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Zoe Sozo Bethel Parents: Orlando And Glynis Bethel

Meet Zoe Sozo Bethel’s parents Orlando and Glynis Bethel. Here you’ll learn about their age, their job, and their children. Plus, we discuss their activism and lawsuits in this article.

Scroll down to learn more about Zoe’s mom and dad.

Who Are Zoe Sozo Bethel Parents?

Zoe Sozo Bethal was born to her parents Glynis and Orlando Bethal. Her parents had earned fame as serial lawsuit filers and evangelists. They gained fame and local media attention through public antics in addition to legal battles with the school board, other government entities, and businesses.

Her mother, self-described “fire and brimstone preacher” and her husband had filed a 12-page complaint in U.S. District Court in Nashville. She had garnered more attention after moving to Nashville in 2010.

In September 2011, Glynis caused the Baldwin County school system to go into lockdown because of a threatening phone call. She was held without bail at Baldwin County jail. The jail record listed several charges including obstructing government operations, harassment, disorderly conduct, third-degree criminal trespass, criminal coercion, and fugitive charges.

Glynis, in April 2011, sued an Ohio school district for $1 million over an incident involving a T-shirt worn by Zoe which inscribed “god hates whores” and “repent or burn in hell.”. By that time, they had filed over 50 similar federal lawsuits, mostly in the South.

Back in 2002, Zoe’s father Orlando was asked to sing at Glynis’s uncle’s funeral claimed that he had a revelation from God that led him to insult mourners and say that the dead man was damned. He told 100 mourners they were “fornicators” and “wh***mongers.”

Glynis and Orlando moved from Miami to rural Alabama in early 2000. They settled on an acre of land his Glynis inherited from her grandfather. The advocate had listed the Bethel family as one of the 11 “The Haters” groups to watch out for in March 2012.

The outlet wrote, “Glynis Bethel and husband Orlando Bethel travel the country with their three teenage daughters in their “Hell Van,” which is emblazoned with messages about “wh***-mongers” and the like. They’ve helped out the Westboro Baptist Church on protests and have a thing for homemade T-shirts.”

Zoe’s parents had also authored a book titled Be a MODEL for the GOSPEL (Biblical Answers to Questions About S**).

Meet Zoe Sozo Bethal Mom, Glynis Bethel

Zoe Sozo Bethal’s mom was Glynis Bethel. In November 2020, she posted a picture of her mom and wrote as a caption, “10 years ago with my Mother (Glynis) at my first photoshoot! She would always go behind the scenes with me to make sure my wardrobe was MODEST. I didn’t understand then, but I appreciate her for watching over me.”

She possibly died of breast cancer sometime after 2010. People who knew her described her as “seamstress, pianist, vocalist, teacher, model, and World Traveller”. Zoe paid tribute to her mom on Mother’s Day 2020 on her Facebook.

  • Glynis Bethel Age

Born on 26 June, Glynis Bethel was 49 years old in 2011. This means she would’ve been 59 years old had she lived as of February 2022.

  • Glynis Bethel Job

According to LinkedIn posts, Glynis Bethel was a prophetess at New Life Gospel Productions, Inc. She had also served as a minister at NLG Productions, Inc. Glynis also wrote a blog.

In March 2017, Zoe wrote a status about her mother’s job. It read, “I see now why it was so important to my mom to quit her job, and become a “Stay at home” mother.”

  • Was Glynis Bethel On Instagram?

Glynis Bethel didn’t have Instagram or Facebook though she was featured a few times on her kids’ accounts. There is a YouTube channel on her name (@glynisbethel).

Meet Zoe Sozo Bethal Dad, Orlando Bethel

Zoe Sozo Bethal’s father is Orlando Bethel. Unlike his late wife, he is healthy and happy and is very present in his children’s lives. After Zoe’s death, Orlando posted a video of his daughter as a tribute to her.

  • Orlando Bethel Age

Orlando Bethel celebrates his birthday on 13 April. He is 54 years old as of this writing in February 2022.

  • Orlando Bethel Job

Orlando worked as a preacher at NLG Productions, Inc. He is a graduate of Government High School Nassau, class of 1984. 

  • Is Orlando Bethel On Instagram?

Although Orlando Bethel doesn’t have an IG account, he is on Facebook (@orlando.bethel.1 and @anonymoustheapostle).

Related FAQs

  • Were Zoe Sozo Bethel Parents Married?

Zoe Sozo Bethel’s parents were married until her mother died. Then, her father remarried on 18 September 2016 with his new wife Elena Sharycheva Bethel (@elena.sharychevabethel).

Elena hailed from Tobolsk, Russia. She studied Clinical Mental Health Counseling at The University of South Alabama and interned at James T. Strickland Youth Center.

Elena works as a therapist at AltaPointe Health.

  • How Many Kids Do Zoe Sozo Bethel Parents Have?

Zoe’s mother Glynis had two sons from her previous relationship. They are Issac Roman (@ibroman) and Santiago “Quentin” Roman (@sqroman). Zoe also has a biological younger brother named (@zionlbethel) who turned 23 years old in March 2021 and a sister named Kezia Bethel Pyrit (@kezia.soteria).

  • Where Do Zoe Sozo Bethel Parents Live?

Zoe Sozo’s father and stepmother currently live in Mobile, Alabama.

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