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An Yea-Won Bio, Age, Job, Height, Instagram, Singles Inferno

A new Korean dating show is taking viewers by storm amid New Year’s 2022. Yes. It’s the Korean dating show Singles Inferno we are talking about. Now, meet An Yea-Won, who stands out among the nine “flirty” Korean singles searching for love on a deserted island on the series that dropped its first two episodes on Netflix on 18 December 2021; and with the final episode, for the season, saved until 8 January 2022.

An Yea-Won On Singles Inferno

An Yea-Won caught the other participants’ attention on Singles Inferno because of the red dress she wore at the time she arrived on the show. And just like the others, Ann Yea also found herself on the reality program seeking romance. However, she has made it clear that she not just falling for anyone.

So far, her actions on the Netflix original also highlighted that she is compassionate and strategic.

Now let us tell you some more about her journey so far in the series.

Like Shin Ji-Yeon and a few others, An Yea was introduced on the series from day one.

During couple selections, An chose to pair with Kim Jun Sik both on Day 1 and 2 but they were not matched. Still, she never gave up and chose Kim Jun Sik only even on Day 3, which luckily turned out well and they were matched.

Kim, so you know, is a 28-year-old from Seoul, South Korea, and is the CEO of KAMEE, a startup company he had established while in his junior year of college. What he has in common with An Yea is his desire to stay healthy.

Anyway, fans just loved to see her on the show and some because of this some have taken to express their dismay citing that she barely had any screen time in the first two episodes.

An Yea has been overwhelmingly showered with so much love and compliments such as “she’s charming and seems fun and like she said she does have a killer body.”

An Yea-Won Age

An Yea-Won turned 27 years of age in December 2021.

Is An Yea-Won On Instagram?

Yes. An Yea-Won is on Instagram and until 2 January 2022, the personal health and beauty blog @yeah.w__ had 185 posts and 220 thousand followers.

Clearly, An Yea had more than half of these followers coming to her social media because of her recent debut on Netflix.

Ann is also drawing more people on her self-titled YouTube channel every day. As of the date, she had 3.77K subscribers on it.

An Yea-Won Height

An Yea-Won stands around 5’6” tall in height. Also, her bust-waist-hip measurements were recently recorded as 38-25-37 (inches).

In her bio interviews, An Yea calls herself clumsy but in a cute way and prides herself on her physical appearance.

An Yea-Won Job

Turns out, fitness is not just a hobby but also a job and more than that a passion for An Yea-Won.

In fact, An Yea is actually an all-rounder. She goes around as a personal trainer, pilates instructor, fitness model, beauty enthusiast, and content creator. Also, she particularly introduces herself as a shooting model/advertising model on her Instagram Bio.

Over the years, she also won many health/fitness competitions. As of December 2017, she had won WBC Fitness’s bikini model in Top 4, Nabba Korea’s bikini model Top 3, WBC Fitness’s sport model PRO, and Fitness Star’s bikini model in Top 2.

And so, based on her interest we found her endorsing more sportswear and related fortes. Only in 2021, she proudly collaborated with VALIANT, a premium street gym wear brand and the internationally established Guess.

Related FAQs

  • When Is An Yea-Won Birthday?

It is on the 5th of December 1996 that An Yea-Won had her birthday party at Hotel Shilla in Seoul, South Korea. 22 years later, An Yea shared some glimpses from the occasion on her social media with a caption, “About 22 years ago yesterday, just like my mom🙊…was I that small…”. That makes her a Sagittarius (of course).

  • Has Yea-Won Unveiled Her Family Members?

An Yea-Won, from Busan in South Korea, has not revealed much about her family members. Be that as it may, we know, she loves her mom and often features her on her social media sharing.

And while she is yet to say things about her siblings (if she has any), her dad, and her grandparents, she showed us the youngest in her house, and it is her cute little dog.

  • What Are Qualities An Yea-Won Searches In Her Boyfriend?

For An Yea-Won her boyfriend has to be someone with nice teeth and of course, someone who operates with her love for jogging, going to the beach, and getting a tan. So far, these are the qualities she has mentioned.

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