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Sandy Ronquillo Bio, The Mole, Boyfriend, Height, Age

Netflix’s The Mole released the first five episodes were released and five contestants were discontinued in episodes 2, 3, 4, and 5. Osei White, Samara Joy, Dom Gabriel, and Sandy Ronquillo were the contestants whose journey came to an end in the show.

Sandy is one of the 8 remaining contestants who have completed the journey so far. Others who will the competing in the upcoming episodes are Avori Henderson, Casey Lary, Greg Shapiro, Jacob Hacker, Joi Schweitzer, Kesi Neblett, and Pranav Patel.

As per Netflix, the 6-8 episodes premiere on 14 October. Whereas 9-10, the finale episodes will premiere on 21 October 2022. In contrast to previous game shows, The Mole’s participants were eliminated based on an MCQ exam regarding the mole’s secret identity. The contestant with the lowest test score was fired from the competition.

To conceal the identity of the mole, the producers disallowed candidates not to speak with the contestant who exited.

Sandy Ronquillo On Netflix’s The Mole

Sandy Ronquillo’s behavior made it quite evident that her approach to the complex game was to be true to herself while still remaining as evasive and suspicious as possible. After all, she reasoned that doing so would allow her to better understand each member of her cast as well as keep her outgoing personality in check, which initially worked really well. Until she put her foot down to make sure Dom Gabriel wouldn’t receive a re-entry after his elimination, she really managed to establish herself as lovely and stay off of everyone’s radar.

As you know Sandy couldn’t make it to the end. But, she had shared previously that she is extremely independent and confidently goes after what she wants. Through the highs and lows, she makes sure to keep God first. Her strategy was “staying true to myself. Don’t speak or give out more information than needed to the other players. I want to stay very vague and suspicious.”

Sandy believed that her being warmhearted, friendly, and understanding — was a blessing and a curse. She added, “[I can form] strong bonds with some of the contestants, which will then lead them to trust me with certain information that would help me on quizzes, [but I can also reveal] a little more of myself than I would like.”

Although she couldn’t win the show, Sandy made friends with her fellow contestants. Moreover, Sandy was upset that she couldn’t say goodbyes to them.

“I do think people underestimate me,” Sandy expressed. “I mean, they just see a little girl from Texas” —and she was right because only then did the others start considering her a potential rival. The 26-year-old appeared to be doing everything well, which she attributed to her powers of observation and the fact that she had previously kept her distance, but the following task completely altered things. During the “bank heist,” Sandy became suspicious of one of her own comrades. Sandy went with her intuition during the mole-identification test, but it led to her being fired.

Sandy Ronquillo Age

In 2022, Sandy Ronquillo is currently 26 years old. 1996 marked the year she was born.

Is Sandy Ronquillo On Instagram?

Yes, Sandy Ronquillo is on Instagram (@sandycheeks__96), Facebook (@sandy.ronquillo.75), and TikTok (@sandyronquillo8).

Sandy Ronquillo Height

Per Sandy Ronquillo’s TikTok, she stands tall at 5’3”.

Sandy Ronquillo Job

Sandy Ronquillo is currently working at Behavioral Innovations – ABA Therapy for Kids with Autism. She started her job on 4 November 2021.

According to, an ABA therapist makes a salary of $23.36 per hour in Texas.

Does Sandy Ronquillo Have A Boyfriend?

In December 2021, Sandy Ronquillo made a TikTok stating that her sister got engaged in November 2021. Meanwhile, she was single. The text on the video read, “my family: you’re not going to black out for Christmas just cause you’re the only single one left.”

She had captioned the video, “and my LITTLE sister just got engaged last month 😂 (so happy for her though 🤍)”.

Based on her current standing, nothing has changed on that front. Sandy still appears single and hasn’t posted about dating or introduced a man on her socials. Hence, we can safely say that she is still single.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Sandy Ronquillo From?

Sandy Ronquillo hailed from Fort Worth, Texas. Fort Worth is the place where she was born and bred. 

  • When Is Sandy Ronquillo Birthday?

Per her Facebook, Sandy Ronquillo celebrates her birthday on 16 July.

  • What Do We Know About Sandy Ronquillo Family?

Sandy Ronquillo was born to her father Oscar Ronquillo.

Oscar completed high school at Crowley High School. Moreover, he attended college at The University of Texas at Arlington. Oscar is currently working at Senior Living Properties LLC. He is currently married to Sandy’s step-mom Mirsa Ronquillo.

In 2020, Sandy dedicated a TikTok to her dad and posted, “Played both mom and dad role & you did a hell of a job. Thank you for showing us real unconditional love.”

As for Sandy’s mother, she was abducted and has not been seen since. Not only have police continued to pursue this case, but Sandy has also done some investigative work of her own — though no new information has yet come to light.

Moreover, in her family, Sandy has a younger sister named Heidi.

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