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Kelsie Goglia Bio, Height, Family, Boyfriend, Age, Below Deck

Below Deck Sailing Yacht returned to our screen for Season 3 on 21 February 2022 and its trailer has got everybody talking.

Leading ‘Parsifal III’ back to the shores this time on the Bravo reality television series is Captain Glenn Shephard and his crew, some old and some new. Kelsie Goglia, who we are going to discuss in the rest of the writing, is joining the ranks of Captain Glenn’s crew as one of his two deckhands.

Now, read along the rest of this ‘Kelsie Golgia Bio’ to know more about her and her on-the-water mischiefs.

Kelsie Goglia On Below Deck

Sailing with the captain and Kelsie through the sparkling waters of Menorca, Spain are other were last season’s chief stew Daisy Kelliher, chief engineer Colin MacRae, first mate Gary King and the new companions’ chef Marcos Spaziani, second stew Gabriela Barragan, third stew Ashley Marti, and deckhand Tom Pearson.

Two weeks ahead of Below Deck, Kelsie promised her audience on social media that her season of the show is going to be the most dramatic season ever.

A true adventurer, Kelsie has always loved spending her time outdoors, especially in the water. So, it is no surprise she is on Below Deck. On her BIO for the Bravo, she said she is thrilled to bring her determination and work ethic aboard Parsifal III. (Of course) she also landed on the show believing “You only live once”.

Also, Kelsie has had a couple of yachting and sailing experiences in the past.

Kelsie Goglia Career

Kelsie was bit by the travel bug after going on a sailing holiday in Croatia one season. Ever since she ditched her corporate desk job for the deck.

By the look of her LinkedIn, she has had done many jobs. She had been working even during and before getting her B.A. (Journalism and minor in Communications) at San Diego State University from 2013 – 2017.

Starting as a freelance contributing writer at Odyssey in August 2014, Kelsie went on to become a pre-game liaison and group coordinator at Major League Baseball, a multimedia journalist at Aztec News, a brand representative at Abercrombie & Fitch Co, among many other things.

Fast forward to some years and Kelsie has been working as a substitute teacher at San Marcos Unified School District since November 2021, as an entertainment team coordinator at San Diego Padres as of October 2015, and lastly as a freelance skipper at Quarterdeck Life Ltd. since May 2021.

Does Kelsie Goglia Have A Boyfriend?

Kelsie Goglia did not seem to have a boyfriend as of the time of this writing. (Of course) she also appeared as much ‘single’ in the Below Deck scene.

In Bravo’s first released sneak peek for the season, she seemed to be involved in the “love pentagon” romance which was soon talked about so much. This “love pentagon” they called was said to have transpired between newcomers Marcos, Gabriela, and deckhands Tom and Kelsie.

How Old Is Kelsie Goglia?

Kelsie Goglia turned her “favorite number”, i.e, 22 back in 2017, meaning she was the age of 26 when she landed on Below Deck in 2021.

Kelsie Goglia Height

Beautiful and ever-beaming Kelsie Goglia stands below 5’6” tall.

Kelsie Goglia Family

Kelsie’s beautiful mom Cathie Goglia is on Instagram @momgogs. Besides taking pictures of things she loves, Cathie, originally of El Cajon, California, worked at Mission Hills High School. Like her daughter, she attended the San Diego State University. The mom of three turned 59 in 2021 and seemed happily married to her kids’ dad Scott W Goglia, age 56, as of the time.

As for siblings, Kelsie has two brothers, Tyler Goglia (on Instagram @tygler12) and Kyle Goglia (on Instagram @k.goglia13). Both of them chose to pursue their college degree at California State University, Sacramento. Of the two, Kyle, with credentials at Aya Healthcare, turned 29 in 2021.

Kelsie and her family are also very close to her still very-youthful-appearing grandparents, Glen Goglia and Joanne Sullivan Goglia. The folks called Oceanside, California to be their home.

Grandfather Glen of Swansea, Massachusetts, studied at the University of Massachusettes and UNCC back in the days.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Kelsie Goglia’s Birthday?

Every year the 20th of June marks Kelsie’s birthday making her a Gemini.

  • Where Is Kelsie Goglia From?

During the off-season, Kelsie is most likely to be found nestled in her home in San Marcos, California.

  • Is Kelsie Goglia On Instagram?

Yes. Kelsie Goglia could be found on Instagram @kelsiescruisin and as of 22 February 2022, she entertained 228 posts and 3,738 followers.

Kelsie also occasionally posted on Twitter @kelsiegoglia and on ‘Kelsie Goglia’ Facebook.

  • How Much Is Kelsie Goglia Net Worth?

Kelsie Goglia reportedly had less than $350 thousand net worth by February 2022.

Now a hint on her earnings from sailing with the Bravo team would be:

As per Refinery29, the cast of Below Deck makes quite a hefty salary for just doing their jobs working on a superyacht. On a yacht, i.e, the size of ‘My Seanna’, a deckhand (like Kelsie) usually made around $3,500-$4,500 a month.

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