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Derek Warner Jr Bio, Age, Instagram, Love After Lockup

Derek Warner Jr. and his girlfriend Monique Robinson are one of the four couples that caught the attention of viewers when the new season of Love After Lockup started on December 16, 2022. Learn more about Derek’s age, prior arrests, current address, and other details.

This article covers it all so keep on scrolling down.

Love After Lockup: Are Derek Warner Jr And Monique Still Together?

Monique met Derek through a prison pen-pal group on Facebook. Monique after seeing Derek’s photo couldn’t help but send him a message. In one clip Monique explained, “One night, it was late, I couldn’t sleep, so I’m just scrolling on Facebook, clicking on things, and then somehow I came across a prison pen pal group.”

Once they began conversing and wanted to go serious, Derek also fell for Monique. Two years later, they are still together. But their family is in disagreement with the relationship. Even Monique’s pals are not happy with her love life or her relationship with Derek. The problem for this couple is that they haven’t actually met.

Monique worries about how their relationship may change if Derek is let out of jail. Monique lied when she said she shared Derek’s passion for exercise. She worries about his response when they first meet because of this. However, Monique attributes Derek’s influence to her decision to have weight-loss surgery. She also acknowledged to her friends that she is concerned about Derek’s opinion of her when they first meet when he is released from prison in a few days.

Monique explained to her friends, “I’m nervous. It does cross my mind, like what if, you know, I’m not what he imagined, or what if he [doesn’t] like me? I’m trying to think positive, but it’s hard when y’all are being so negative.”

People who viewed the new season’s episodes were quick to claim that Monique catfished Derek. Soon after, Monique joined the conversation on Instagram to address the catfish charges. She wrote, “Now I done let y’all play with me on this internet long enough. I hate how Love After Lockup trying to push this narrative like I’m catfishing a man in prison. I use filters on pics like every other woman. Also, I gave y’all plenty of pics to choose from when y’all did my intro and y’all did not use ONE full body pic.”

She added, “Why is that??? Like I was sending nothing but filtered selfies for 2 1/2 years? 🙄 be fuckin fr!! I’ve always been a confident BBW. Y’all cannot bully me or fat shame me because I know who tf I am!! Stop the bullshit.  #loveafterlockup  #loveafterlockupwetv.”

Are they still together? Only time will tell what Derek’s reaction will be though Monique appears to be a genuine person.

More about Monique, she was a mother once before. However, her child Maliah Char’Leigh Robinson passed away on 27 January 2017 just three days after her birth. She made several posts about her daughter on her Instagram and shared the agonizing pain she felt from the loss of her daughter.

In one post, she wrote, “I birthed you and lost you in 3 days, I often think about how my life would be if you were still here. I find myself constantly trying to imagine what u would look like now. If you were to look like me or your dad because I couldn’t stand him during my pregnancy.”

In 2022, Maliah would’ve been 5 years old had she survived. She also has a son named KJ from her previous relationship who celebrated his 9th birthday on 3 August 2022. Her last marriage can be traced back to as recent as July 2020.

Love After Lockup Derek Warner Jr Arrest History

Derek Warner Jr. was one of the 32 men arrested in 2013 heroin ring bust in October 2013 from Cleveland’s Collinwood neighborhood and Euclid. He along with most of the men arrested during the bust was members of Lakeshore Boyz street gang, and three of them – Derek and his two accomplices, Willie Dunning and Nassor Williams, – were charged federally at the time.

Because the drug deals took place at a distance of 1000 feet from a school charges were enhanced. From February to August 2013, undercover law enforcement participated in controlled buys in the investigation.

Derek, Willie, and Nassor faced multiple counts of heroin distribution. Furthermore, Willie and Derek were also charged with being felons in possession of firearms. In fact, he was indicted on 12 drug and firearm counts.

During a pretrial hearing on his motion, Derek’s testimony about the events leading up to the searches differed in some respects from that of the police officers who testified. Derek also denied selling drugs on the days in question and maintained that he was unaware of the drugs found in his house and vehicles.

Ultimately, the district court denied Derek’s motion to suppress. Warner was convicted on the drug charges, and the government dismissed the firearm charge.

At sentencing, the government argued that Derek committed perjury during the suppression hearing and therefore warranted a sentencing enhancement for obstruction of justice. The district court found that Derek deserved a two-level enhancement “for attempting to obstruct or impede the administration of justice with regard to the prosecution” and calculated his range under the Sentencing Guidelines accordingly.

However, the district court failed to identify the specific portions of Derek’s testimony it found to be false and also failed to find on the record that the perjury was material and made with willful intent, as required by well-established Supreme Court and Sixth Circuit precedent. For this reason, they found it necessary to vacate Derek’s sentence and remand the case to the district court.

Love After Lockup Derek Warner Jr Age

At the time of his arrest, Derek Warner Jr was 20 years old. So, in 2022, Derek is 30 years old. Derek celebrates his birthday on 22 October every year.

Derek Warner Jr Height

Per Derek Warner Jr’s pictures, he stands tall around the height of 5’8 inches.

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  • Where Is Derek Warner Jr From?

Derek Warner Jr. hailed from Cleveland, Ohio.

  • Is Love During Lockup Derek Warner Jr On Instagram?

Yes, Derek Warner Jr. is on Instagram (@_livelifetrue_).

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