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Yam Yam Arocho Husband: Karim Saenz Age, Job, Who Is He?

Survivor 44 has found its champion. Yam Yam Arocho, a salon owner from Puerto Rico, defeated Heidi Lagares-Greenblatt and Carolyn Wiger and has come out of the show with style. Talking about style, it’s his husband Karim Saenz who designs his shirts and tees — even the ones he wore on the survival show.

So, who is Yam Yam Arocho’s husband? Keep reading to find out.

Meet Karim Saenz, Survivor 44 Winner Yam Yam Arocho Husband

Karim Saenz and Yam Yam Arocho first met in October 2019, and by the end of that year, the two were already in love.

According to Karim, Yam Yam came into his life when he “least expected it.” Filled with “chaos and a shadow that I do not know how to embrace,” Karim often broke down when he first met him. But regardless of “the time, the day, the place or how it looks,” Yam Yam was always there for him.

“Very few times in life one has the fortune to meet great companions,” Karim dedicated an IG post to Yam Yam. “And they are the ones who teach us that it doesn’t matter how we look if our eyes are swollen from tears or from laughter.”

He added Yam Yam has protected him, been there for him, rebuilt him (when he was in parts), and he always had the perfect words to make him feel at home (even when he was an ocean away).

No wonder, the two got engaged within a year and a half from the day that they first met, and tied the knot exactly after a year on March 22, 2021.

“Living day by day by your side, and being able to see your constant effort and determination; It makes me know that I want to continue living all the achievements that you are going to make,”  Yam Yam celebrated their ½ anniversary on IG.

Likewise, on their first anniversary, the Survivor 44 winner took to his IG to write, “The memories of this year have been for the better and a journey of growth. Thank you for allowing us to live together all these days and grow from each experience, conversation, laughter, and tear.”

Karim Saenz Age

Karim Saenz was 31 years of age in 2023.

He is 5 years younger than his husband Yam Yam.

Where Is Karim Saenz From?

Karim Saenz hails from Mexico.

But in 2023, he resided in San Juan, Puerto Rico with Yam Yam and their two babies (a dog and a cat).

His husband, Yam Yam also comes family a Puerto Rican family and said that he was proud to have had the opportunity to represent his husband, mom, dad, brothers, nephews, friends, and colleagues on Survivor 44.

Likewise, his mother, Sandra Miranda (Karim’s mother-in-law) is proud of her son for having participated in the show. The last we checked, Sandra was working as a hair expert at her beauty salon Miranda Beauty @mirandabeautypr. Unfortunately, Yam Yam’s parents have been on and off ever since he was a kid. So, the star’s closer to his mother since she was there constantly in his life.

Karim Saenz Job

Owner of Black Lagoon, Karim Saenz is a fashion designer. He’s been in the industry for over a decade and his work has been published in different magazines in Mexico, the UK, Asia, the USA, and more.

Taking monochrome colors, nature, and the depths of the ocean as the main inspiration, Karim keeps all the pieces unique at Black Lagoon. This is also the reason why his products have limited availability by design to preserve exclusive pieces.

“We know that once in or out of the water, the only thing you need is to have fun. Black Lagoon is not only Swimwear,” they wrote.

The last we checked, Black Lagoon has four collections on sale — out of which collection 01 sold out. Most of their swimwear ranged from $65 to $250. Also, the company was running a campaign called “Timeless Abalone,” taking inspiration from a trip to Puerto Escondido, Mexico. “The meeting with local artisans, the acquisition of a pearl necklace, and the view of that day between a sunset, wet stones, and the sea. Immobile giants of three colors, blue, sand, and black,” they explained the project.

Besides swimwear, Karim also designs shirts and tees. In fact, Yam Yam’s Acapulco Shirt (the one he wore on Survivor 44) was designed by Karim. The designer said that he made the shirt for his husband as a reminder of home.

You can also buy the shirt for $144.44 at “”

Did you know: Karim was one of the international designers present at San Juan Moda 16′ alongside Andrea Venturoli, Sixto Nolasco, Leonel Lirio, and more.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Karim Saenz Birthday?

Karim receives his birthday wishes on July 15 and is of the Cancer zodiac.

  • Is Karim Saenz On Instargam And Facebook?

Find him on Instagram @karimsaenz and Facebook @karimsaenz.

Also, here’s his TikTok @karimsaenz and Twitter @karim_saenz.

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