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Lidia Jimeno Bio, Age, Net Worth, Job, Pedro Jimeno Mom

Fans of TLC’s show was introduced to Lidia Jimeno, mother of Pedro Jimeno Jr. since their time on “90 Day Fiance.” She has also been featured regularly on The Family Chantel from TLC. But, fans of the show find her to be the worst and some even called her a hypocrite.

Learn more about her in this Lidia Jimeno Bio.

The Family Chantel: Meet Lidia Jimeno, Pedro Jimeno Mom

Lidia, the maternity of the Jimeno household, is a regular feature of TLC’s The Family Chantel. The relationship between the Everett family and the Jimeno family hasn’t been quite pleasant on-screen. Many fans also claimed Lidia of being a hypocrite along with other allegations. So, learn more about her below.

First thing first, Chantel’s family saw Lidia as being the pivot point for Chantel’s relationship with Pedro. They assumed Lidia has to be the one who pushed her son to find an American wife, possibly for a green card. Chantel’s family accused Lidia of grooming her son to marry an American woman so that he could send money back to her in the Dominican Republic.

Lidia doesn’t have a pleasant relationship with her daughter-in-law Chantel Jimeno which has been permanent from the very beginning of their relationship. They have thrown shots at each other on several occasions and sent subliminal while aiming at each other. And to assist Lidia is her daughter Nicole who is aggressive about ending the relationship between her brother and her sister-in-law.

But, it is not only her son’s marriage that is troubling her. Lidia’s daughter Nicole’s relationship with Alejandro Padron is a whole other drama that has occupied mother and daughter when they were off Chantel’s business.

Nicole is dating Alejandro who is married and her mom is obstructing their relationship while Lidia did the same thing back when she was young. Then, Lidia called Nicole an “airhead” for bringing home a man she didn’t consider “worth meeting.” Lidia showed a derogatory attitude and commented, “He is an opportunist. He is not right for you at all. He is good for nothing.”

Long story short, Lidia was Pedro Sr.‘s mistress which she claims she didn’t know about, which everyone finds hard to believe.

Lidia Jimeno Age

As of 2021, Lidia Jimeno appears to be over 50 years old.

Lidia Jimeno Job: What Does Pedro Jimeno Mom Do For A Living?

Lidia Jimeno is a divorce attorney. She graduated with a JD from Universidad Tecnológica de Santiago. According to Monster and Critics, she is also working as an immigration attorney who assisted people to obtain visas to get permission to travel and move abroad.

On the other hand, Karen claimed that she found a website that Lidia allegedly ran that finds “stupid Americans to match with a person on the island to harvest the American dollar.” But, Lidia is also no lesser than anyone when it comes to rebuttal. On Mother’s Day 2019, she posted pictures of a snake biting a man in the face. She captioned the photo, “the kiss of the mother-in-law.”

Starcasm did their research and revealed that the site was, which has been shut down. According to the entertainment news outlet, the site was a legitimate business providing online legal services. They specialized in providing legal services for real estate and motor vehicle contracts, registering trade names and trademarks for businesses, and of course divorce by mutual consent.

Her job in the business was as a “project manager.”

According to her Facebook, she also worked in INMOBISA, a real estate business.

How Much Is Lidia Jimeno Net Worth?

Lidia Jimeno should have a net worth of nearly $400 thousand as of this writing.

Is Lidia Jimeno On Instagram, Facebook?

Although Lidia Jimeno doesn’t seem to be on Instagram, she has a Facebook account (@lidia.morelurena). She is friends with 1.6k people on that platform.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Lidia Jimeno Birthday?

Lidia Jimeno celebrates her birthday in November. She celebrated her birthday on 17 November 2021. Her colleagues also threw her a surprise birthday party in her office in 2020 on the same day.

  • Where Was Lidia Jimeno Born?

Lidia was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

  • How Tall Is Lidia Jimeno?

Speaking about her height, Lidia stands tall at a height under 5 feet 8 inches.

  • What Is Lidia Jimeno’s Relationship Status?

Her Facebook revealed that Lidia is single as of this writing. Lidia hasn’t posted much about her current relationship status. She was previously married to Pedro’s father Pedro Sr. for a few years. But, her husband abandoned the family and started living a new life with his other family.

Lidia and Pedro Sr. had two kids Pedro Jr. and Nicole Jimeno. Lidia also has another two sons from her next relationship. Whereas, her ex-husband also reportedly has two kids one of whom is even named after him, Pedro Jr. Of many arcs in the show season 3 of The Family Chantel has a plot where Chantel’s husband Pedro Jr. is on a quest to find his father.

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