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Kim Jun-Sik Bio, Age, Job, Height, Instagram, Singles Inferno

Netflix’s ‘Singles Inferno’ is taking over the fans of reality shows by storm and it is time for fans to meet Kim Jun-Sik. He is a model and business owner.

Scroll down to learn about his age, his job, his height, and his Instagram. This Kim Jun-Sik bio covers it all.

Kim Jun-Sik On Singles Inferno

Kim Jun-Sik is one of the contestants starring in Netflix’s dating show ‘Singles Inferno’.

‘Single Inferno’ is a reality show, which shares a similar theme as ‘Love Island’ or ‘Too Hot to Handle’. In the show, you’ll meet extremely attractive singletons trying to find love while being stranded on a remote island. With the limited supplies, they can move to ‘the paradise’ only if they couple up on the show.

But, there is one rule, they aren’t allowed to reveal their age or their job to fellow contestants. The idea is to attract the people based on their charm to establish a connection with each other. So, if either of them managed to couple up, then ‘paradise’, a luxury hotel is waiting for them nearby where they are allowed to say or do anything.

Much like Gogglebox, a group of Korean celebrities and comedians watch and react to their interaction in real-time throughout the episode. Besides Kim, the show also introduced Song Ji-a, Kang So-Yeon, Shin Ji-Yeon, Kim Hyeon-Joong, An Yea-Won, Choi Shi-Hun, and Oh Jin-Taek. Three new contestants were introduced on the fifth episode of the show Kim Su-Min, Cha Hyun-Seong, and Seong Min-Ji.

Kim hailed from Seoul.

In the Day 1 Selection, he chose Kim chose Song Ji-a; however, he was chosen by An Yea-Won. Hence, he didn’t match as a couple on Day 1. On Day 2, again An Yea Won chose him and as the Day 1, he again chose Song Ji-a to be his partner and again failed to make it as a couple.

Consistent An Yea-Won chose Kim again and this time Kim also chose An and make it to paradise as a couple.

But, what Kim prefers in his ideal woman? He is into women with a ‘cat-like look’. Moreover, he revealed in a bio that he prefers summer over winter and loves meat over sashimi.

Kim loves cooking for his friends. His social media fills with body profile photoshoots and loves to show off his time in the gym.

Kim Jun-Sik Age

Kim Jun-Sik is 28 years old as of this writing in early January 2022. His IG post suggested that he celebrates his birthday in October.

How Tall Is Kim Jun-Sik?

As for his height, Kim Jun-Sik stands tall at 6 feet. Since he spends a lot of time in the gym, he has been able to maintain a ripped physique.

Kim Jun-Sik Job

By profession, Kim Jun-Sik is the CEO of his food company KAMEE. KAMEE is a health/beauty brand that produces Wild Ginseng Guarana Honey, Schisandra Collagen Honey, and Ginseng Premium Mixed Nuts. He promotes the product on Instagram (

Kim started the company while he was in his junior year of college. His passion for cooking and his desire to stay healthy made him delve into the entrepreneurial industry. He supervises the research and development of the marketing and operations of the brand. The products are also very popular on the international market.

A YouTube channel Seoul Economic Thumb also covered his startup story. In the video, he shares that he achieved 200 million in business sales and made nearly 100 times his money by starting KAMEE.

Back in June 2019, he used his ‘first salary flex’ by treating his mother on her birthday. A clip of the celebration was posted on his IG.

Apart from running the business, Kim also delved into modeling. He has posted modeling photos on his Instagram. In July 2019, he also worked as an intern for trading business overseas sales at Samsung Corporation.

One of the other productive hobbies of Kim is reading. He read a lot of books related to marketing, health, medicine, and psychology. He shared that he spent a lot of time thinking on his own, but he got into the habit of reading in his spare time at the anticipation horse, in the army, and the office.

Is Kim Jun-Sik On Instagram And YouTube?

Kim Jun-Sik is on Instagram and his handle is (@juncore_). However, he is not on YouTube although he appeared on a YouTube channel to discuss his business.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Kim Jun-Sik Birthday?

Kim celebrated his most recent birthday on 20 October 2021.

  • Has Kim Jun-Sik Revealed His Family?

Kim Jun-Sik has shared a few details about his parents. He revealed on his IG post from June 2018 that he, his father, and his grandfather, all of them completed military duty. His mother Jang Won-Park worked in Shin So-ae Women’s Clinic.

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