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Adults Adopting Adults Ilena, Danny, Christy! Age, Job, IG

A&E TV is known for bringing some bizarre stories as a show on your TV set. This time viewers are invited to watch “Adults Adopting Adults”. As weird as it sounds, the intricate information on the casts of the show is even more bizarre. One such bizarre couple looking to adopt an adult is Danny & Christy from Chillicothe, Ohio and their adoptee is Ileana.

Learn about them in this article.

Meet Adults Adopting Adults Cast Member Ileana

Ileana is the adoptee of Danny and Christy from “Adults Adopting Adults”. Her father had died when she was young and she truly needed somebody in her life. Then she started communicating with Danny via text messages and “just become acquainted”. She didn’t have a sound relationship with her mother so she moved out of her mother’s house.

Now, Ileana is in Ohio with Danny and his wife Christy.

  • Adults Adopting Adults Ileana Age

At the time of filming the show, Ileana was 20 years old.

  • Adults Adopting Adults Ileana Job

Not much is known about Ileana’s job as of this writing. She was looking for a family and financial support so, she wasn’t financially secure herself.

  • Is Adults Adopting Adults Ileana On Instagram?

No, “Adults Adopting Adults” Ileana doesn’t seem to have an IG account or hasn’t shared her socials yet.

Meet Adults Adopting Adults Cast Member Danny

Danny is the star of A&E TV’s new show “Adults Adopting Adults”. He and his wife Christy have plans to adopt 20-year-old Ileana from Austria. They paid for her flight to America. Three months before filming the show Danny went on social media one discovered a post from Ileana one evening.

Danny looked at her as a daughter which he had always wanted.

Adult adoption came to his mind because he had previously wanted to adopt an 18-year-old woman who was also interested. He claimed not to pursue her because he started having feelings for her. It almost ended the relationship and he promised his wife it would never happen again.

  • Adults Adopting Adults Danny Age

Reportedly born on 19 August 1965, Danny is 56 years old.

  • Adults Adopting Adults Danny Job

A person named Danny Huff from Chillicothe, Ohio is employed at Horizon Telcom. He works in the company as a network technician. The company is known for servicing southern Ohio for over 120 years, Horizon delivers Internet, Phone, TV, and Security services to residential and business customers – including specialized business services that include fiber-optic Internet, phone systems, and business lines.

Since the name and the location match, Danny might have a job as a network technician., revealed that a network technician makes nearly $44027 in Chillicothe, Ohio.

  • Is Adults Adopting Adults Danny On Instagram?

Danny doesn’t seem to have an Instagram account. However, he has a Facebook account (@danny.huff) and a Facebook page (@huff.danny.s).

Meet Adults Adopting Adults Cast Member Christy

Christy is the cat lady in A&E TV’s new show “Adults Adopting Adults”. She and her husband can’t have children of their own. So, adopting Ileana for her is being a family. She had never thought of adopting a grown woman with a baby because she never thought that far ahead which she believes is her problem.

Fact that Ileana is having a baby is a little troublesome for Christy because she had never changed a diaper in her life and never wanted to. She doesn’t she is all in for the adult adoption thing because her husband has been unfaithful in the past.

She accused Danny of downplaying her concerns and he brushes them off every time. But she eventually ended up spending $5600 on a camper for Ileana and her baby that sits outside of her home.

  • Adults Adopting Adults Christy Age

Reportedly born in 1972, Christy is 49 years old.

  • Adults Adopting Adults Christy Job

Not much is known about Christy’s job. But, she and her husband appear to be involved in several outdoor activities. Like, in 2017, they signed up with Mission Uncharted a competition-driven company with events featuring: hiking, backpacking, survival, and other activities.

Both of them are also members of a Facebook page, Survive 2 Thrive.

  • Is Adults Adopting Adults Christy On Instagram?

Like her husband, Christy is also not on Instagram. Meanwhile, she is on Facebook (@christy.kerns.9).

Related FAQs

  • What Is Adults Adopting Adults Christy And Danny Last Name?

Adults Adopting Adults Christy’s last name is Kerns and Danny’s last name is Huff.

  • What Is Adults Adopting Adults Ilena Last Name?

Adults Adopting Adults Ileana’s last name hasn’t been publicly announced.

  • Where Is “Adults Adopting Adults” Star Ilena From?

“Adults Adopting Adults” star Ileana is from Austria.

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