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Woo Jin-young Bio, Age, Wife, Job, Physical 100 Winner

Woo Jin-young has been declared the winner of Physical 100. So fans who saw him taking the title away are wondering about his age, wife, and his job. Find the answers in this article below.

Tag along and learn all about him here.

Meet Woo Jin-young, Netflix’s Physical 100 Winner

The season finale of the popular Korean reality shows Physical 100 aired on February 21, 2023, at three in the morning ET, and the winner was declared Woo Jin-young. They captured the final competitors putting everything they had into a series of challenges for the very last time.

The winner received the 300 million KRW prize as well as the distinction of being the person who is most physically capable of surviving. Over the two episodes, there were numerous dramatic events that the audience got to see.

Woo Jin-young beat out his fellow competitors Jo Jin-hyeong, Park Jin-yong, Kim Min-cheol, and Jung Hae-Min in the Physical 100 finale’s last mission. He won the competition’s top financial award of 300 million KRW and the honor of being the only fittest survivor. He practices cross-fit and snowboard cross.

Additionally, the five Physical 100 finalists got together for lunch before the final task and talked about why they were competing. Snowboard cross games aren’t generally well known, according to Woo Jin-yong. He is the first national team athlete for the sport, although he was unable to compete in the Olympics since the nation chose to concentrate on “more promising games.”

Jin-young said, “There are no openings at all now. They’re training hard, the younger athletes, and I hope they get to be under the spotlight and people would look them up.”

He defeated other contenders in the Physical 100 final challenge by winning three games. He competed in the fourth game, dubbed “infinite rope pulling,” against Jung Hae-min, a cast member. A long, thick rope that was wound around the wheel had to be pulled by the two winners. To win the series, players had to pull the rope as quickly as they could using their physical might.

He advanced three games and defeated other finalists in the Physical 100 final challenge. He competed against actor Jung Hae-min in the fourth game, “infinite rope pulling.” The wheel was coiled with a long, thick rope that the two contestants had to pull. To win the series, they had to use their physical might to pull the rope as quickly as they could.

Woo Jin-young Age

Woo Jin-Young was born in 1986. He is currently 37 years old.

Woo Jin-young Wife

No, Woo Jin-young doesn’t seem to be married. He hasn’t shared much about his dating life on his socials.

Is Woo Jin-young On Instagram?

Yes, Woo Jin-young is on Instagram (@jdsbx).

Woo Jin-young Job

Woo Jin-young is now an active cross-fitter and is associated with institutes like JD Crossfit and Crossfit NAMSAN. He received his degree from Chung-Ang University and went on to train as a physical education instructor. The graduate program in physical education at the university is where he also received his master’s degree. The PE teacher’s life proceeded smoothly, but after serving as a Korean Marine for the required military service, he changed his career aspirations.

Jin-young learned about snowboarding in 2007 while studying the language there and became engrossed with it right away. It quickly evolved from a simple hobby to a viable profession. He opted to pursue snowboarding professionally after earning his certification as an official instructor. His exposure to numerous snowcross boarding competitions and games further fueled the fire.

Furthermore, snowboarding competitions were not popular in South Korea until 2010. Woo Jin-yong represented his nation in numerous snowcross competitions over the course of the following nine years while continuing to be a prominent personality in the region. According to a Cinemaholic story, he has coached South Korea’s national snowboarding team and served as the organization’s president.

Woo Jin-yong has proven to be a competent player throughout his time on Physical 100, competing successfully in both individual and team tasks. He joined the squad of famed MMA fighter Choo Sung-hoon, and after winning a tag race during the fourth quest, he advanced to the Top 5.

Related FAQs

  • Where Does Woo Jin-young Reside?

Woo Jin-young is currently residing in Seoul, South Korea.

  • How Tall Is Woo Jin-young?

Jin-young stands tall above the height of 5 feet 10 inches.

  • When Is Woo Jin-young Birthday?

Every year, Jin-young celebrates his birthday on 27 January.

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