related FAQs

  • How Long Were Will Hurd’s Parents Married?

Will Hurd’s parents were married for 53 years. They had this length of a really fulfilling relationship.

The folks dated for almost two years before getting married in 1971. They were an interracial couple at a time when it was barely legal. Soon after getting married they moved to San Antonio, Texas where being an interracial couple was far from en vogue and folks did not welcome change or new perspectives. When it was time to buy a house for their family of five, Will said, his mom would do the house hunting while his dad was traveling for his job. At house after house, realtors would give encouraging signals to Will’s mom, but when she returned with her Black husband, the real estate agent would lie and tell them the house had been sold.

  • How Many Kids Did Will Hurd Parents Have?

Will Hurd grew up alongside two older siblings, a brother, Chuck, and a sister, Elizabeth, AKA Liz. He really loves both of them.

Chuck, full name Charles Hurd, is five years older, and Liz is four years older than Will. About them, Will has said, while they terrorized him as a kid, they also always had his back.

Charles, a Texas Tech University alum and San Antonio, Texas native, has been married to Ruth Anne Hurd for some time now. He turned 51 in May 2023.

About Liz, Will has said she is the smartest, toughest, and funniest big sister on the planet.

  • Where Did Will Hurd’s Parents Reside?

Will Hurd’s parents always lived in San Antonio, Texas.

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