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Jillian Gough Bio, Parents, Age, Boyfriend, Serving The Hamptons

Meet Jillian Gough from Discovery+ Serving The Hamptons.

Discovery+ new docu-series Serving The Hamptons is about the “young, sexy restaurant staff” of trendy 75 Main Restaurant. The five-hour-long episodes take viewers on the journey into one of the most exclusive enclaves in the world while showcasing the juicy lives of the staff at Southampton’s “it” destination for dining.

The show has it all, from hook-ups to work to arguments to make sure that their clients come back for more. The restaurant owner Zach Erdem, his manager Victoria Hilton, and their staff have been known to serve celebrity clientele such as Kendall Jenner, Bon Jovi, Jonathan Cheban, Jamie Foxx, and Cake Boss star Buddy V.

But, to make sure that they provide the utmost satisfaction to clients, the staff management is a must. Hence, Turkish immigrant and restaurant owner Zach has certain sets of rules which must be followed for smooth operations inside the establishment. That is why he provided his clients with a gorgeous beach house.

The rules, by the way, are simple—be on time, no drinking at work, and most importantly no dating among the staff.

But, the rules are made to be broken by the young staff who has the mentality to play harder than they work to take full advantage of all a summer in the Hamptons has to offer. Viewers can expect personalities will clash, secrets to be revealed, and we already know of a love triangle that will unfold.

On Valentines Day 2022, Jillian announced, “So excited for everything to come, and so grateful for everyone that’s helped make this dream possible. Stream Serving the Hamptons April 7 on Discovery Plus #servingthehamptons #discoveryplus“. The show premiered on 7 April 2022.

Jillian Gough On Discovery+ Serving The Hamptons

One of the casts we see on the show is VIP hostess Jillian Gough, a self-proclaimed “Zachs favorite employee”. After college, she moved out to Hampton in 2020 and Zach offers her a day job.

According to the preview she “parties a little too hard at the staff house and fails to show up to work the next day.” PageSix interviewed her and she admitted people tell her that she’s the show’s main diva.

Jillian added, “But I don’t see it that way. And why is that so bad anyway? Why was it so bad I went to a birthday party if I wasn’t invited? So what if I’d taken a sick day. I had so much fun this summer, I would not do it any differently. The viewers are going to have a great time. Maybe not as good as ours — but still pretty great.”

She has a rocky relationship with the restaurant owner Zach. He had fired her once before and brought her back the next year. “Look, he and I have a rather rocky relationship; I’m not really sure what that was. Last summer, he claimed I was spreading rumors about him. I heard he said things about me as well — so it goes back and forth,” Jillian told PageSix. “He gave me another chance, I proved my work ethic; I was determined to come back and make a difference. Now we have a perfectly lovely relationship.”

“I love Zach,” Gough proclaimed of her boss. “He’s the most positive and inspiring kind of the Hamptons … like a father figure. He pushed me to be a better person, he holds me accountable — I guess I just sometimes I need to be yelled at.”

As for the love triangle, she was a bestie with Samantha Crichton but falls for the same guy DJ Ethan Thompson. But, they figured things out in between. She added, “Working with Sam was the best part of the show for me. We laughed. We bonded. We’ll be friends for life.”

As for Jillian, after the series wrapped, “I went back to therapy. I moved to the city,” she said. “I spent time working on myself. I’m thinking of starting a podcast. The show sort of showed me I can push myself to do new things.”

Other casts joining her are Samantha Crichton (VIP hostesses), two waiters Hailey Druek and Jack Tavcar, two bartenders Ryan Fitzpatrick and Jodie Bisasor, Brogan Wu (chef), Ethan Thompson (DJ), Victoria Hilton (manager), and of course Zach Erdem.

On 25 March 2022, Jillian updated, “Hi, welcome to 75 Main Stream Serving the Hamptons April 7 on @discoveryplus #servingthehamptons #realitytv #discoveryplus”.

Jillian Gough Net Worth

Jillian Gough sits on a total net worth below $150 thousand.

Per LinkedIn, Jillian started her career as a social media intern at JofuFIT in 2019. After completing her internship, she moved on to the next internship at Nest Seekers International from September 2020 to November 2020. She also worked briefly as a retail specialist for Taroo.

In June 2020, she joined 75 Main Restaurant as a hostess and worked until August 2021.

Jillian graduated from Cold Spring Harbor Jr./Sr. High School in 2015 and earned her BA in broadcast and journalism from Penn State University.

Who Are Jillian Gough Parents?

Jillian Gough was born to her parents Craig Gough and Kimberly Gough. Born in December 1961, Craig is 60 years old whereas Kimberly is 59, being born on 19 October 1962.

Craig is the son of Robert A Gough and Lillian R Gough. He lost his mother on 1 August 2011. Moreover, his father died two years later on 26 April 2013. Craig has three siblings—Robert, Kerry, and Cameron Gough.

Whereas, Kimberly is available on Facebook (@kgough29) and is a native of Laurel Hollow, New York currently living in Cold Spring Harbor, New York. She also has a sister named Kerri Lohan Albers (@kerri.l.albers) who is married to her husband Kyle Albers. Kerri and Kyle are parents to four kids. Jillian is very close to her aunt Kerri and is frequently featured on their social media posts. Kerri and Kyle also have a brother named Michael Lohan. All three of them are children of Marilyn Lohan. Jillian lost her grandmother Marilyn on 5 October 2021 at the age of 80.

After her grandmother died, Jillian wrote, “Grandma, you were proof that there are angels living here on Earth. I used to hate that mom and dad both had jobs, but you showed up every single day, and suddenly it was all okay. There are countless reasons life will never be the same again, but I know when I miss you I just have to get a jelly donut or a cheese danish and head to Bloomingdales.”

How Is Jillian Gough Related To Lindsay Lohan?

Jillian Gogh’s mother Kimberly Gogh is the sister of Lindsay Lohan’s father Michael Lohan.

Jillian Gough Age

As of April 2022, Jillian Gough is 22 years old.

Jillian Gough Height

Talking about height Jillian Gough stands tall at 5 feet 7.5 inches.

Is Jillian Gough On Instagram?

Yes, Jillian Gough is on Instagram (@jilliangough) and Facebook (@jillian.gough.7).

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Jillian Gough From?

Jillian Gough hailed from Cold Spring Harbor, New York.

  • When Is Jillian Gough Birthday?

Jillian Gough celebrates her birthday on 1 June.

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