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Casey Corn Bio, Age, Net Worth, Married, Magnolia Network

Meet Casey Corn, the culinary expert on Magnolia Network’s Recipe Lost & Found which already has captured many viewers with an ‘unlike any other cooking show’ theme.

As for Casey, she is a classically trained chef and food anthropologist with an interesting background. The food aficionado has quite the skillset and the academics that she put to use in a show that helps families connect with their history and lost recipes.

For more about her Magnolia Network expedition, and personal life information like her married life, family background, and net worth, among other things, read through this ‘Casey Corn Bio’.

Casey Corn On Magnolia Network’s Recipe Lost & Found

The Season 1 trailer sees Casey Corn connecting with people from different cultural backgrounds. And so she goes along with the show’s goal to find out as much information as possible about a family’s loved one so as to crack how they can create said family recipe in their likeness. For instance, she starts with “I need to know who your grandmother was and what her history was … where she came from …what ingredients she might have used and when.”

In the season’s preview, Casey can be seen working to create a Nigerian-Jewish matzo ball soup, chicken schmaltz, and another chicken recipe. Through all this, it feels amazing to look at Casey at work. Also because she is not only cooking but at the same time helping individuals have a deeper connection with their family history.

Recipe Lost & Found premiered on Discovery Plus on 5 August 2022 before the episodes were also available on Magnolia Network’s website.

Casey Corn Career

Upon graduating from Santa Monica High School in 2006, Casey Corn attended Connecticut College and focused her studies on food anthropology for another 4 years.

She then returned to Los Angeles. And there she spent two years as a latte art barista at Caffe Luxxe in Santa Monica and Brentwood.

The year 2013 – 2014 saw her at Le Cordon Bleu, London, getting her diploma in Cuisine. All along, she was working at this renowned prolific supper club, the Basement Galley.

Not done chasing her dreams, Casey moved back to LA, and after briefly working on the line at Bucato in Culver City, she was hired as chef Susan Feniger’s Executive Assistant. One year late, she flew to Southeast Asia and India for a couple of months.

In 2016, Casey returned to LA to work at Knead + Co Pasta Bar in Grand Central Market, and Leona in Venice. The next year, she started her own private chef and catering business, The Cornivore. All along she also took another role of tastemaker at the famous Tastemade.

How Much Is Casey Corn’s Net Worth?

Casey Corn reportedly had more than $1 million net worth as of 2022.

While IMDB credits Casey as an actress, known for Grey’s Anatomy (2005) and Glove (2013), it is not clear if she is the same Casey Corn.

Casey Corn Age

Born in 1989, Casey Corn reached the age of 33 in 2021.

Casey Corn Family

Casey Corn’s father is Rob Corn she loves him dearly. Then, there is Deb Love, Casey’s mother who could be found on Instagram at @deb_love.

As of 2022, Casey’s parents continued to be married and were living in Santa Monica, California.

The Corn family is a family of four and therefore it is completed by Ethan Corn, Casey’s brother. On Instagram @e_corn, Ethan is an actor. He is proud to have done the role of paramedic John Akerman in FOX’s The Resident and that of firefighter Jeremy on ABC Network’s Station19. He is younger than Casey. And they always have been best friends, growing up and now. Ethan, on his social media, also mentioned being a baseball player.

Is Casey Corn Married?

Apparently, Casey Corn is. Surfing through her social media one can tell she has a husband and he is called Lewis Fisher.

They got married in September of 2016 and Casey later shared on IG that every moment of it was unique. That is unlike their ring exchange ceremony (maybe engagement) that ensued two years before the wedding. Casey shared that this latter ceremony lasted only for less than two minutes.

An adorable throwback from 2020 or even before that when Casey and her husband customed up as mustard sauce and ketchup (PIC: Instagram)

Casey’s husband worked as a brand partnerships strategist, as per his LinkedIn. He raves about his decade-long international experience in developing innovative partnerships for sports, esports, entertainment, and municipal properties. As for his education, he went to the University of Roehampton for a BSc. Business Management degree. And before that, to St George’s College, Weybridge where he studied A Levels, Geography, Business Studies, and French.

Furthermore, while keeping his own IG private Lewis often popped up in Casey’s. Like this one time on his 31st birthday (in April 2018), Casey informed people on the internet that they had been on this vacation which they started with San Diego Zoo and ended with the Galapagos. She then added that Lewis is the man of her dreams, a partner in adventure, and someone who looks great even in tevas and a bucket hat.

Casey Corn Height

Casey Corn stands around 5’6” in height.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Casey Corn’s Birthday?

Casey Corn’s birthday is on the 14th of October and that makes her a Libra.

  • Where Is Casey Corn From?

Casey Corn was born and raised in Santa Monica, California. From there, she moved to London, United Kingdom in 2012 and again to Los Angeles, California in 2014. Although currently (in 2022), she was based around Atlanta, Georgia.

Maybe this is another missing puzzle but it is true that at the beginning of 2018, she relocated to New York City.

  • Is Casey Corn On Instagram?

Yes. Casey Corn could be found on Instagram @casey_corn where she had 2,436 posts and 9,199 followers as of 6 August 2022.

Casey also seemed active on Twitter @caseylovecorn and even more on ‘Casey Corn’ Facebook and professional account @chefcaseycorn.

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