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Alex Wollet Bio, Girlfriend, Parents, Clark Kent Lookalike

Meet Alex Wollet, the Clark Kent lookalike, who started trending in the Jan 6 committee hearing. It was updated later that he wasn’t single. So, who is he dating? Where is he from? This article attempts to answer all of your questions below.

Here you’ll learn about his age, parents, siblings, and his career too. So, tag along with this Alex Wollet Bio to learn more.

Meet Alex Wollet, The Clark Kent Lookalike At The Jan 6 Hearings

The ongoing January 6 Hearing has brought some interesting and disturbing events to light but on Day 8 of the hearing, a man who attended the hearing went viral on the internet for something that has nothing to do with January 6 Capitol Hill riot. Alex Wollet who was sitting behind two witnesses Matthew Pottinger and Sarah Matthews distracted everyone as they dubbed him Clark Kent AKA Superman’s look-alike.

Soon after, Alex started trending on Twitter, and singletons who were watching the Jan 6 Hearings wanted to learn more about him. One user wrote, “Can’t help but laugh thinking about how the Clark-Kent-looking guy behind Pottinger is going to walk out of this hearing and find out he’s become a national obsession.”

Another jokingly wrote, “Why are people questioning Clark Kent’s presence at the Jan. 6 hearings? He’s obviously covering the event for the Daily Planet”.

The third user chimed in, “I keep waiting for the guy behind Pottinger to whip off his glasses and tear his shirt open to reveal the S underneath”.

Alex Wollet Girlfriend

Allegedly, Alex Wollet is “with” Sarah Matthews, one of the witnesses of the January 6 Hearing. When singletons were thirsting over him, American journalist Yashar Ali tweeted that he knew the handsome hunk from the hearing. He added that he was “not single” and sent the message to all the singletons thirsting on the Clark Kent lookalike.

“The good-looking man sitting behind Pottinger is not single,” Ali said. “That’s all I will say and that’s all you need to know!”

Alex went private on his IG after he went viral and Sarah doesn’t seem to be on Instagram. So, the details of their relationship are unclear at this time. Some viewers also guessed that he was with Sarah because he followed her out.

One viewer commented about Sarah’s choice of men. They wrote, “And Sarah has a very good eye for a hunk of a man!”.

Alex Wollet Job

Alex Wollet has currently deleted his LinkedIn profile. But the Clark Kent lookalike is reportedly a medical student. He is currently studying to become a doctor. He’s reportedly a fellow for the National Institute of Health, with the Neuro-Oncology Branch.

He was in Washington for study purposes and is currently there for the Cancer Research Training Award. TMZ reported that Alex is completing a fellowship at the National Institutes of Health.

Although not much is known about Alex, the NIH did tweet a remark from the medical student in May on why he wanted to work in cancer research. “As a grandson of a brain cancer patient, I have been able to experience the debilitating effects of the disease on both the patient and family. I am inspired by the resilience and strength of this patient population and the passion and unwavering dedication of providers in the field of Neuro-Oncology”, he said.

Alex came from a basketball background as he played for CMHS Boys Varsity Basketball.

While in OSU, he was on a team that worked to control the pollution as it failed to meet EPA regulations for the Clean Air Act. They made their mission to Columbus, Ohio meet the requirements of the Clean Air Act and help youth with ways to reduce pollution in everyday life.

Is Alex Wollet On IG, Facebook?

Yes, Alex Wollet is on Instagram (@alexwollet). The private account currently has 7785 followers. His Facebook account (@alex.wollet) has also been defuncted.

How Old Is Alex Wollet?

Alex Wollet is 23 years old in 2022. He was born in September 1988.

Alex Wollet Parents

Alex Robert Wollet is the son of Robert J Wollet and Cynthia A Wollet. Cynthia turned 56 years old in December 2021 meanwhile her husband Robert is also 56 and was born in March 1966.

Talking about their job, Cynthia, a certified CPA, is currently working as a senior manager/director of accounting and auditing at Packer Thomas since 1996. She graduated from Cardinal Mooney High School followed by

Robert is currently serving as the Senior Vice President of Commercial & Institutional Banking at PNC. For 22 years before that, he served the company in the role of Vice President of Commercial Banking. Robert graduated from

Alex’s older brother Andrew Wollet is currently working as a Commercial Lead, New Data and Platform Partnerships at LiveRamp since 2021. He had previously worked at Wejo as

Andrew is 26 years old in 2022.

Alex Wollet Height

In high school, Alex Wollet’s height measured 5 feet 10 inches.

Related FAQs

  • Where Does Alex Wollet Reside?

Originally from Youngstown, Ohio, he is currently living in Washington, D.C.

  • Where Did Alex Wollet Recieve His Education?

Alex attended and graduated from Cardinal Mooney High School in 2017. He went on to study neuroscience at the Ohio State University.

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