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Rob “Caveman” Alleva Bio, Net Worth, Height, Married

Rob “Caveman” Alleva lives up to his name as his love for nature allowed him to be the host of Salary of Pain. But rather than the exploration of the wild, the show is more about how much pain can a person can withstand. The show is back for season 2. So, fans wondered how much he make from the show.

Let’s explore his short bio, net worth, height, and his life as a married man.

Rob “Caveman” Alleva Salary On Kings Of Pain

Ever wondered how painful it is to be bitten by a snake or a lizard? Well, you don’t have to risk your lives to find out because Rob “Caveman” Alleva is an expert in that sort of stuff and has made a TV show that you can watch safely at home. He is the host of History Channel’s Kings Of Pain.

He along with biologist Adam Thorn are attempting to create a “pain index” by getting himself bitten by all kinds of creatures. The purpose of the show is beyond entertainment and thrill as the index can be used to save people’s lives. The show is very authentic in nature as it is all done in front of the camera with real wildlife creatures.

So, what is the reward for taking such a risk? The exact salary the History channel pay to the hosts is yet to reveal. But, since they are putting their lives on the line, the network must be paying them generously.

Meanwhile, ZipRecruiter reports that the host of the History channel makes a yearly salary of $69,314.

How Much Is Rob “Caveman” Alleva Net Worth?

Rob “Caveman” Alleva”s net worth measures above $1 Million, the fortune that he built with his love of exploring the wild. His love for spending time with nature more than socializing with people earned him the name “Caveman”. He has been a field herper all of his life, a birdwatcher but for amphibians and reptiles.

His love for traveling allowed him to be self-taught with various subjects such as handling dangerous animals and studying exotic creatures. He considers these experiences the same as martial art. He also had a near-death experience with a severe rattlesnake bite. This particular incident allowed him to raise awareness about deadly creatures around the world.

This knowledge opened doors for him to be on TV shows. He hosted his first TV show in 2008 called I Was Bitten. Later, in 2008, he hosted I’m Alive. His IMDB also shared that he has produced Speed of Life.

Is Rob “Caveman” Alleva Married?

Yes, Rob “Caveman” Alleva is a married man. His wife is Karoleena Krypel. They began dating in 2016. After two years of dating, Rob proposed to Karoleena in July 2018.

Rob planned for the proposal to happen while the pair were outside looking for snakes, but it actually happened while they were doing that. Karoleena discovered a piece of paper asking her the most important question when she lifted up a wooden board. The question mark at the end was actually drawn like a snake in his signature manner.

Karoleena happily replied “Yes”.

Two months after their engagement, they exchanged their wedding vows in September 2018. Two days after their wedding, Rob posted and announced that he was starting his life together. Surprisingly, the post also revealed that they had two different wedding ceremonies one in California, and the other in Oklahoma, to include both of their families. (

In July 2020, they shared a picture as they were going on an anniversary trip.

Rob “Caveman” Alleva Family

Rob “Caveman” Alleva is the son of Gregory Paul Alleva and Diana Alleva. Hailing from Yonkers, New York, his father was born to Christine Ella Howerton and Nickolino Alleva on May 20, 1946. Greg and his family moved to Cushing, Oklahoma, and then to Pasadena, Texas when he was 10.

Rob’s parents married on 12 February 1977 in Houston, Texas. The married couple moved to Tulsa and then on to Bixby in 1978. His father earned his associate’s degree from San Jacinto College in Texas and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Houston. He worked a total of 44 years in sales for oil field supply companies. In 1991, Greg and Diane opened their own oil field supply business, G & D Industries.

Greg was an outdoorsy person and his mother Diana would accompany his father on his trips. While Greg explored the wild, Diana would read books. They were married for 43 years until Greg died on 8 September 2020 after battling cancer for almost two and a half years. He announced his father’s death via an IG post.

Rob also has a brother named Gary who with his wife Lauren lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

How Old Is Rob “Caveman” Alleva?

Rob “Caveman” Alleva is 41 years of age as of 2022. He was born in the early spring of 1981.

Rob “Caveman” Alleva Tattoo

Rob “Caveman” Alleva has eight different tattoos that hold significant meanings. He tattooed a rattlesnake skeleton as it is his favorite animal, and the background was based on the tetrodotoxin molecule. He also tattooed scalloped hammerheads and a map.

Rob also inked a tribute tattoo for his friend Reece Harding who died in the Syrian Civil War. The same tattoo contained “Şehîd namirin,” which means “Martyrs Live On”. And below it is a rifle tattoo that his friend carried. In continuation, he also tattooed Zagros, which is his war name given by the woman in the YPJ, the Women’s Protection Units.

Rob also has Arabic ن on the homes of Christians for “nasara” ( for Jesus of Nazareth). The eighth tattoo is his boy band tribal tattoo which he thinks is a little embarrassing but has a great back story.

Rob “Caveman” Alleva Height

Speaking on Rob “Caveman” Alleva’s physical build, he stands tall around 6 feet 1 inch.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Rob “Caveman” Alleva Birthday?

Rob “Caveman” Alleva’s precise date of birth is unclear but he celebrates his birthday in March.

  • Where Is Rob “Caveman” Alleva From?

Rob Alleva is originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma. He also did some growing up in Bixby. He is currently residing in Valley Village, CA.

  • Was Rob “Caveman” Alleva In The Military?

Yes, Rob “Caveman” Alleva served in the military. He was a YPG fighter in Syria in 2015. Rob along with his crew member Michael Fonda, two internationalists from the US who came to Rojava to join the fight against ISIS, were arrested by KDP officials and put in the same prison cell with ISIS gangs by KDP officials.

To combat ISIS, he remained in Rojava for three months. Rob claimed that following their detention, KDP officials informed them that they would soon be released home, but the four foreign YPG militants were detained in an Erbil prison for 23 days alongside ISIS gangs.

Rob claimed that the KDP sought to set an example by imprisoning them and urged the KDP to handle international YPG militants differently in the future. He hailed the people of Rojava for their hospitality and fight for humanity in the face of ISIS cruelty while pointing out that the YPG was made up of Kurds, Arabs, and Christians.

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