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KaMillion Alja Jackson Bio, Net Worth, Surgery, Dating

Rap Sh!t which premiered on 21 July 2022 on HBO Max is an American comedy streaming television series that centers on two Miami-based rappers who try to find success in the music industry. KaMillion Alja Jackson and Aida Osman portray these roles and one of these actresses, i.e. KaMillion, we shall discuss in this writing called ‘KaMillion Alja Jackson’.

KaMillion Alja Jackson On HBO Max’s Rap Sh!t

The show follows KaMillion as Mia Knight and Shawna Clark, two estranged high school friends who come back together to form a rap group.

At present, Mia is a single mother and rapper working multiple jobs to support herself and her 4-year-old daughter, Melissa. The first episode sees Mia suggests she and Shawna start a rap group to change their situation.

Talking about it later, KaMillion shared that she has put a lot of herself into her role of Mia as she had some personal things going on at the time. She recalled how this situation help her deliver the character so well.

Plus, it also helped that she was already a real-life rapper. So, she had some one-liners here and there, but the acting was never something that she had been pursuing. And now, having done Rap Sh!t, she feels that she is just ready to be this breakout star that everybody loves.

But, though KaMillion denies that she has not had her big breakout moment yet, she already lived moments like opening the 2019 BET Hip Hop Awards with Lil Duval, or the one when her track “Twerk 4 Me” went viral on social media in 2020.

KaMillion Alja Jackson Net Worth

KaMillion Alja Jackson reportedly had less than $400K as her net worth as of 2022.

Known for her time on Love & Hip Hop: Miami, she went on to appear also in Joyful Noise, The Quad, and Star. Other than that, as a rapper, she has been putting out songs for the past eight years, waiting for something to stick. That is when she got the call for Rap Sh!t.

Besides writing for herself, Kamillion has also penned for high-profile artists like H.E.R, and this album that penned won actually a Grammy® Award. Moreover, KaMillion collaborated with Missy Elliot, Trey Songz, P. Diddy, Jordin Sparks, and Rihanna to name a few. In the process, KaMillion recalls getting love and support from Trina, a senior from the industry who is dubbed as “the most consistent female rapper of all time”.

Is KaMillion Alja Jackson Dating Anyone?

As of July of 2022, it was not clear if KaMillion Alija Jackson was dating anyone. But, every now and then, she did talk about her private affairs.

It was 2020 when KaMillion uploaded a video in which she revealed that she was indeed pregnant by Brisco, her beau from Love And Hip Hop Miami. She then also revealed her decision to terminate the pregnancy. She had said that is was not just not how she saw herself bearing her first child.

KaMillion explained at first she is going to be in a relationship and be with a “rich n*gga”. As for Brisco, she said she planned to remain friends with him. So, like promised, KaMillion gets an abortion and the baby daddy naturally gets mad.

However, fast forward to now, and it is clear that these two exes have certainly moved on. As Brisco even welcomed his  4th child (a daughter) and named her ‘Brazil’ in 2021.

Brisco, like KaMillion, is a pro rapper. He first gained notoriety after signing with Cash Money Records and collaborating with Lil Wayne, Flo Rida, and Rick Ross.

KaMillion, on the other hand, is maybe still looking around for that one perfect “big guy” that is going to make all feel protected for the rest of her life.

Has KaMillion Alja Jackson Undergone Plastic Surgery?

KaMillion Alja Jackson does not mind admitting that she opted for veneers as well as a Brazilian butt lift (BBL).

So, ‘why veneers?’, when asked, KaMillion explained she never smiled so much in her life since she got veneers on her teeth. She said she never even smiled once in her photos before the treatment because she was insecure about her bottom gap.

As for BBL, KaMillion said it had nothing to do with any insecurities. She already thought she looked beautiful naturally. But, during quarantine followed by the COVID pandemic, she decided to go for it. Why? She had this idea that she wants to be the best image of herself as a rapper. So, the BBL which is more correctly known as gluteal fat grafting.

KaMillion Alja Jackson Measurements

KaMillion looks gorgeous and confident in her 39-27-42 inches bust-waist-hip measurements. Though it has been reported that she stands at the height of 6 ft., it is not really true. But then, she still is among the tallest women in music.

How Old Is KaMillion Alja Jackson?

Born in 1989, KaMillion reached the age of 33 in 2022.

KaMillion Alja Jackson Family

KaMillion was brought up in the Blodgett homes. She still recalls these times and her mother telling her that where she came from did matter, what mattered was where she was going. Then, it was also her grandmother’s saying that you got to always make the struggle look good that KaMillion has found to be relevant as she progresses with her career.

Growing up, KaMillion also made memories with her four brothers and two sisters.

Related FAQs

  • When Is KaMillion Alja Jackson’s Birthday?

KaMillion’s birthday is on the 26th of June and that makes her Cancer.

  • Where Is KaMillion Alja Jackson From?

Kamillion was born in Jacksonville in the Northside on Pearl Street. During an interview, once, she also subtly remarked that she has got a little Asian in her.

  • Is KaMillion Alja Jackson On Twitter?

Yes. KaMillion could be found on Twitter @itsKaMillion. Some 5,542 people were following as of 31 July 2022 and she seemed to have been tweeting since at least January 2011.

Besides, KaMillion also shared glimpses of her life on Instagram @itskamillion (86 posts and 331K followers) and ‘KaMillion’ Facebook (1.4 million followers). There were also 56.1K people who subscribed to her YouTube channel where her new “Self Made” was streaming.

On these platforms, KaMillion often discusses her thoughts on the rap game today and in the past; evolution in her career; popular releases, albums, and songs; her inspirations (like City Girl); and more.

KaMillion, so you know, is also known by her alternate names: Alja Jackson and Alja KaMillion.

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