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Adam Thorn Net Worth, Salary, Married, Height, Scar

Meet Adam Thorn, a wildlife biologist who has been obsessed with animals ever since a 4-year-old. This passion of his has thus naturally led him to work daily as a field zoologist, studying, trapping, and relocating animals.

Adam is also a certified snake handler, teacher, and venom expert known to have been handling dangerous animals. He has survived many brushes with death and has been bitten and stung by countless animals. To tell all these stories, at the same time willing to travel to whatever places are necessary in order to interact with the deadliest animals and insects, Adam found himself becoming a regular host on History Channel’s Kings of Pain.

Now, in the rest of the writing, we shall explore his net worth, salary, whether or not he is married, his height, scars that he wears from one of those deadliest memories, and more.

Adam Thorn Salary On Kings Of Pain

Season 2 of Kings Of Pain premiered on 26 May 2022 with its star Adam Thorn and Caveman Rob taking on America’s biggest and most deadly scorpions.

Season 2 was just as intriguing as season 1 with the hope left behind that it may be also renewed for a Season 3.

These two parts of the show have made it quite clear that Adam and his fellow costar are willing to go out of their way to enter into precarious situations that other people would prefer to avoid. Luckily, they are also paid handsome money for getting life-threateningly bitten by all kinds of dangerous creatures over and over again.

So, how much does this salary that Adam is paid amount to?

Adam, just like his buddy Rob, has not yet revealed what salaries he has been paid by starring in Kings of Pain. But, a presumption can be made by an estimation made by Ziprecruiter. It believes that as of July 2022, the average annual pay for the History Channel jobs category in the United States is $69,314 a year. That works out to be approximately $33.32 an hour; or the equivalent of $1,333 per week or $5,776 per month.

Adam Thorn Net Worth

Even though this show on History that Adam stars in focuses on more marginalized and niche ways of life of him and his costar, it is believed the stars of the show are doing pretty well for themselves.

So, the Information Cradle had reported, that Adam’s pal Rob had a net worth of $2 million or more before 2022. So, while this already hints at Adam Thorn also being affluent, Stark Times goes on to exactly state that he is worth a comfortable $3 million or more.

The reason Adam has been able to reach these multiple millions is that he is a reality TV star with a few other ventures under his belt, including a music career. A good sum of it, he earns from handling animals on a professional basis.

Animal adventurer, jungle explorer, and a scientist-Adam other than his Kings of Pain stint is the CEO of Biothorn PTY LTD. It was founded in 2010.

Is Adam Thorn Married?

Adam Thorn is not as eager when it comes to talking about his private affairs though. He is only into sharing the experiences of his travels across the world and his love for wildlife.

So, one could not yet tell if he was only dating or already married.

Adam Thorn Age

Born in 1989, Adam Thorn turned 33 years old in 2022.

Is Adam Thorn On Instagram?

Yes. Adam Thorn could be found on Instagram at @adam_thorn. There were 767 posts and 45.7K followers as of 31 July 2022.

As an animal adventurer, jungle explorer, and TV host, he also entertained another 9.5K followers on Facebook.

Adam Thorn Scar

Some of the viewers have always wondered about the show and if it is real. So, let us tell you that Kings of Pain is real and its hosts get really bitten by a vast array of animals, arachnids, and bugs. And yes, their scars too are real.

Other than on the TV camera, Adam also often shows the aftermath of some of the bites he endured during the show later on his social media. So, he has basically painted his body with these scars. Adam hones them proudly and often shows off them on social media recalling those deadliest moments. For one instance, there on his internet is a before and after photo of a reticulated python bite that left a gnarly scar. He then thoughted that it is pretty cool that he will have this scar for the rest of his life.

Of all these bites and scars left behind, the Piranha bite, he says, is always going to be his favorite bite. He uses a 30-point pain index to rate his stings and bites. And that includes intensity, duration and damage, and the pukes that he experiences each time.

Adam Thorn Height

Adam Thorn is very good-looking to be a scientist. He stands above 6′ 3″ (1.91 meters) in height. But of course, his handsomeness does come in handy. When pulling in viewers each time he is getting himself bitten on the History Channel’s program.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Adam Thorn’s Birthday?

Adam Thorn’s birthday is on the 21st of July. So, his zodiac sign is Cancer.

  • Where Is Adam Thorn From?

Adam Thorn was born and raised in Perth, Australia. Here, he grew up being fascinated with animals from a very young age.

  • What Do We Know About Adam Thorn Family?

Unfortunately, Adam Thorn also chose not to tell us about his family, their background, and whereabouts. So, this one story is probably for another time.

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