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Saxophonist Avery Dixon Family: Mother, Father, Brother

Meet AGT Golden Buzzer winner saxophonist Avery Dixon family. Below, you’ll learn about his father, mother, and brother. In addition to that, we’ll also provide a few details regarding Avery’s own life.

This article covers their age, job, and current residence. Furthermore, he has one famous family member too. Read all of it here in this article.

Meet Saxophonist Avery Dixon Family Members

In Saxophonist Avery Dixon’s family, he has his parents Lisa Cross and Marcus Dixon, and one older brother Cortez Dixon. As of this piece in 2022, his parents are currently divorced.

Avery Dixon is the auditionee for America’s Got Talent season 17. The show has four judges Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara, Simon Cowell, Howie Mandell, and the show’s host Terry Crews. With a hypnotizing performance at the audition, Avery scored himself a golden buzzer, not from the judges but from the show host Terry.

He said during the performance that he first discovered his affinity for music as a result of being bullied as a young child. Terry was delighted to trade in his Golden Buzzer for his young adopted brother.

All thanks to Terry, Avery is through to the live shows. At the time of the audition, he was 21 years old. As the story goes, he was not “expected to live” as he had a premature birth at 24 weeks and weighed only 1 lb. 8 oz. Lisa, his mother revealed, “His little finger wouldn’t even wrap completely around my pointer finger”.

He reportedly spent 39 days with a tube down his throat that kept him alive. The tube left a small hole in Avery’s vocal cords. This causes his voice “to be pitchy and airy because his vocal cords do not close completely,” according to his bio. This complicates his asthma and makes it difficult for him to breathe at times.

Avery was natural with saxophone. He learned to play “harder songs within the first month of playing,” according to a 2013 interview. Moreover, he has also received a letter from former President Obama congratulating him on his musical accomplishments. He has also released an EP titled Entrees.

Moreover, he also showcases his talent on IG and TikTok.

Who Is Saxophonist Avery Dixon Mother, Lisa Cross?

Beautiful Lisa Cross is the mother of talented Youngman Avery Dixon. As of July 2022, Lisa is 47 years old. She was born reportedly in April 1975.

On 19 April 2017, Dixon wished his mother a birthday via an IG post. He wrote, “Happy Birthday Mom. She doesn’t wanna make an IG”.

Two years before on Mother’s Day 2015, Avery wished Lisa, “Happy Mother’s Day to my mama”. Lisa is currently working as a manager at her own business, Avery Dixon. Means, that she is her son’s momager.

Who Is Saxophonist Avery Dixon Father, Marcus Dixon?

Avery Dixon was born to his Atlanta, Georgia-based father Marcus Dixon. Marcus’s date of birth is 7 October 1974. This means he is 47 years old in 2022. Marcus is the son of Jeannette Paul.

For high school education, Marcus attended West Fulton/Harper. According to his LinkedIn, he worked as a collection manager at New Avenues in Marietta, Georgia, his current residence.

On Father’s Day 2021, he posted on his Facebook, “Hey dad I wanted to share this recent memory with everyone it is pretty much the funniest thing I have ever experienced but Long story short happy fathers day and I hope we can have many less painful laughs together”.

Marcus replied in the comment, “Was of my best memories with you all”. Meanwhile, his brother posted, “To the one and only sharpshooter I know Bullet to Bullet shells to shells I hope you have a Great #fathersday”.

Marcus, after his divorce from his ex-wife Lisa Cross, is currently single.

Who Is Saxophonist Avery Dixon Brother, Corey Dixon?

Saxophonist Avery Dixon has a brother named Cortez “Corey” Dixon. He is very close to his older brother and has featured him on his IG on several occasions.

On his brother’s birthday on 28 May 2022, Avery wished, “Happy birthday. You’re getting old big brother”. Per his Facebook, Corey worked at True Religion Brand Jeans as a CEO. Meanwhile, she also worked as a Former Manager at Skittles.

Corey is currently in a relationship with Jordan Marshall. A native of Atlanta, GA, Jordan was a former associate at RaceTrac.

In February, Avery posted a picture of him and his brother that he captioned, “Just two bros with a bag of dreams”.

According to Lisa’s Facebook post, Corey played a huge role in Avery’s success. He wiped Avery’s tears when Lisa didn’t know he was crying, helped to pick songs, and early morning gaming battles.

Cory is also a singer who performed Stay With Me by Sam Smith publicly.

Find Corey on IG (@bossmanblade) and Facebook (@BOSSMANBLADE).

Related FAQs

  • Is Anyone From The Saxophonist Avery Dixon Family Famous?

Yes, Avery Dixon’s great-grandfather Maxwell Davis. Born in Independence, Kansas in 1916, Maxwell moved to LA in 1937 and played saxophone in the Fletcher Henderson orchestra. He played with several artists such as Percy Mayfield, Peppermint Harris, Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown, T-Bone Walker, Amos Milburn, and others.

Maxwell reportedly died of a heart attack, in Los Angeles, California, in September 1970.

  • Where Do Saxophonist Avery Dixon Family Members Live?

Most members of Avery Dixon’s family live in Marietta, Georgia. His mother might be living in Riverdale, Georgia.

  • Are Saxophonist Avery Dixon Family Members On Instagram?

Yes, Saxophonist Avery Dixon’s brother is on Instagram (@bossmanblade). But, his parents are on Facebook; Marcus (@marcus.dixon.10), and Lisa (@lisa.cross.7186).

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