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Aaron Valentine Bio, Age, Girlfriend, Family, Food Stars

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay’s new show, Food Stars, is a search for the next big entrepreneur in the food and drink industry rather than a cooking show. 15 culinary innovators took on the business challenges prepared by Gordon himself in hopes of getting him to make a personal investment of $250,000 in their business. Aaron Valentine was one of the 15 competitors in Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars.

Aaron Valentine On Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars

So far, some contestants have already gone home on Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars and fortunately, Aaron is not one of them. In the show’s premiere, Kagen Cox was eliminated from the show after he could not impress Gordon Ramsay.

In the next two episodes, Elisa Strauss and Jake Aronskind followed Kagen. Luther Chen was the latest content to go home.

Before Aaron Valentine was selected for Gordon Ramsey’s Food Stars, he was the co-owner of the local snow cone and drink shop Kool Kats. He saw the marketing for the business and helped the owner with the day-to-day operations.

After around six months of continuous uploading snow cone videos on his popular TikTok handle, Aaron had a casting director reach out to him in January 2022 suggesting the young boy submit an application for Food Stars, which would go on for four months.

“Between those four months, I was sending in new videos every week to them to kind of pitch the business,” Aaron said. In the videos that Aaron sent to the casting directors, he expressed his desire to franchise the Kool Kats and the snow cone trailer business.

After Aaron was selected for the competition, he traveled to different locations including Napa Valley, California, and other beach locations as a part of the challenges that judged them on the basis of the food they cooked, marketing strategies, logos, communication skills, and customer satisfaction, all while getting help and direction of Gordon Ramsey.’

“He’s like your grandpa, your old grandpa who is stuck in the old fashion way who just yells at you, but it’s tough love. He loves you. He wants the best out of you and so he’s going to push you to your lowest point and find your breaking point,” Aaron said about his time working with Gordon Ramsey.

Aaron Valentine Career

In June 2021, Aaron had one goal: to attend Northwest Missouri State University for wildlife ecology in the Fall of 2021. Little did he know that he would drop out on the first day of classes after hitting 80k followers on TikTok.

Shortly after, he became part owner of the local snow cone and drink shop Kool Kats. He took over the marketing of the company while continuing to grow his social media presence.

His whole life changed when Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars happened in his life. He met all sorts of people coming from various food industry backgrounds, which allowed him to develop a network and work on projects together.

After completing the shooting of Food Stars, Aaron turned his personality into more of a brand. He founded Snow Cone King. “Kool Kats, you know, we’re confined to Maryville. We didn’t have anything to take advantage of the national stuff (with). So, I started developing a line of snow cone syrups that I’ll be launching with the show,” Aaron said.

As of June 2023, Aaron has already started working on merchandise and other products of Snow Cone King. With that said, the social media star still owns 50 percent of Kook Kats and helps with marketing.

Furthermore, Aaron also runs this awesome podcast together with Chris called The CEO Playground, where the two explore the business world like a kid in a playground.

Aaron has been working since a young age. Before he was associated with Kook Kats, he was a health coach at Oak Grove Nutrition. Before that, he worked as a Cashier and Salesperson at Bass Pro Shops and as a Former Clerk at QuikTrip.

Talking about Aaron’s education, he studied Wildlife Ecology and Management / Conservation Biology at Northwest Missouri State University. He also attended Metropolitan Community College.

Is Aaron Valentine On Instagram And Facebook?

You can find Aaron Valentine on Instagram @aaron.v4, where he has over 1.7k followers. On TikTok (@aaron.valentine), Aaron has over 257k followers. Kool Kats co-owner is also on Facebook and YouTube.

Aaron Valentine Age

As of June 2023, Aaron Valentine’s age was only 21.

Aaron Valentine Family

Talking about Aaron’s family, his mother is Julie Valentine, who turned 41 years old in January 2023. Although we don’t have any information about Aaron’s father, we do know that his parents are already separated.

Aaron has two sisters, one of which is Destiny Valentine. She is the owner of Soar Nutrition, a smoothie and juice bar according to its Instagram page. Destiny has a boyfriend named Adrian Whitehead.

Aaron Valentine Girlfriend

As per Aaron’s Facebook page, he was single at the time of this writing. Probably, Aaron is prioritizing his time for something bigger than a girlfriend.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Aaron Valentine’s Birthday?

Aaron Valentine celebrates his birthday on September 30th.

  • Where Is Aaron Valentine From?

Snow Cone King founder Aaron Valentine hails from Oak Grove, Missouri.

  • How Tall Is Aaron Valentine?

Aaron Valentine stands 5 feet 9 inches tall.

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