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Yam Yam Arocho Bio, Partner, Height, Family, Survivor 44

Yam Yam Arocho might look docile and vulnerable, but that’s his strategy! He loves manipulating people — which is a perfect weapon to win Survivor 44.

Keep reading this Yam Yam Arocho Bio to learn more about him.

Yam Yam Arocho On Survivor 44

Season 44 of the Survivor series featured more queer players than it had ever had in the past. To be precise, there were at least 50 percent BIPOC, and one of them was our star, Yam Yam Arocho who joined the show because it was always his dream. Infact, he’s been dreaming about it since the very first ep of Survivor aired in 2002.

“I remember being 13 years old. My parents just bought this house. We were sitting on the floor eating pizza. And this show came up. And I remember Richard Hatch sitting on that branch saying, “That million-dollar check has my name on it.” And I couldn’t stop talking about this show,” he recalled.

So, throughout this time in Survivor, he was playing for that little kid, that teenager that was watching the show happily with his family.

Also, Yam Yam believed he was bound to win the show for it was his life experience that prepared him the most. For instance, he talked about the time when Hurricane Maria left Puerto Rico destroyed. However, he was lucky enough not to have as much disruption to his house or business. But with the scarcity of resources and running a business of 25+ people being that young, Yam Yam was forced to be the leader.

“People older than me were looking at me like I was gonna give them the answers and give them the hope of, ‘Are we gonna be okay? Is everything gonna be fine? Are we gonna be able to keep working? Should we be worried?’,” he said. So, being past the phase of dealing with that uncertainty of what was gonna happen, he felt invincible.

The last we checked (past ep 1), Yam Yam was still in the competition.

How Old Is Yam Yam Arocho?

Yam Yam Arocho was 36 years of age when he appeared on Survivor 44 in 2023.

He was one of the older cast that season.

Yam Yam Arocho Family

Yam Yam Arocho comes family a Puerto Rican family, and he said that he was proud to have had the opportunity to represent his husband, mom, dad, brothers, nephews, friends, and colleagues on Survivor 44.

Likewise, his mother, Sandra Miranda is proud of her son for having participated in the show. The last we checked, Sandra was working as a hair expert at her beauty salon Miranda Beauty @mirandabeautypr.

Unfortunately, Yam Yam’s parents have been on and off ever since he was a kid. So, the star’s closer to his mother since she was there constantly in his life.

On mother’s day, he dedicate an IG post to her and wrote, “Thank you for the constant love you give us. For the unconditional love and support. And forever give yourself completely to us. A love that you not only give to your children but also to all those who love you and appreciate your being.Full of energy, love, humility, and creativity. Always characterized by being tireless, dedicated, sincere, and kind.|

Talking about his siblings, Yam Yam has three brothers and sisters named Miguel Angel, Jorge Manuel, and Melania Sofia. According to the star, his brother doesn’t talk much. But before Yam Yam joined the show, his brother told him, “They picked you because of who you are. You are who you want to be. And you’re just enough as it is. Be yourself out there, and it’s gonna be great.” This was the best advice he ever received.

Yam Yam Arocho Partner

Yam Yam Arocho married his partner Karim Sáenz, on March 23, 2021. Since then, he’s never failed to commemorate their anniversaries on his IG. “The memories of this year have been for the better and a journey of growth. Thank you for allowing us to live together all these days and grow from each experience, conversation, laughter, and tear,” he posted on IG on their 2nd wedding anniversary.

Infact, he even celebrated their ½ anniversary on September 24, 2021, in an IG post, captioned, “HAPPY 1/2 ANNIVERSARY 👯‍♂️ Living day by day by your side, and being able to see your constant effort and determination; It makes me know that I want to continue living all the achievements that you are going to make.”

Now, the two live in San Juan, Puerto Rico with their two babies (a dog and a cat).

Fun Fact: Yam Yam said that he got engaged to his partner after 54,086,400 seconds from the day he met him. That’s about 20 months.

What Does Yam Yam Arocho Do For A Living?

Yam Yam Arocho followed in the footsteps of his mother and now he’s a hairdresser. He’s been working at his mother’s salon Miranda Beauty for over 11 years now.

Prior to that, he worked at Eataly for a year, as a “Garde Manger & Pastry” at Allegretti for another, and as a “Casting Editor” at City Lights Television for 3 months.

As for his education, Yam Yam has a bachelor’s degree in TV, Radio & Film from Syracuse University. Also, he took a year-long culinary course at the International Culinary Center.

Yam Yam Arocho Height

Yam Yam Arocho stands tall at a height of above 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm).

Mentioning his district features, Yam Yam has a thick beard and a sexy body.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Yam Yam Arocho Birthday?

Yam Yam receives his birthday wishes on July 11 and is of the Cancer zodiac.

  • Is Yam Yam Arocho On Instagram?

Find him on Instagram @yamilpr.

Also, here’s his Facebook @yamilyamil and Twitter @itsyamilpr.

  • Where Is Yam Yam Arocho From?

Yam Yam hails from Bayamon, Puerto Rico.

But in 2023, he resided in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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