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Oj Ganuelas Bio, Age, Wife, Deadliest Catch, Dead Or Alive

On Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch on a 15 August 2023 episode, viewers were worried about seeing a possible heart attack happen to their favorite Oj Ganuelas. The dreaded clip of the upcoming episode was shown at the end of the August 8th episode, leaving fans shocked. So what happened? Is the deckhand okay? Let’s find out.

Deadliest Catch: Is Oj Ganuelas Dead Or Alive?

Oj Ganuelas in the said episode of Deadliest Catch appeared to have a possible cardiac arrest, as Captain Keith Colburn attempted to save him. The operation had gone into emergency mode on board The Wizard.

This also reminded viewers of the incident from four years ago, when Captain Sig Hansen suffered a heart attack while filming. He, fortunately, ended up recovering and even returned to the show for the very next season.

Anyway, in Oj’s case also fans need not worry because he seems to be doing well. Until July 2023, he had been posting photos of his time abroad The Wizard, on social media. Also, he kind of implied that when he is not helping Captain Keith out, he is spending time at home with his family.

He was also seen tendering to salmon as he enjoyed the Fourth of July with his fellow deckhands. They watched fireworks from the boat and took some time to unwind.

Just around that time, Oj also celebrated his birthday all of which proves that he has been in good health or if not recovering.

Also, this was not Oj’s first time encountering trouble at sea. Back in 2020, an episode caught him getting blindsided by a 35 ft. wall of water. The happening had ended up throwing him into a steel pot. He had his right leg injured. He was also luckily not harmed recently when a huge wave came crashing into the boat.

This Discovery Channel show we are talking about follows fishermen’s dangerous lives out at the Bering Sea as they try to catch fish. the last episode of Oj, i.e., S19E16 mostly highlighted him suffering a possible heart attack on board, Keith attempting to save his crewman’s life, an explosion rocking the Time Bandit, and burning Freddy and shaking Johnathan to his core.

Oj Ganuelas Net Worth

Oj Ganuelas reportedly had nearly $200K net worth as of August 2023.

Since back in 2020, Oj has been part of Deadliest Catch. While on The Wizard, he has been working since as far back as 2017. Yet on his IMDB profile, he has only been credited for a total of three episodes of Deadliest Catch between 2020 and 2023.

To those wondering about his educational background, the only thing known thus far is him being a Cabaruan National High School graduate.

Oj Ganuelas Age

Oj Ganuelas was born in 1987. So, he reached the age of 36 in 2023.

What Is Oj Ganuelas Real Name?

Oj Ganuelas’s real name is Pascual Ganuelas. It is not understood why he prefers to still go around as “Oj”.

Oj Ganuelas Family

Here are a rare few things understood about Oj’s family.

He has two sisters. One of them is Honeyleth Ganuelas Carino. She is seemingly happily married to Nath Carino. Also with their kid, these two were residing in American Canyon, California as of 2023.

Another sister is Killot-Marylou Ganuelas, who is an extreme God believer. She and her family were calling Wuppertal, Germany their home as of now.

Besides on Facebook, Oj also has mentioned Keyshia Karel Jacob Ganuelas, a daughter, two aforementioned sisters, cousins Lomibao Roniel, Chernobyl Ganuelas, sister-in-law Lani Ganuelas, and other family members: Karen JG and Cris Ganuelas.

The reality TV personality also is also in some way related to people with the names Violeta Galsim-Ganuelas and Raymund Ganuelas.

Oj Ganuelas Wife

Oj Ganuelas’s wife is beautiful Karen JG (Karen Jacob). The two have been married since 8 December 2010.

From gifting his wife an iPhone on their anniversary to telling her he loves her on her birthday on February 16th, Oj can be seen talking about his wife on social media.

Oj and his wife also are the best possible parents to two daughters. They welcomed their youngest Karlie Kassidy Ganuelas on 17 November 2022. The eldest is most likely in her early teen years. Her name is Keyshia Karel Jacob Ganuelas. Back in May 2021, Karen got her 7th-grade promotion back in May 2021.

When Oj is not catching fish, is one hundred percent enjoying time with his family. Or when he has even more spare time left after that, he will be going hunting.

Oj Ganuelas Height

Oj Ganuelas stands an easy 5’9”. People might have also noticed his Strabismus or misaligned eyes.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Oj Ganuelas Birthday?

Oj Ganuelas’s birthday is on May 21st and that makes him a Gemini.

  • Where Is Oj Ganuelas From?

Oj Ganuelass originally hails from Urdaneta, officially the City of Urdaneta, a second-class component city in Pangasinan, Philippines. As of 2023 though, he seemed to be living in Cordova in Alaska.

  • Is Oj Ganuelas On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes. Oj Ganuelas can be found on Instagram and Facebook. As of 10 August 2023, his IG @ojongskie_21 included 66 posts and 298 followers. He has also been regularly showing glimpses of his life on ‘Oj Ganuelas’ Facebook.

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