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Woniya Thibeault Bio, Married, Weight Loss, Age, Alone

Woniya Thibeault, returning cast member of History channel’s show Alone: Frozen, secured the winning spot in 2022. Learn about her marriage, husband, and her family members here.

Woniya Thibeault Won Alone: Frozen

Woniya Thibeault from History channel’s Alone: Frozen has just made history by getting crowned as the first female winner of the show. The finale for the spin-off premiered on 22nd September 2022 and fans saw some favorites from past seasons of the show coming back for another round of wilderness survival, this time on frozen Canadian soil — dropped off on the North Atlantic Coast of Labrador, Canada just as winter arrived.

The final two contestants on the show were Michelle Finn from Season 8 and Woniya from Season 7. Michelle dropped out after 38 days which made Woniya the winner and the last woman standing in the finale. Furthermore, she has also received a cash prize of $500 thousand.

Per her History Channel bio, Woniya is an ancestral skills teacher. She shared that she can’t remember when the connection to the natural world around her wasn’t a primary focus of her life. She had spent her years as a kid swimming in the local lakes and rivers and learning the names of wildflowers.

As a young adult, Woniya divided her time studying biology and running around barefoot in the woods learning ancestral skills like hiding tanning, buckskin sewing, bow making, basketry, fiber arts, and more.

Woniya stated that her goal for this season was to explore how much connection, comfort, and sustainability she can achieve in a wild landscape, even as she pushes her edges in the experience. While appearing in season 6, she honed her skills snaring with the fishing line.

How Much Is Woniya Thibeault Net Worth?

Woniya Thibeault recently added another $500 thousand to her burgeoning net worth of above $400 thousand.

She is the founder of Buckskin Revolution which she founded after devoting decades to practicing and teaching ancestral skills and other skills that support a wilder, more land-based lifestyle. After completing her undergraduate education, she started studying for her Master’s degree in Environmental Science, living largely off of wild food and game in northern Wisconsin, to growing her own food and raising meat animals on an off-grid homestead in Northern Oregon.

Woniya also ran programs called Skills for Real Living which focused on primitive skills, farming, natural building, off-grid and homestead life skills, and shorter day and weekend courses. Most of the things that she teaches her students are Fiber arts, wild foods, living without refrigeration, food preservation, humane slaughter, and animal processing, basketry, hide tanning, and buckskin sewing.

Woniya writes in her bio, “It is my passion to bring these skills into the world and to help inspire people toward their own revolutions in a variety of ways; through hands-on classes, the books I am working on, the tools make and sell, and the educational videos I create.”

You can click the link here to signup for her classes and events. She has also authored a book titled Buckskin Revolution: Sewing with brain-tanned buckskin. The book, according to her is a guide to all aspects of working with brain-tanned buckskin, from understanding the material and selecting the best hides, to creating patterns, using the most appropriate stitches and seams, and much more.

Woniya graduated from Bear River High School and completed her undergraduate degree at UC Santa Cruz.

Is Woniya Thibeault Married?

No, Woniya Thibeault doesn’t seem to be married. However, if you go through her socials then you can see that she often features her partner Taylor Donovan. However, although it appears that the two of them might be dating, Woniya hasn’t confirmed him to be her boyfriend yet. But the comments section definitely suggests that they are dating each other.

Woniya introduced Taylor in December 2020. Meanwhile, Taylor shared her picture first time in February 2021. He captioned the post, “I am so grateful to be exploring love with Woniya. To find someone that adores the natural world and the inner ecology of being human has been such a blessing these days.”

In early July 2022, Taylor shared a selfie of the two and posted, “Find someone that will help you finish your sentences better than you would alone.” The captions confirm that they are definitely an item.

If that is the case then, Taylor was previously married to Jennifer Donovan. They tied the knots on 12 December 2012. The husband-wife duo appeared together last time in December 2019. Although they didn’t share any kids, Jen has two adult sons from her previous relationship. Jen is currently working as a Wedding Officiant at American Marriage Ministries and at Wellness 4 Judiciary.

As for Taylor, he is the owner/ Chiropractic Physician at Health for Life Chiropractic since 2007. He studied Biochemistry Major and Medical Anthropology Minor at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and attended Corona Del Mar High.

Woniya Thibeault Age

Born in November 1975, Woniya Thibeault reached the age of 46 years in 2021.

What Is Woniya Thibeault Real Name?

The real name of Woniya Thibeault is Dawn Marie Thibeault.

Woniya Thibeault Weight Loss

In an August 2019 IG post, Woniya Thibeault shared that while appearing on Alone season 6, she had lost 50 lbs and over 33% of her body weight by the time the winner was announced. She wrote, “More than any woman ever on the show and as high a percentage as any man. What comes through is that, starving or not, I felt joyous and strong and absolutely dedicated to being there for the long haul.”

Related FAQs

  • Where Does Woniya Thibeault Live Now?

Woniya Thibeault is now living in Rexburg, Idaho.

  • Who Are Woniya Thibeault Parents?

Woniya Thibeault was born to her father Gene Thibeault and Wendy Thibeault. She has featured both of her parents on her socials. However, they are no longer married and she is their only child. Her dad is currently married to his wife Deborah.

Gene is a former Adapted PE at the Placer County Office of Ed. Meanwhile, Wendy worked as Former Nursing at Sutter Health.

  • Is Woniya Thibeault On Instagram And YouTube?

Yes, Woniya Thibeault is on Instagram (@buckskin_revolution) and Facebook (@woniya.thibeault). On her YouTube, she has 24.7K subscribers.

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