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Alice Bender Bio, Age, Parents, Ethnicity, Net Worth

Alice Bender, TikTok and YouTube star, welcomed her second child in 2022. But, who is she? Why is she more popular than other mothers? Here are a few pieces of information you need to learn more about her.

This article covers her age, parents, ethnicity, and her net worth.

Meet Alice Bender, Fern’s Mom & TikTok Star

Alice Bender is a TikTok and YouTube star who is known for sharing her life with her son Fern. Fern is her second-born child who was born in August 2020 as her she lost her first child Aurelia while 29 weeks pregnant in 2019. She had announced her second pregnancy in February of that same year.

Alice reportedly refused prenatal care because she believed that ultrasounds have radiation. Instead of going to the hospital, she had Fern (second-child) in her bathroom in her apartment in Phoenix, Arizona. She reportedly fished out the placenta from her uterus two hours later. Online records suggested that she believed that all women should be willing to die alone in childbirth rather than go to the hospital or have C-sections.

Similarly, Alice also found herself in several other controversies when she decided to dress Fern in gender-neutral dresses. Other times, she made him wear her dead daughter’s dresses.

Many people thought that mothers like Alice shouldn’t be on TikTok because its content has a large audience. The problem was people asked for her advice without her advice derived from her trauma of losing her daughter. Regarding her newborn, she announced the news on Instagram and published a number of images of the natural birth that occurred in her home without any medical assistance.

“Only a few hours old and you’ve already taught us so much,” the photographs’ captions read. Alice can be seen naked in her bathtub in the pictures (although she has censored all nudity). The remaining slides show her nursing her infant and cuddling her newborn as she is in the bathtub.

She had previously opened up about not going to welcome her child into this world in hospital. “I am a huge advocate for going all out to make sure you have whatever kind of birth you want to have,” she explained on TikTok, “If I had any birth preferences I would definitely make sure they happen, but I don’t. I would be happy giving birth anywhere, baby will come where it comes.”

“There’s an equal amount of pros and cons to both so I don’t have a preference,” Alice said in response to a follower’s question on whether she would prefer to give birth at home or while traveling.

Alice Bender Husband

Alice Bender is married to her husband Caleb Bender. They met each other when she was 14 years old and while he was 18. Although they split for two years because he wasn’t ready to commit and start a family when she was 17. But, they got married when she turned 19.

Reportedly born in 1995, Alice Bender is 27 years old in 2022. He reportedly worked at The Hub grill and bar. One of its employees and a friend of Caleb launched a GoFundMe 2019 after losing their daughter with a goal of $10,000 of which $4,472 was collected.

The bio read: “One of our Hub family members is going thru some tragic and trying times right now. Caleb and his wife, Allison, lost their baby in an accident. Allison is ok, but after an emergency C-section, the baby didn’t make it. Due to these events, work will not be easy (if at all possible) for the couple.”

The post read further, “We are always talking about how the Hub is a family… #hubnation! Right? So I thought we’d put our words into action and help raise some money to help them pay some bills and put food on the table while they recover physically and mentally from the loss and hardships”.

Caleb is on Facebook but he doesn’t seem to be active.

Alice Bender Car Accident

Alice Bender had a terrible car accident in February 2019 after he turned left in front of her which caused the accident. She was 29 weeks pregnant at the time. She was rushed to the hospital immediately but they couldn’t save her still-born daughter Aurelia.

Aurelia arrived via a c-section procedure. However, Alice held the hospital and the workers for the death of her daughter.

Alice made a TikTok video where she shared that she didn’t want to undergo a C-section operation. She thinks that her daughter died due to medical intervention meanwhile her son is alive because there was no medical intervention. Moreover, she added that Alice only got her daughter’s medical records 2 years later and had to get a lawyer to request them from which she learned that her daughter was given a vitamin K injection.

As for the man she had an accident with, according to Alice, he had an extensive driving record. He admitted what happened at the scene of the accident. Alice shared that the man had repeat violations going back to when he started driving. However, the man changed his statement after the accident.

But, Alice believes though it was a minor accident that he caused, he wasn’t responsible for her daughter’s death.

Who Are Alice Bender Parents?

Alice Bender is private about her family life. She had shared a few trivia with her followers. Like, growing up her parents fed her meat which she perceived as being abusive. Later, she cut ties with her parents allegedly around 2018-2019. So, who are they, and where they live is a complete mystery.

However, a TikToker shared a snapshot of the Facebook status of Caleb’s mom which read: “Our granddaughter was due in early May. A car crash brought her to us 11 weeks early. She did not survive the trauma and we are heartbroken. Watching my son and daughter-in-law grieve this loss is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.”

Alice Bender Ethnicity

By ethnicity, Alice Bender appears Caucasian (likely mixed). Per reports, she could possess Hispanic roots.

Alice Bender Age

In June 2022, Alice Bender turned 23 years old. She was born on 15 June 1999.

Is Alice Bender On Instagram?

Yes, Alice Bender is on Instagram. Her account (@alicellani) has earned her 136K followers.

Alice Bender Job

Alice Bender is a social media celebrity and an influencer. She has made it her full-time job besides being a mom who is taking care of her son and now her daughter.

Alice is a veganism advocate. She also has a merch page which you can find here which adds to her income.

How Much Is Alice Bender Net Worth?

Alice Bender’s net worth should be around $700 thousand.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Alice Bender From?

Alice Bender hailed from Phoenix, Arizona.

  • When Is Alice Bender Birthday?

Alice Bender celebrates her birthday on 15 June.

  • What Is Alice Bender Maiden Name?

The maiden name of Alice is yet to reveal. However, some online outlets claim she previously went by the full name Allison Roza.

  • How Tall Is Alice Bender?

Alice Bender’s height should measure 5 feet 7 inches.

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