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Actress Moriah Brown Bio, Age, Married, Family, Net Worth

Meet actress Moriah Brown who is appearing on Power Book II: Ghost. Read about her multi-ethnic family (Mexican-African-American), her career, marriage, and relationship and more.

So, keep scrolling down to read all about her.

Actress Moriah Brown On Power Book II: Ghost

Power Book II: Ghost is all about Tariq St. Patrick’s by Michael Rainey Jr. but we are introduced to various characters on the show. Fans have also shown interest in Brayden Weston (Gianni Paolo), a corny college kid looking to get street cred and live a lifestyle he knows nothing about. However, he is also moderately popular with ladies.

The lady to pique Brayden’s interest is Kiki Travis, a young vice president at Weston Holdings, a hedge fund run by Brayden’s father in the show.

It’s common for the show to introduce new characters, and while most of them are involved in the drug trade, it’s good to see Kiki Travis (Moriah Brown) take on the role of a love interest. Kiki is described as having an Ivy League education and not coming from affluence in the Power Fandom as “she is making her own way in the realm of the business elite.” Kiki was initially presented to the audience as a vice president at the company who was responsible for outlining the duties of Brayden’s position.

As usual, Brayden attempted to shoot his shot and missed as she told him that she had “heard a lot about him.” When Brayden told her that the “real thing beats the hype,” Kiki replied that it “won’t be too difficult.” When Kiki confronted Brayden’s brother Trace (Cory Jeacoma) about him and his coworkers using drugs at the office before a meeting, viewers got a glimpse of Kiki’s no-nonsense demeanor.

Brayden’s loyalty is a key component of his appeal. When they first met, Brayden has been captivated by Kiki, and after making a number of clever moves, he gained her trust and perhaps even the possibility of a new relationship. Kiki questioned an intern for failing to check files in Episode 2. The intern should have apologized and finished the assignment, but instead, he called Kiki “Omarosa,” emphasizing his prejudice and mocking her.

As a means of retaliation, Brayden set up the intern by posting provocative material on his computer that contained pro-alt-right speech along with a few items that corroborated the findings. Brayden promptly defended Kiki. The intern was immediately let go as a result.

They shared a secret, personal moment to celebrate the intern getting dismissed after Brayden told Kiki that he was responsible for the event. Hence, it is safe to conclude that Brayden is getting rewarded for standing up for what is right while also finding himself a potential new girlfriend.

How Much Is Actress Moriah Brown Net Worth?

Actress Moriah Brown’s net worth in 2023 is under $200 thousand. The actress wears many hats. Besides being an actress, she is a Producer, Model, Creative Director, Singer, and Dancer. She started off at a young age and got her first commercial agency signing with Osbrink Talent.

Working with brands like Barbie from Mattel and Disney goods was her first employment. Her parents gave her a vacation as she got older and entered middle school so that she could be an ordinary child. Moriah resumed her acting and modeling ambitions after graduating from college.

Moriah has gained the most notoriety as a print model since 2011, appearing in advertisements for companies like Color Pop Cosmetics, ModCloth, Wet N’ Wild, and Moira Cosmetics, to name a few. In her early acting career, she was cast in national and international advertisements for well-known companies like ScottsLawn, Facebook, MGM Resorts, Subaru Legacy, Reebok, and Sketchers

What’s more, Moriah presented a web series called BLOGLIFE in 2016 that was featured on Rocsi Diaz’s website. In it, she conducted interviews with the most popular bloggers and vloggers on the internet. Her CV also lists hosting The Distiller Show, a music video show with a broadcasted culture that had millions of Chinese viewers on the UTB Hollywood Network.

Moriah hosts and directs a show on her own DareYou2DreamTV YouTube channel, where she features her motivational conversations with a range of up-and-coming artists. Her most recent notable roles include “Turnt” on Facebook Watch, “Raising Dion” on Netflix, and “The Comedy Get Down” on BET. Moriah sees herself as more than just an actress; she also sees herself always producing, directing, and writing.

Actress Moriah Brown Age

Moriah Brown’s date of birth is August 1991. This means she is 31 years old.

Actress Moriah Brown Family

Actress Moriah Brown was born to her parents Carol Navarro and Troy Brown as the oldest of five kids (three sisters and one brother named Noah Brown). Troy was born in April 1968 which means he is 54 years old. Carol is 53 years old born in August 1969. (Diazepam) They are based in Santa Fe Spring, California.

Noah was a student at Grand Canyon University. He graduated with a degree in Sports Management. He was involved in Basketball and Volleyball in high school. Two of her three sisters are named Malia Sky Brown and Brittney Faith.

Is Actress Moriah Brown Married?

No, actress Moriah Brown is not married. She is very private about her dating life.

Actress Moriah Brown Height

Moriah Brown’s height measures under 5 feet 7.5 inches.

Related FAQs

  • Is Actress Moriah Brown On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes, actress Moriah Brown is on Instagram (@moriah_brown) and FB.

  • When Is Actress Moriah Brown Birthday?

What’s more, Actress Moriah Brown celebrates her birthday on 8 August.

  • Where Is Actress Moriah Brown From?

Actress Moriah Brown hailed from Santa Fe Springs, California.

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