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Allen Lafferty Other Siblings: Mark, Watson And Tim Lafferty!

Meet Allen Lafferty Other Siblings: Mark, Watson, And Tim Lafferty!

Below, you’ll learn about their age, job, social media reach, and current residence. So, keep reading to learn more about them.

Who Are Allen Lafferty Other Siblings?

Allen Lafferty was born to his father Watson Lafferty Sr. and Claudine Lafferty. He was one of the eight kids born to his parents which included six sons and two daughters. Watson Sr. portrayed the patriarch role in the family and he often abused his kids if they disobeyed him.

Ron, Allen’s brother who killed his wife, said about his father, “I saw him get mad and bloody her face, bloody her nose. I used to go in my room and curse God for giving me that piece of a shit for a father. I shook my fist at God, but I was just too little”.  But, Dan, the other brother who killed his wife, didn’t agree. He told he was, “blessed to be raised in a very special and happy family … My parents truly loved and cared for each other”.

Whereas, he described their mother Claudine as “a good woman and an excellent mother,” and remembered her looking “angelic and radiant” at church ceremonies. She enabled her kids to pursue their devious path which they started forming after joining “School of the Prophets”.

All of this played a huge role in the death of Allen’s wife Brenda. But, who are the other siblings involved in all of this? In fact, who were his other siblings of Allen?

Meet Mark Lafferty, Allen Lafferty Sibling

Mark Lafferty and Dan Lafferty were inseparable. They were partners in crime “As children” and told Jon Krakauer, “we were inseparable”. Mark and Dan milked the family cow together, played together during summer vacations, and eventually worked together at their father’s chiropractic practice. They connected during long chats about politics and religion while working together as adults.

Dan and his brothers often had gatherings, except for Ron. But, when Ron had a “revelation” Mark believed his brother and also placed a bet in that Ron saw a vision, which didn’t pan out. It was Mark’s home from where Ron and Dan picked up weapons before they were out to hunt who stood in their ways.

As reported, Mark did nothing to stop his brothers.

  • Mark Lafferty Age

Born in November 1950, as of 2022, Mark Lafferty is 71 years old.

  • Mark Lafferty Job

Mark Lafferty is a doctor of chiropractor. He has above 30 years of experience working as a chiropractor. Furthermore, He works at Payson Chiropractic.

The practice’s website reads, “Our chiropractic focus is prevention, however, injury is not always predictable, so we try to restore our acute-care patients to optimal health with a wellness-based program. Nutrition is our second focus with many years of experience in helping thousands improve their quality of life through simple dietary and lifestyle changes. Our success at Payson Chiropractic is based on clinical practice, observation, and over 30 years of experience”.

  • Is Mark Lafferty On Social Media?

Yes, Mark Lafferty is on Facebook.

Meet Watson Lafferty, Allen Lafferty Sibling

Watson the youngest brother of Allen was least involved in the crime their two elder brothers Dan and Ron had committed. As reported Watson Jr. was the one who introduced Dan to Bob Crossfield (AKA Prophet Onias), the founder of the School of the Prophets.

In a racist diatribe recounted in, Under the Banner of Heaven, Onias was also vehemently opposed to Black men becoming Mormon priests, calling them the offspring of Satan.) Despite the fact that Watson Lafferty Jr. was the first to meet Onias, Dan, Ron, and the majority of their other brothers were enamored with him and his beliefs – and ideology that would lead to the deaths of Brenda and Erica.

  • Watson Lafferty Age

Watson Lafferty is now 66 years old. He was born in October 1955.

  • Watson Lafferty Job

Watson Lafferty is working as a tiler. He is the owner of Watson Lafferty Tile Co in Portland, Oregon.

  • Is Watson Lafferty On Social Media?

Yes, Watson Lafferty is on Facebook (@watson.lafferty).

Meet Tim Lafferty, Allen Lafferty Sibling

Tim, like his brothers, was involved in the “School of the Prophets”. However, his involvement at the time is unclear.

  • Tim Lafferty Age

Tim Lafferty is 68 years old as of 2022. He was born in June 1953.

  • Tim Lafferty Job

Tim Lafferty attended Payson High and graduated in 1971. He graduated from Snow College.

  • Is Tim Lafferty On Social Media?

Yes, Tim Lafferty is also on Facebook.

Related FAQs

  • Where Are Allen Lafferty Other Siblings Today?

Allen Lafferty’s siblings have moved on from what happened in 1984 and are now moved on with their lives. All three brothers are married now. Mark’s wife is Lanna, Tim’s wife is Teena Lafferty, and Watson Jr.’s wife is Keri Van Steer Lafferty.

  • Where Do Allen Lafferty Other Siblings Live?

Talking about Allen’s sibling’s current residence, Mark is living in Salem, Utah, Watson Jr. is living in Portland, Oregon, and Tim is in Santa Clarita, California.

  • Who Play Allen Lafferty Other Siblings On Hulu’s Under The Banner Of Heaven?

In Hulu’s show Under the Banner of Heaven, the three brothers of Allen aren’t portrayed on the show. They haven’t been credited on IMDB casts.

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