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Actor Brandt Osborn Bio, Age, Family, IG, Christy Giles

Actor Brandt Osborn is currently in prison in connection with the murders of Christy Giles and Hilda Marcela Cabrales-Arzola.

Christy and Hilda had been found eight months earlier outside two hospitals in the Los Angeles region. The second person police captured is film producer David Pearce. E! News reported that Brandt was charged as an accessory to their murders. While the film producer was charged with murdering Giles and Cabrales-Arzola.

At the time of this writing, it is unclear whether Brandt sought legal representation. Meanwhile, David had plans to plead not guilty when he is arraigned on 11 July, according to his attorney Jacob Glucksman. His attorney added, “It has taken nearly a year to file the charges because the evidence is so glaringly weak. The DA’s Office and law enforcement have had trouble locating any fire and just seem to be breathing a lot of smoke”.

So, you may ask who is he?

Below you’ll learn about his age, job, family, and his social media reach. Moreover, we will also briefly discuss his connection to the two deaths. So, keep on reading to learn more about Brandt Osborn.

Actor Brandt Osborn Charged In Death Of Christy Giles

According to E! News, on 13 November 2021, Christy and Hilda were each left unresponsive outside two different hospitals in Los Angeles County after a night out. While Christy was pronounced dead the night she was left unconscious outside a Southern California hospital, Hilda was found unconscious and in a critical condition almost two miles away from her friend at the Kaiser Permanente West Los Angeles Hospital.

Hilda died a week later on 24 November.

According to Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner’s Office, Christy died from multiple drug intoxication. Records online showed that a mixture of cocaine, fentanyl, ketamine, and gamma-hydroxybutyrate acid—commonly referred to as GHB or the date rape drug—was found in her system.

While Hilda had multiple organ failures and multiple drug intoxication. She tested positive for cocaine, MDMA, and “other undetermined” drugs.

Three men, Brandt, David, and Michael Ansbach were arrested in December 2021.

The case was first returned to detectives for additional investigation after the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office declined to charge the men with crimes related to the women’s deaths. What motivated prosecutors to file murder charges is now unknown. In this case, Ansbach is not accused.

A spokesperson related to the district attorney’s office declined to comment to the Times citing the “sensitive nature of this ongoing investigation.

The Times reported that David met and the two women met up at the warehouse party in LA. Surveillance cameras at the warehouse captured Christy and Hilda leaving the party with the three men: David, Michael, and Brandt in Brandt’s Hyundai. They were at David’s apartment around 5 a.m.

According to the reports, Christy wanted to leave Davids’s apartment and texted her friend Hilda. Hilda reportedly called Uber who waited five minutes and left. Cameras later captured David carrying Christy’s body to his Prius and driving to a hospital. He then left her on the sidewalk.

According to Meaww, the bail for David has been set at $3.1 million.

How Much Is Actor Brandt Osborn Net Worth?

Actor Brandt Osborn sits on a net worth below $300 thousand.

On his path to establish himself as an actor, Brandt started his career while attending Curtis High School where he performed with the “Curtis Players” in various productions. In his teenage years, he also worked as a print model for several artworks. attended the College of Staten Island and SUNY Albany, where he earned a degree in communications with a focus on media studies. He worked as an intern at K-ROCK on the “Howard Stern Show” while starting college.

He performed minor roles in TV movies and series such as Nurse Jackie, Sister Cities, Obamaland Part 1: Rise of the Trumpublikans, and is currently filming A Screenshot to Santa.

Besides acting, Brandt also worked at Hotel Americano for nearly 16 years as a bartender.

According to his IMDB, Brandt earned his BS degree from the Staten University of New York at Albany/ College of Staten Island. Moreover, he secured a Master’s degree in Special education and Teaching in 2011.

Did You Know – Brandt Osborn changed his name to Bobby Delfrati before 2022.

Actor Brandt Osborn Age

In September 2021, Brandt Osborn turned 42 years old. So 1979 is the year he was born. Also, he celebrates his birthday in September every year.

Actor Brandt Osborn Family

Walter Osborn and Grace Osborn are the parents of Brandt Osborn. Born in September 1942, his father is 79 years old. His parents stayed married for 49 years.

Meanwhile, Grace is 78 years old, born in October 1943. Both of his parents were long-time residents of Staten Island, New York.

Walter was an Air Force veteran and joined the Knights of Columbus in 1990 and served as a grand knight from 1996-1998. He was commander of the Color Corps for six years and Faithful Navigator of the Fourth Degree. In 2004, he joined the Elks and helped with all of the picnics and holiday parties that benefited the United Cerebral Palsy.

For the past 13 years, Walter, with the help of his wife Grace, has spearheaded the Wounded Warrior Project on Staten Island. The event helped raise $300K to aid injured service men and women.

Sadly, his parents passed away on 1 September 2019.

Talking about siblings, Brandt has a brother named Ryan Osborn. In January 2022, he celebrated his 45th birthday. Ryan worked as a police officer in New York who supported John McCain. He is a Republican supporter.

Is Actor Brandt Osborn Married?

No, actor Brandt Osborn is likely single at the time of his arrest. His Facebook revealed that he was into women. However, his brother’s wife is Sun Jin Lee. Online records show that they earned their married license on 27 July 2016.

They share a child together named Ruan.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Actor Brandt Osborn From?

Actor Brandt Osborn is currently based in Los Angeles, California. But, his IMDB page states that he was born on the east coast in State Island, New York.

  • Is Actor Brandt Osborn On IG And Facebook?

Find actor Brandt Osborn on Instagram (@bobbyd_), Twitter (@brandtbo7912), and Facebook.

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