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William Richardson Bio, The Mole, Girlfriend, Height, Job

William Richardson from Netflix’s new reality competition shows The Mole is still safe. So far the show has been very interesting. But what do you know about William outside of the show? We’ve gathered all the information regarding him available on the web.

So, tag along with this article to learn more about him.

William Richardson On Netflix’s The Mole

Netflix’s The Mole released the first five episodes were released and five contestants were discontinued in episodes 2, 3, 4, and 5. Osei White, Samara Joy, Dom Gabriel, and Sandy Ronquillo were the contestants whose journey came to an end in the show.

William Richardson is one of the 8 remaining contestants who have completed the journey so far. Others who will the competing in the upcoming episodes are Avori Henderson, Casey Lary, Greg Shapiro, Jacob Hacker, Joi Schweitzer, Kesi Neblett, and Pranav Patel.

As per Netflix, the 6-8 episodes premiere on 14 October 2022. Whereas 9-10, the finale episodes will premiere on 21 October. In contrast to previous game shows, The Mole’s participants were eliminated based on an MCQ exam regarding the mole’s secret identity. The contestant with the lowest test score was fired from the competition.

To conceal the identity of the mole, the producers disallowed candidates not to speak with the contestant who exited.

As for William’s journey so far, in episode 1, he stole one of the suitcases and hid it from everybody to perform his task and doubled the value of the case raising the value of the pot to $12,500.

Before joining the show, he had shared that his strategy is his “voting process — I [am not] going to vote for specifically one person.” Sharing about his strength and weakness he shared that it was his competitive nature. He believes that he has better common sense and instead of paying attention to details he would read a person.

Is William the mole?

William, one of the more persistently outspoken participants, frequently oversees the distribution of group members, which would make him a potential candidate for the role of the Mole. He enjoys playing the role of the hero, and as Joi notes in episode 1, likeability is a potent method to ward off suspicion.

During his own cargo-stealing mission in the Daintree, where he had to avoid being identified as the thief, William had already demonstrated that he has a good poker face. (He ended up saving the day by doubling the money, but it’s still a great method to trick folks into thinking you’re not the mole!)

In William’s own words, “I want to make sure at the end of the day some people think I am the Mole.” Joi removes William from her list after he hurts himself while participating in the Great Barrier Reef treasure hunt, and only William and Kesi voted for Dom to return to the game after being eliminated. Was this friendship real? Or perhaps something even scarier… MOLE?

William Richardson Age

In 2022, William Richardson is 29 years old. He was born in 1993.

Is William Richardson On Instagram?

Yes, William Richardson is on Instagram (@_thewilliamjames).

William Richardson Height

Per his The Mole bio, William Richardson stands tall at a towering height of 6 feet 5 inches. He weighed 240 lbs and had a Thor-like appearance.

William Richardson Job

William Richardson is currently working as a Lifestyle brand manager for athletes. According to his bio, he always knew that he wanted to do something in sports as he grew up playing various sports. In college, he also played collegiate baseball.

However, William doesn’t seem to be on LinkedIn. Hence, details regarding his career are currently a mystery. In addition, it isn’t clear which university he attended and what major he took in college.

Now, he has become a TV personality, Netflix to be more precise.

Does William Richardson Have A Girlfriend?

No, William Richardson appears single, according to his social media posts. William, much like his fellow cast, avoids delving into details regarding his dating life. The handsome Nevada native surely never had trouble getting girls considering his attractiveness, but all the intricate information on his past dating life is something he enjoys keeping to himself.

And one can only imagine what his DMs look like. In April 2022 IG post, he stated, “Bet you won’t comment what you dm me.”

Related FAQs

  • Where Is William Richardson From?

Will Richardson was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. He is currently residing in Henderson, Nevada.

  • When Is William Richardson Birthday?

As of 2022, Will Richardson hasn’t revealed any details regarding his birthday.

  • What Do We Know About William Richardson Family?

The only family member of William Richardson we currently know of is Tracy Richardson (@tracyleerich)

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