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Allen Todd Age, Job, Alabama Boat Brawl, Who Is He?

Who is Allen Todd one of the three men charged in the Alabama Boat brawl? How old is he? Who are his parents? What is his job? Tag along with this article to learn more.

Here is what we’ve found about Allen.

Meet Allen Todd, One Of The 3 Men Charged In The Alabama Boat Brawl

Authorities in Alabama announced a number of charges on Tuesday as part of their ongoing crackdown on the agitators who over the weekend started a viral riot on a riverbank in Montgomery, Alabama. According to Chief Darryl Albert, three white guys are wanted for third-degree assault and have warrants out for their arrest. They were identified as Zachery Shipman, 25, Richard Roberts, 48, and Allen Todd, who all had addresses in the adjacent Selma and Orange Beach.

Investigators went “above and beyond” to see if hate crime charges were warranted but ultimately decided they weren’t, Darryl said.

Damien Pickett, the Black riverboat worker who had asked the men to relocate their pontoon boat, as well as a 16-year-old White lad who had first brought Damien to the pier through a smaller watercraft so that he could move the pontoon, are both accused of being assaulted by the three men. Reggie Gray, a 42-year-old Black man accused of “wielding a folding chair” in the commotion, was also urged by Albert to phone the police. Although he had no charges as of Tuesday, Albert claimed he was needed for more questioning.

Police on Saturday first detained, questioned, and then released thirteen individuals. However, Albert stated that police were already reviewing tons of online videos and anticipated additional charges. “When it initially took place, the police didn’t have the luxury of the videos that we all have seen now. [They were] acting on statements and witness statements that occurred as we arrived,” he said.

In addition, Albert clarified what led up to the altercation, essentially corroborating Tuesday’s account given to The Daily Beast by the riverboat’s captain, Jim Kittrell. Around 7 o’clock on Saturday, according to Kittrell, he was attempting to dock the historic Harriott II ferry on the Alabama River when he came across a drunken bunch who had docked their pontoon boat in the ferry’s designated spot.

“I asked them over the PA six, seven times, ‘Please move your boat two or three feet forward so we can dock.’ And they wouldn’t even budge,” he said. “And I said, ‘OK, I’m gonna have to call the police.’” Albert added that the Harriott II and its passengers sat idle near the dock for about 45 minutes.

Before cops arrived, Kittrell said the group of men walked away from their boat, so he ordered his first mate, Damien Pickett, to move the vessel himself. Damien was taken to shore in a small boat by the 16-year-old independent worker, who was also later assaulted.

Albert said Damien Pickett was “peacefully” trying to move the unmanned pontoon boat out of the way but the group of white men suddenly re-appeared and confronted him in a “very hostile manner.”

“The co-captain [Pickett] was doing his job,” Albert said. “However it quickly escalated.”

Kittrell referred to the entire situation as “unfortunate.” He claimed that he begged for the violence to end over the PA as both sides were throwing blows. He stated to The Daily Beast that he thought Pickett’s initial attack was racially motivated. Contrary to online rumors, he asserted that he did not believe that race had a role in the ensuing altercation, despite the fact that cell phone film clearly showed that the fight was mostly between a group of Black spectators, riverboat crew members, and passengers and the white instigators.

“It was just a shipmate trying to help a shipmate. They could’ve been little green men, for all they cared,” he said. “When they attacked [Pickett], my crew was gonna jump out and do the best they could to help him out. It was my crew against the people who attacked their shipmate, that’s all it was.”

Allen Todd Age

Born in 2000, Allen Todd is 23 years old as of this writing in 2023.

Allen Todd Job

Allen Tood had a LinkedIn but has deleted it now. Hence, not much is known about his job and education.

There is a HUDL profile that likely belongs to Allen. Per that, he graduated from Morgan Academy High School – Morgan Junior High Boys. He graduated in 2018.

Is Allen Todd On Facebook?

No, Allen Todd likely didn’t have a Facebook.

Allen Todd Girlfriend

Unfortunately, there is no information regarding Allen Todd’s girlfriend.

Allen Todd Parents

Allen Todd is the son of Selma, Alabama natives Steve Todd and Rachel Todd. His dad is 58 years old being born in May 1965 and his mom turned 54 in May 2023.

Steve appears to be the owner of Todd Trucking Co., Inc. Rachel on the other hand was on Facebook but has deleted her page.

Allen’s parents have been mentioned in an article in Selma Times Journal from 2020. Boaters in the Selma-Dallas County region had a special chance to enjoy themselves on the Alabama River while also helping a good cause. The “Summer Fun Poker Run” will be held by the Selma Charity League on Saturday, August 15. The Selma Charity League is hosting its second Summer Fun Poker Run this year, and according to Selma Charity.

Steve’s step-father James Robert Hollis passed away on 27 April 2012. James was born on January 31, 1931, in Troy, Alabama to Thelma Lowman Hollis and Joe Moxley Hollis. He was preceded in death by his parents, brother Joe Frost Hollis and his wife of 38 years Loyce Springer Hollis.

James was survived by his wife, Myrna Todd Hollis (Allen’s grandmother); daughter Melissa Hollis Milligan (Mike) of Selma; son J. Robert Hollis, Jr. (Shirley) of Montgomery; another stepchild Sandra Todd Clay (David) of Auburn.

Allen has one sister named Mary Elizabeth Todd of Selma, Alabama.

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  • Where Is Allen Todd From?

Allen Todd is a native of Selma, Alabama.

  • When Is Allen Todd Birthday?

Allen Todd’s birthday details are currently unavailable.

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