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William Schumacher Bio, Age, Net Worth, Married, Bee Czar

Meet William Schumacher, the oldest son of Bee Czar’s Walter Schumacher. He is starring on the show with his family that including his wife. So, let’s explore a few details about his life such as age, job, married life, and details on his mother.

Keep scrolling down to learn more about Walter Schumacher’s son.

William Schumacher On Bee Czar

Walter Schumacher, a Texas-based beekeeper, has a son named William Schumacher. He co-stars with his father in Discovery’s upcoming show “Bee Czar,” which is named after his father’s Texas nickname. Walter’s son and other family members will be rescuing bees from undesirable locations and moving them to regions where they may thrive and pollinate without the use of bee suits in the episode.

Walter formed an enduring link with the honey bee after interacting with wild bees and learning about their depth of beauty, intelligence, and essential position in the ecosystem. He even understood that bee suits would kill him faster than bees in the heat, so he stopped wearing them altogether.

The family had a thriving business before the COVID-19 pandemics. Like most businesses, theirs could remain an exception. However, Walter is back and building his business again and one day hopes to rescue unwanted hives for donations.

Walter also shared about his plan to transform his family farm into the new business headquarters after forming a small team including William. The show follows Walter as he restarts the business and trains new beekeepers, including his two younger sons, while Willliam works to secure contracts selling honey to businesses.

William appears on the teaser of the show. The producer asks him, “Do you think he has a special connection with the bees?” William replies, “I think that he believes that he has a special connection with the bees.”

The show premiered on 9 March 2022 on Discovery.

William Schumacher Mother

When the teaser was released for Bee Czar, William Schumacher’s father Walter shared that he was a single dad. He didn’t address his partner on the show. He was in a relationship with Nina Marlow, mother of William. Whether Nina and Walter are married or not remains a mystery.

But his parents must’ve separated before 2010 because his father has a partner named Tina Lee with whom he has two sons.

Nina didn’t name-drop William but has mentioned him on her Facebook. In January 2011, she wrote, “The smells that emanate from my teenage son’s room are quite appalling. Have just been assaulted by an old Tupperware found under his bed…”

Nina was active on her Facebook (@nina.bryant.14) in June 2021.

Nina works at Sarah Lively Middle School’s campaign. She also worked as an actress at Gaslight-Baker Theatre. After her separation from William’s father Walter, she seems to be in a relationship/married as she attended her son’s wedding with a partner. They have been together at least since July 2018.

How Much Is William Schumacher Net Worth?

William Schumacher has a net worth under $300 thousand.

William Schumacher is the Chief Operating Officer of the American Honey Bee Protection Agency, according to his IG bio (AHBPA). He was a member of the class of 2017 when he graduated from college. After that, he packed his belongings and flew to Europe. He traveled to Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

William announced on Instagram a few days later that he had started working at a Christian guesthouse in Amsterdam. He next flew to Italy, where he stayed for about a month. Then William went to Hungary, Greenland, and Holland. He returned to Amsterdam in December 2017.

Now William is back home assisting his father in their family business.

William Schumacher Married Life

William Schumacher is married to his wife Meredith Schumacher. They shared their wedding vows in May 2019. The couple was first spotted together in April 2018. Meredith wrote on her IG post, “He makes me laugh. I think I’ll keep him around.” She is a 2019 graduate of St. Johnsbury Academy.

In early February 2019, Meredith wrote on her IG, “almost two months being engaged to you.”

Meredith claims on her IG bio that her Boxer Chief (@chief_the_dug) is her child. She works as an office manager in her husband’s family business. Meredith is the daughter of Kaidra and Dennis Amsden. Her parents celebrated their 32nd wedding anniversary in December 2021. She also has a sister named Alyssa White (@alyssa93c).

William Schumacher Age

Reportedly born in 1996, William Schumacher turned 26 years old in January 2022.

Is William Schumacher On Instagram?

Yes, William Schumacher is available on Instagram as well as Facebook. Follow him on IG: (@william_schumacher) and FB: (@old.cheesy).

Related FAQs

  • When Is William Schumacher’s Birthday?

William Schumacher celebrates his birthday on 7 January.

  • How Tall Is William Schumacher?

William Schumacher stands tall at a height above 5 feet 11 inches.

  • How Many Siblings Does William Schumacher Have?

William Schumacher has two half-siblings (Bodhi and Odin) from his father’s relationship with Tina Lee. Odin is 10 years old whereas Bodhi turned 13 in October 2021.

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