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Alina Kasha Bio, Height, Job, Age, Family, 90 Day Fiance

The fifth season of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days premiered on TLC on 12 December 2021. And like old times, viewers were introduced to seven new couples ready to take their long-distance relationships to the next level. Alina Kasha from Saint Petersburg, Russia is also looking for romance this season with Caleb Greenwood from Chandler, Arizona, the United States.

Now, read along this ‘Alina Kasha Bio’ to know everything concerning her age, height, job, family, and 90 Day Fiance journey.

90 Day Fiance: Alina Kasha And Caleb Greenwood’s Relationship

So, Alina Kasha and Caleb originally connected and developed a friendship on social media as teens. But, they lost touch and crossed paths again after 13 years as they matched on a dating app when Caleb was planning a trip to Alina’s home country of Russia.

The plan failed and Caleb could not go to Russia. Instead, he and Alina rekindled a virtual friendship that soon blossomed into something much deeper.

Now, the rest, you may see on 90 Day Fiance.

The couple’s story on the show starts when they are finally ready to meet for the first time to see if their emotional connection is deep enough to overcome their physical differences.

Following their introductory rendezvous in Turkey, Caleb will also be seen looking for ways to win over Alina’s roommate and protective best friend Elijah.

As Alina is a little person, free-spirit Caleb will be wondering, at some point, if he will be able to adjust to her needs.

It is not understood if the couple stayed together even after the show, but according to Alina, their relationship seemed pretty genuine, unlike the other 90 Day Fiance‘s most couples.

According to Alina, Caleb has aspirations in life, and that is what attracted her. “And he seemed like someone I want to get to know better and someone I can confide in because we also know each other for such a long time.”

Alina Kasha Age

Reportedly, Alina Kasha was 27 and her beau Caleb was 28 when their season of 90 Day Fiance first aired on TLC in 2021.

Alina Kasha Height

Alina Kasha was born with this medical condition known as Diastrophic Dysplasia, which is a type of dwarfism and that makes Alina stand even shorter than 4 feet.

Also, Alina shared that this rare condition affects everyone differently and for a child to be born this way, both parents have to be carriers of the gene.

While media outlets reported that the condition prevents Alina from walking and standing for long periods, and so she has to frequently be in a wheelchair, Alina herself was heard saying — “My hands and my feet look pretty different too, but I don’t think the disability is a problem. In many areas of my life, I try to do everything.”

Anyway, on the brighter side, Alina is making history on the TLC show as the first little person to be featured. She said that a big part of the reason she wanted to be on it is — because one does not often get to see people with disabilities dating people of average height on television.

Where Is Alina Kasha From?

As prior mentioned, Alina Kasha Saint Petersburg, Russia. And while she seemed to have learned the English language over years, her parents only seem to speak Russian.

Alina Kasha Job

Alina Kasha is an aspiring musician, social media influencer, and blogger. She has it writing, “I am a Russian girl who loves making videos and uses it as a tool to tell about many issues: disability, living in Russia, confidence, etc. ( Welcome :)” on her social media.

From the look of it, she also seemed to have worked as an actress in a few projects.

Also, Alina is often seen advocating her disabled and beautiful concept on different modeling projects.

Is Alina Kasha On Instagram?

Yes. Alina Kasha is on Instagram and until 14 December 2021, the account @alinakasha had 956 posts
and 3,396 followers.

You could give Alina a follow also on her ‘Alinakasha’ Facebook @AlinakashaYT. Around 10,564 people followed her on this platform.

At the same time, Alina also promises to tell her subscribers on her YouTube channel “all about Russia, beauty, living with disability, and many more interesting and hot things”.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Alina Kasha Birthday?

It is not understood when exactly Alina Kasha celebrates her birthday.

  • Has Alina Kasha Revealed Her Family Members?

Alina Kasha’s parents as well as sister are of average height. Everyone in the family is super protective of her.

She says her relationship with her parents is pretty good. “But they still think I’m their little girl, who needs help and they try to take care of me”, Alina described lovingly when talking to Master Of BlackJack Channel 2 on YouTube.

Until the time of this interview (on 13 Dec 2021), Alina had not told her folks that she is going to Turkey to meet Caleb. And when she told her, we were there, and they certainly did not take it very well especially concerned over this “stranger” hurting their girls’ sincere feelings.

  • How Much Is Alina Kasha Net Worth?

Alina Kasha had nearly $150K as net worth in 2021.

While some of you might be wondering if this has a lot to do with her 90 Day Fiance earnings, as it turns out, one is not exactly so lucky on this TLC show. Because it has been said and proven time and again that the TLC paychecks for 90 Day Fiance are pretty feeble. They say some members of the cast even do not get paid at all.

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