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Meet Lewis Fisher, Magnolia Network Casey Corn Husband!

Casey Corn is the host of Magnolia Network’s new show Recipe Lost & Found. But, she thrives professionally as well as personally. She is married to her husband Lewis Fisher who is her biggest supporter. Let’s learn briefly about the man who loves her the most.

Learn about Lewis’s age, job, and family members. Here, this article states it all so keep on scrolling down.

Meet Magnolia Network’s Casey Corn Husband, Lewis Fisher!

Lewis Fisher is the husband of the host of Magnolia network’s Recipe Lost & Found, Casey Corn. Their Facebook post revealed that the couple married in September 2014. On their first wedding anniversary in 2017, Casey wrote, “happy anniversary to this guy…just keep feeding me banoffee pie, and I’ll keep you around”.

On their 5th anniversary of engagement in 2019, Casey revealed that the couple exchanged ring pops in front of a Samuel L Jackson lookalike in a ceremony that lasted less than two minutes.

She wrote in the post, “…and we weren’t even in Vegas! not every moment has been as unique as the one when we got married, but they’ve all been wonderful because we’re together. happy anniversary, @lewisfisher10 I’ll be your spud forever”.

A few of these wonderful moments include celebrating many holidays together and attending games. On Halloween of 2020, Casey posted a throwback on her IG and wrote, “happy Heinz-oween! okay, this photo is obviously a #throwback (and it’s not even from #halloween but from #purim) but shit is scary enough this year without adding a scary costume to it! hope everyone is staying safe out there!”

It was time, the couple dressed in Heinz’s tomato ketchup and mustard. And as stated earlier, the couple being fans of the dodgers, they also enjoyed attending their favorite team’s playoffs.

In 2022, Casey is hosting the Recipe Lost & Found. She helps the viewer dive into family history and allows people to retrieve lost recipes, so we can tell it will be a journey worth striving on. The first-season trailer shows Casey interacting with people from various cultural backgrounds. The idea is to learn as much as you can about a family member in order to figure out how to recreate the family recipe in their likeness.

“I need to know who your grandmother was and what her history was … where she came from …what ingredients she might have used and when,” Casey speaks in the trailer.

“These recipes are a combination of the family’s roots, what they have had access to over the years, and how their descendants have eaten and modified it,” Casey told Parade in July 2022. “I think it’s fascinating to see how unique recipes can be from family to family, and yet, how they represent the culinary history of humanity as a whole”.

In her Tastemade biography, she has been described as a food aficionado who has the necessary skillset and the academics to match. She attended Connecticut College where she wrote a thesis on olive oil and later graduated with a degree in food anthropology.

Casey got the opportunity to travel to Europe between 2012 and 2016, where she attended Le Cordon Bleu in London and earned a culinary degree.

She made the decision to prioritize traveling and cuisine exploration above starting a restaurant right away. As an executive assistant to Chef Susan Feniger, Casey also received excellent training. In addition, Casey established her own culinary business, The Cornivore, and went on to work with Tastemade.

In The Cornivore, Casey is serving as the chef and culinary consultant.

Lewis Fisher Age

In April 2022, Lewis Fisher turned 35 years old. He receives birthday wishes from his family and friends on 10 April.

Lewis Fisher Job

Lewis Fisher began his professional journey in 2011 in Pall Mall, London as an intern working in Credo Group UK. Later in November 2012, he joined Q-nomy, Inc. as an account manager. He served in that role for one and a half years.

For six months in 2016, Lewis worked for Gartner as Business Development Manager SMB. Then, he served Entourage Sports & Entertainment as Senior Business Development Manager from September 2014 to April 2015. Before his current job, he worked at Retention Science as a Retention Marketing Consultant till March 2016.

After quitting his job, Lewis joined Playfly Premier Partnership as coordinator of marketing services. He also worked as manager of marketing services (January 2017-January 2018), senior manager of marketing services (January 2018-January 2019), director of marketing services (January 2019-January 2020), and senior director of marketing services (January 2020-December 2021).

Moreover, Lewis is currently serving as the vice president of strategy & operations. He is working as an extension of his company’s clients to secure strategic brand partnerships through methodical sales prospecting, identifying and presenting partnership synergies through custom collateral, rights and benefits creation, and contract negotiation.

Lewis completed his bachelor of science in business management at the University of Roehampton. He attended St George’s College, Weybridge.

Is Lewis Fisher On Instagram?

Yes, Lewis Fisher is on Instagram (@lewisfisher10). He is also on Facebook (@lewis.fisher.902).

Lewis Fisher Family

Roy Fisher and Sheila Fisher are the parents of Lewis Fisher. Sheila attends The Magna Carta School and hailed from Virginia Water, UK. Roy, like his wife, also attended the same school and hailed from the same place. They are still married as of 2022.

Besides Lewis, Roy and Sheila also welcomed two daughters Hayley Fisher Jordan and Faye Fisher.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Lewis Fisher From?

Hailing from London, UK, Lewis Fisher is currently based in Atlanta, Georgia.

  • How Tall Is Lewis Fisher?

Talking about his height, Lewis Fisher’s physical stature measured 5’10”.

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