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Cliff Sevakis Bio, Now, Age, Job, Wife, Suzanne Sevakis

Cliff Sevakis is the biological father of Suzanne Sevakis. He recently appeared to share details about his daughter on Netflix’s show Girl In The Picture.

So, it is natural for people to wonder where is Cliff Sevakis now? Does he have a new wife? Is he married? How many kids does he have? What job does he have to make a living?

We answer it all in this article below. So, keep on scrolling to learn more about Suzanne Sevakis father Cliff Sevakis.

Netflix’s Girl In The Picture: Meet Cliff Sevakis, Suzanne Sevakis Father

Netflix’s Girl In The Picture is nothing but a tragic life story of Suzanne Sevakis, the girl who was kidnapped by her step-father who eventually became her husband. However, the isn’t as simple as it sounds. The twists and turns make it quite difficult to understand. You can assume what it was like when we say that Suzanne’s true identity took 40 years to reveal.

Her story is the story of failed parenting and abuse of innocence. One prominent figure in her life is her biological father Cliff Sevakis. Cliff had Suzanne with his wife Sandra “Sandi” Chipman (now Willett). They were reportedly briefly married to each other. Claims have been made that Cliff discovered that he had a daughter only after 2010.

However, other accounts show that he knew he had a daughter and chose to give full custody to his then-wife Sandra after Sandra married her likely second husband Dennis Brandenburg. It was also reported Sandra made him sign the document that allowed him to forfeit his parental rights.

Either way, Cliff is blamed for never making an effort to go out looking for her daughter, which could have protected her life, and Suzanne’s life would’ve been something different.

He recently appeared on Netflix’s show and shared, “What I can do is – I can’t talk to Suzanne, but I can talk to Megan And that will… that will do”.

Where Is Cliff Sevakis Now?

Cliff Sevakis is currently based in Bellevue, Washington with his wife and his children.

Cliff lost his father on 15 January 2013. More on that, Cliff was born to his parents Ray Welch Sevakis and Lillian Sevakis. Ray and Lillian married for 71 years until the death of his wife.

Cliff’s father was born on 15 January 1922 in Detroit to Edith and Ignace Sevakis. Ray was orphaned at 12, he trained as a tool and die maker at Ford Trade School. He served his country as an airplane mechanic during World War II. He returned home to start a family and to spend many years in night school obtaining his high school diploma and a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Laurence Institute of Technology.

Moreover, Ray was employed in the auto industry and went to work for the Ford Motor Company as one of the pioneer software engineers for computer-assisted design. He loved his work and did not fully retire until age 78.

Besides Cliff, Ray and Lillian also had a daughter named Nancy (husband Wayne) Brimhall.

Cliff Sevakis Age

July 1949 is the year Cliff Sevakis was born. So, in July 2022, he is 73 years old.

Cliff Sevakis Job

When Cliff Sevakis became father to Suzanne Sevakis, he was in the US military, a Vietnam vet to be precise.

According to his LinkedIn, Cliff started his career at BBDO Detroit as an account director of shows & presentation group in 1983. Three years later, he joined Ross Roy Communications as Vice President, and Group Supervisor and V.P. of Creative Director from 1986 to 1999.

He kept his job at BBDO until 2007.

For a year, Cliff worked at Dynamic Diagnostics Inc. as Consulting Marketing Director from 2012 to 2013 in Livonia, Michigan.

Starting from 2007, Cliff has been working as a writer/consultant at

He also holds MBA and Journalism degrees.

His service include; website content and email communications, industrial video scripts, new business proposals and presentations, marketing strategy and creative ideation, website, video, and ad writing, as well as executive speech, presentation, and PowerPoint creation.

According to LinkedIn, he holds an MFA degree in Journalism from Oakland University in 1982. He earned his MBA from Michigan State University in 2000.

Cliff Sevakis Wife Today

Cliff Sevakis is married to his wife Janette Sevakis (@jan.sevakis). Born in June 1953, Jan is 68 years old.

Cliff Sevakis with his wife Jan Sevakis (Pic: Facebook)

Janette is a highly experienced office/HR administrator. She accumulated more than 20 years of experience in the said field (administration, shipping, & travel). She worked for FICOSA North America Corp from 2003 to 2014. Also, she held various positions such as Assistant to Executive Vice President and Human Resouce Administrator/General Office Management.

In 2022, Janette is currently working at John L Scott.

Janette took Broadcast Production, English, and Business/Secretarial Classes at Oakland Community College in Farmington Hills Michigan. She studied Journalism at Oakland University.

It is unclear when they tied the knots, but they have two famous children; Robin Sevakis (@robin.sevakis) and Justin Sevakis who are the creators of Anime News Nina.

Robin is working as a freelance illustrator at JadedSketch Illustration. Formerly she worked at

He is also the editor at Anime News Network since 2007. He attended the School of Visual Arts and earned a BFA degree in Film Directing in 2003. Learn more about him here.

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  • Where Was Cliff Sevakis Born?

Cliff Sevakis was born in Detroit, Michigan.

  • Is Cliff Sevakis On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes, Cliff Sevakis is on Facebook (@cliff.sevakis).

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