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Michael Ciminella Age, Net Worth, Naomi Judd Ex-Husband

Naomi Judd’s unfortunate death in April 2022, certainly had many grieving. And amongst them also laid her first husband of 8 years Michael Ciminella.

So, who is he? Get to know all about him; especially his age, and net worth, as this article proceeds.

Meet Michael Ciminella, Naomi Judd Ex-Husband

Michael Ciminella is Naomi Judd’s ex-husband. The two were married in 1989 when Naomi was just 17 and was still named Diana Ellen Judd. Four years into marriage, Michael and Naomi then welcomed their daughter, Ashley Judd, on April 19, 1968. Sadly, the duo went separate ways in 1972, due to irreconcilable differences.

According to Ashley, her father is a “feminist” and someone dearest to her. He has been her “rock, companion, resource,” and helped her listen to doctors when she “wept and wept” while being admitted to Sunninghill Hospital for leg surgery in Johannesburg, South Africa. She added that Michael kept on rubbing her foot at the time to remind her foot while it still cannot move that it is still connected to her body.

Naomi’s other daughter, Wynonna Judd (born from Naomi’s relationship with Charles Jordan) also initially believed that Michael was her father for years. And though Michael always treated her no less than his own daughter, in July 2012, Wynonna filed a lawsuit against him for not paying the $200,000 loan that he took to acquire a property on Belgravia Court.

According to the reports, the amount due under the Loan Documents in favor of Wynonna was $242,317. However, Michael claimed that the property was a gift, not a loan and that it was in poor taste for Wynonna to reclaim the property 18 years after the fact.

Is Michael Ciminella Still Alive?

Yes, Michael Ciminella is still alive as of 2022. He recently made a FB post on April 30, captioned, “As I walked out on the streets of………….Palermo?”

Sadly, his first ex-wife Naomi Judd took her last breath in April 2022 at the age of 76. According to her daughters, Naomi passed away due to “mental illness,” but didn’t state the actual reason for her death.

However, Naomi’s second husband Larry Strickland did once speak about his wife’s depression in Good Morning America. “Get ready to walk that path with them, because they’re gonna need, they’re gonna need you every minute,” he remarked at the time.

Also, in 2017, Naomi herself opened up about her struggles stating that she considered suicide while in a “dark hole of depression.”

“I was so depressed that I couldn’t move… My husband (Larry) and my girlfriends and Ashley would come over and I would just go upstairs and lock the door to my bedroom… You become immobilized,” Naomi explained at the time.

Michael Ciminella Wife After Naomi Judd

Michael Ciminella went on to marry Mollie Whitelaw on November 8, 2010, after his divorce from Naomi Judd. And as of May 2022, the two were still together and in love more than ever.

The last we saw the lovebirds, they were pictured literally laying inside a tomb holding hands. “Till death do us part!” Michael captioned the post at the time.

Michael’s wife, Michael C Ciminella attended Converse University from 1961 to 1963 and later joined the University of Louisville in 1963 for her bachelor’s of arts degree and graduated in 2 years.

Michael Ciminella Age

Michael Ciminella was born on March 9, 1944. That made him 78 years of age in 2022.

He is two years older than Naomi Judd.

How Much Is Michael Ciminella Net Worth?

Michael Ciminella garnered a net worth of under $1 million by 2022. On the other hand, Naomi then flaunted a net worth of a stunning $25 million.

Talking about his job, Michael formerly worked with CBS, NBC, and ABC. Back in the days, his four seasons were the Super Bowl, the Final Four, the Kentucky Derby, and the World Series. But now, he freelancer remote TV sports productions — mostly for ESPN.

Also, Michael was in the marketing business for an Aerospace subcontractor and owned an advertising agency specializing in Thoroughbred Industry.

As for his education, he graduated from Fork Union Military Academy PG Football in 1962. Later, he then went on to study business at Transylvania University and got his MBA degree from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Here’s his possible Linkedin.

Michael Ciminella Parents

Michael Ciminella’s parents have long passed away.

His father, Michael L Ciminella was 83 when he took his last breath at King’s Daughter’s Medical Center in Ashland. He was a businessman who founded Ashland Aluminum Co.

As for his former parents-in-law, they are Pauline and Charles Glen Judd.

Michael Ciminella Instagram

Find Michael on Instagram at @michele_ciminella.

Also, here’s his Facebook @michael.ciminella.

Related FAQs

  • Is Michael Ciminella Wynonna Judd’s Father?

No, Michael isn’t Wynonna Judd’s father.

But Wynonna did believe that he was her father for years.

  • Where Is Michael Ciminella From?

Michael hails from Ashland, Kentucky.

But as of 2022, he resided in Louisville, Kentucky.

  • Are There Photos Of Michael Ciminella On The Internet?

Yes, you can find Michael’s pictures on the internet over his socials and a few other media sites.

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