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Pietro Fanelli Bio, Age, Today, Instagram, Summer Job

Now, we even have an Italian show on Netflix with the release of the first season of Summer Job, a game reality show, on 16 December 2022. The new series explores ten new Generation Z as they go on their dream vacation to also win the €100,000 cash prize. Pietro “Pit” Fanelli was one of them. So, here is writing where we shall tell you all about him, including his age, his life since Summer Job, and more.

Pietro Fanelli On Netflix’s Summer Job

Pietro Fanelli had never worked a day in his life before he decided to go on Summer Job. Before he got enrolled in this program, he spent his days strolling the streets like a “vagabond” because he did not want to “waste” his life doing things he did not enjoy.

When he introduced himself to the viewers, he bragged that he was on earth to appreciate the beauty of nature and not waste time doing something he did not like.

Pietro did not shy away from telling time and again that he despised jobs. But, when it came to winning that heft amount of cash money he showed everyone that he is pretty good at taking up responsibility. In fact, he himself realized this about himself. For a shot at staying in a luxury villa and winning €100,000 Pietro actually went to real jobs throughout the Summer Job season.

Yet, because he lost his drive toward the end, he failed to make it into the “top 4”. It was Sofia Carollo who instead won the competition. The 20-year-old despite seeming to be quite similar to most of her co-stars, showed real progress as she learned how to handle commitment and responsibility as the series progressed. Unlike some of her co-stars, she refused to discriminate between jobs and gave her all whatever task the show assigned her.

So, in addition to the twist that this reality show brought to the audience, viewers also enjoyed beautiful host Matilde Gioli makes it even more delightful. Of course, there was also no lack of drama or tension between the ten young participants as they spend a lot of time together.

Where Is Pietro Fanelli Today?

After Summer Job wrapped up, Pietro Fanelli slacked back into his everyday routine. By the look of things on social media, he seems to be enjoying life surrounded by his friends and dear ones. But, most importantly, his fans should be pleased that Pietro has since been earning his living as a model. Among other positive changes that happened to Pietro since Summer Job is that he has found himself taking on more responsibilities in his life.

As of December 2022, he was being represented by the Milan-based modeling agency I Love Models Management. More recently, in September, we saw him modeling for Moncler, an Italian high-end luxury fashion house specializing in ready-to-wear outerwear. Before that, in July 2021, he was featured in the French Fries Magazine.

If you also need to know about Pietro’s salary at present, he should be making anywhere around 30.213 €, or an equivalent hourly rate of 15 €, working in Italy, as per

Of course, in this series, we also saw fellow contestant Martina Tobanelli gravitate toward Pietro, who seemingly reciprocated. But, the end of Week 5 sees Martina’s elimination. So, at present, it looked like the two are no more seeing each other.

In the show, we also saw him developing a heartwarming relationship with Sofia. But, even they seemed to be no longer together.

Pietro Fanelli Measurements

His chest-waist-hips measurements were recorded as 34-28-35 (inches) as of the time of this writing. Also, at this point, he wore shoes of size 43 and a suit-sized 46.

Pietro told the cameras on Summer Job that appearance is very important to him. He said, he, therefore, is constantly looking for the antidote to eternal youth. For this, we even see him take a “sacred bath” in the sea. He said that the sea improves people’s psychological and physical well-being.

Pietro Fanelli Age

Pietro Fanelli was born in 2001. So, he reached the age of 21 in 2022.

Where Is Pietro Fanelli From?

Pietro Fanelli is from Italy. Although as of now, he had not specified what part of Italy she was born and bred in.

Summer Job was filmed in Mexico and Italy, particularly in the Riviera Maya and Milan. Since the participants including Pietro traveled from Italy to Mexico to spend their vacation, it now makes sense why they shot several scenes of the inaugural iteration in both countries.

Is Pietro Fanelli On Instagram?

Pietro Fanelli could be found on Instagram @iampietrofanelli with 192 posts and 21K followers as of 19 December 2022.

Besides, he ran ‘Pietro Fanelli’ Facebook and there were so far 224.2K followers and some 3.5M likes on his TikTok account @pietrofanelli. There were also around 404 subscribers on his ‘Pietro Fanelli’ YouTube channel.

Yet, when it comes to his personal life, Pietro prefers to keep it as private as possible.

Related FAQs

  • How Tall Is Pietro Fanelli?

Pietro Fanelli, with dark blond curls and beautiful blue eyes, stood 5′ 11.5″ (1.82 meters) in height at this time of his life.

  • When Is Pietro Fanelli’s Birthday?

Pietro Fanelli’s birthday is on February 11th, making him an Aquarian.

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