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Aminah Nieves Wiki, Heritage, Age, Boyfriend, Net Worth

The break-out star of 1923, Aminah Nieves might be a new face, but many believed that the portrayal of “Teonna Rainwater” couldn’t have been done better by anyone else.

Keep reading this Aminah Nieves Wiki to learn more about the actress.

Aminah Nieves On 1923

Aminah Nieves plays “Teonna Rainwater” in 1923. Obviously, her character is from the 1920s and attends a boarding school for Native American girls. But the school is a little more than just a religious concentration camp. Administered by white Catholics from the turn of the century, the authorities severely punished any step out of line. 

Naturally, Teonna is relentlessly beaten by a nun (Sister Mary O’Connor) who was also being abused by her superior, Father Renaud. Later, Renaud (who first seemed on Teonna’s side) also joins in and beats Teonna so much so that her legs get scarred.

The scenes are pretty tense! In fact, Aminah herself was scared at times though she was just acting. No wonder, she had safe words. “We’re both very aware of our boundaries and have a deep respect for one another. The moment we felt unsafe, it was like we had tap patterns,” she explained.

Also, stating all was well in the end, Aminah added, “After every take, we would just hug it out. After those scenes were finished, we would cry together. I was very safe.”

Her on-screen abuser, Jennifer Ehle (Sister Mary O’Connor) also agreed that “to feel safe to do those abusive things,” she would often hug Aminah. “Sometimes working the dark stuff is the most fun to do. This wasn’t fun. This one wasn’t fun,” she remarked.

Talking more about her character, Aminah said that she felt like Teonna in general was an extension of herself and my family. So being able to dip into that, and also being able to honor her ancestors “who have been through so much adversity and still continue to go through adversity,” the actress felt important.

How Much Is Aminah Nieves Net Worth?

Aminah Nieves garnered a net worth of under $300 thousand by 2022.

Don’t be surprised, because it was only in 2021 that she started her TV career. Her first movie “Blueberry” came out in early 2021. It featured a story of a young woman (Maya Danzig) living in rural Iowa who dreamed of becoming a dancer. One day, she meets a stranger named Elsa (Aminah Nieves) who then challenges her to run away with her to Rapid City and enter a dance contest. Naturally, the two escape to the Badlands where their journey is cut short by reality.

Thereafter, Aminah appeared as “Katy” in the short 16m movie Dogwood the same year. And before landing a role in 1923, Aminah appeared in a segment of V/H/S/99.

But though she stepped into the TV world in 2021, she’s always been acting. Infact, her earliest theater shows date back to 2012 as well.

Aminah Nieves Age

Aminah Nieves was 27 years of age when 1923 preimred in 2022.

But her character Teonna Rainwater is a lot younger.

Aminah Nieves Parents

Aminah was born to her parents, Stephanie Lovelace-Nieves and Ish Muhammad. They hail from  Kankakee, Illinois, and East Chicago, Indiana respectively. Also, as of 2022, they were 49 and 54 years of age.

As for her siblings, they are Keisha, Dion, and Isaac Nieves. They were 37, 35, and 32 years of age in 2022.

Among them, Dionisio works at Unique Building Supplies and is married to Angel Nieves. Together, they share 5 kids and live in Brunswick, Georgia.

Sadly, Aminah’s maternal grandmother Patricia “Pat” Marian (Anglin) Lovelace passed away in August 2017 at the age of 87.

Fun Fact: Aminah’s mother did all the auditions for 1923 with her. Initially, the actress was hesitant to continue doing them but by the third round, she looked at her mother and saw her bawling uncontrollably. It was at that moment she realized she needed to do it even just for her mother’s sake.

What Is Aminah Nieves Heritage?

Aminah Nieves is an indigenous woman. No wonder, she was able to portray Teonna Rainwater so well, thanks to their common heritage.

Even before she left for Wyoming for my final audition of 1923, she paid a tribute to her ancestors. “Craving deep sleep, health, and respect. Recognizing that moving quickly is directly connected to colonization… honoring myself and ancestors by moving as slow and with intention as need be,” she wrote on her IG remembering the night.

Also, the actress believes in her duty to tell the stories of her ancestors. “It’s what we’re born into, and we’re storytellers from the jump. You know what I’m saying? Continuing to tell our story as honestly as we can is very important,” she added.

Aminah Nieves Height

Aminah stands tall at a height above 5 feet 6 inches (167 cm).

Her distinct features include — an oval face, a dimpled smile, and a fit body.

Aminah Nieves Boyfriend

Aminah Nieves didn’t reveal her boyfriend. In fact, she could have been single in 2022.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Aminah Nieves Birthday?

Aminah receives her birthday wishes on October 2 and is of the Libra zodiac.

On her 20th birthday, her mother took to her FB to write, “Happy Birthday to the youngest of our 4 children. It’s been an honor and privilege raising our children into adulthood. Looking forward to the next phase of parenting.”

  • What Is Aminah Nieves Nationality?

Aminah Nieves is American. She hails from Brooklyn, NY.

But in 2022, she resided in Hammond, IN.

  • Is Aminah Nieves On Instagram?

Find her on Instagram @aminah.nieves.

Also, here’s her Facebook @sol.snoo.

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