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Zach Erdem Bio, Net Worth, Age, Serving The Hamptons

The Hamptons is where the rich spend their summers, and Zach Erdem’s 75 Main Restaurant located at the east end of the Long Islands is their favorite restaurant. Discovery+ dropped its Serving the Hamptons on 7 April 2022, and the docuseries is just about that, with the constant drama unfolding between its owner Zach Erdem and a bunch of staff members.

Now, in the rest of the writing, we shall tell you all about the restaurateur Zach, his age, net worth, and Serving The Hamptons stint.

Zach Erdem On Discovery+ Series Serving The Hamptons

First, you should know that Zach Erdem’s hotspot called 75 Main is beloved by even the Kardashians and other celebs. And so, the Season 1 of Serving the Hamptons films the activities of its talented staff who although expected to be bound by work ethics and discipline, are expected to break many rules to keep their posh guests entertained for the summer.

As for Zach’s role on the show, he is seen leading his staff in the five-hour-long episodes. (Of course) the viewers also get to see him engage himself in the juicy drama that takes place in the lives of his young staff as they hook up, argue, and work together to make sure the clients come back for more.

Talking about him, one of the VIP hostesses, Jillian Gough, said Zach can be hard to read. She described how sometimes he is in a great mood and sometimes not.

Then, Samantha Crichton, another VIP hostess, said her employer holds his staff to a very high standard. But she is confident about him that he does not do it just based on looks. Rather she believes that Zach chooses his staff for who they are and what they bring to the table.

Joining Zach on this reality television project also is Victoria Hilton, manager of the restaurant, supermodel, actor, and athlete; waitress/waiter Hailey Druek and Jack Tavcar; bartender Ryan Fitzpatrick and Jodie Kay-Bisasor; DJ Ethan Thompson; chef Brogan Wu.

Zach Erdem Net Worth

Zach Erdem reportedly had more than $10 million as net worth as of April 2022.

He actually started at 75 Main, working up from the position of dishwasher to bartender. Then, he moved on to another eatery in the area called Nello, where he gradually became a manager. When in 2010 he got fired from Nello, he saw that 75 Main was up for sale. Of course, he bought it, and within a few years, he was being dubbed “The Main Man in Southampton.” 75 Main, under his stewardship, boasted a clientele list including Kim Kardashian, Joe Biden, and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Most lately, during the pandemic, as the industry saw many restaurants going out of business, Zach’s businesses were in seemed to be equipped to navigate the new landscape. Still, however, it was not all smooth sailing. 75 Main lost its liquor license at one point and faced some staffing issues in the summer of 2020. But by the summer of 2021, everything was booming again.

As for the near future, he has plans to do something in South Florida and New York City.

Is Zach Erdem Gay?

Back in 2016, Zach, along with Richie Hosein, of nightclub AM Southampton was looking to bring in the area’s first-ever gay summer party series for the bi-weekly Saturday event. Based on things like this, some may have guessed him to be gay. Be that as it may, Zach himself never spoke anything regarding his sexuality. In fact, he also never likely discussed the other aspects of his personal, in the public.

Is Zach Erdem Married?

As of the time of this writing, one could not tell if Zach Erdem is married or not, or if he has been in the past. He, in fact, appeared single.

Zach Erdem Age

Because Zach Erdem was born in 1980, he turned 41 years old in 2021.

Zach Erdem Family

Zach mentioned his mother briefly when talking about his fascination for food. He said he got it from his mother who he used to watch cooking in the kitchen. He always admired the way she prepared food for the entire family. For him, it felt like almost an art.

Very often on social media, Zach also adoringly mentioned his brothers Ali Erdem and Erdal Erdem. Of them, Erdal is the one who working and living as a real estate broker and landscape architect in Laval, Quebec in Canada.

Is Zach Erdem On Instagram?

Indeed. Zach could be found on Instagram and he was quite popular on it. The account @zacherdem included 231 posts and 113K followers as of 18 April 2022.

Zach also kept his fans posted via Facebook and Twitter @zacherdem.

Zach Erdem Height

Good-looking and smart Zach Erdem stands below 5’8” tall in height.

Related FAQ

  • Is Zach Erdem Turkish?

Indeed. Zach Erdem is Turkish. He was born in Tercan, Turkey, and spent his teens and the beginning of his twenties as a shepherd.

Talking to Dan’s Papers, Zach described how one day, he came across something, a newspaper with a picture of New York City splashed across the front page. He kept that page for years and landed in the very city when he was 21. He arrived with a few bills and no English. The first word he learned was “exit” as he saw it everywhere while taking the bus from the airport to Grand Central.

  • What Is Zach Erdem Real Name?

Even though Zach goes around as ‘Zach Erdem’ his real name is actually Zeynel Erdem.

  • When Is Zach Erdem Birthday?

Zach celebrates his birthday on the 17th of July. For people born on this day, the zodiac sign is Cancer.

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