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Andrew Callaghan Girlfriend, Parents, Height, Net Worth

Andrew Callaghan is in hot waters after several women came forward on TikTok and Reddit accusing him of sexual misconduct. Who was he dating when it unfolded? Does he have a girlfriend? Who are his parents?

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Andrew Callaghan Allegations

Several women came forward accusing YouTube personality and journalist Andrew Callaghan of s*xual misconduct. They accused him of inappropriate comments to coercion to a physical assault which was shared on several social media platforms like Reddit as well as TikTok.

After HBO Max released This Place Rules, numerous women accused Andrew of engaging in s*xual misconduct. Among them, two women took to TikTok to post videos where they chronicled the events that transpired between them and Andrew. Caroline Elise, also known as @cornbreadasserole on TikTok, was the first to speak up. Elise states in her video that Callaghan asked to stay the night at her place after he and one of his cast members had a falling out. Elise claims that after she repeatedly said no to him, he forced her into having sex with him while they were in bed.

“He did eventually get consent because he wore me down,” she explains in her TikTok video. She didn’t initially intend to speak up. But when Andrew’s story started to circulate after the publication of This Place Rules, she realized she had to speak up.

“I never thought I would come forward,” Elise explained. “But it’s even more [difficult] to have to relive the trauma that I endured every single day by seeing this man as a social justice warrior — as someone who cares about human rights — get a platform.”

On TikTok, Dana, also known as @moldyfreckle, told a similar story. Dana claimed that she and Callaghan had previously had sexual relations. She told him, however, that given his “mean” and “demanding” behavior, she was no longer interested in doing so. He continuously asked Dana if they could have sex in her car after they had an apology at a restaurant.

Dana claims that she declined Andrew’s request but offered to drive him home instead. But after getting into the vehicle, he allegedly pressed himself against her. “He proceeded to put his hand down my pants,” Dana explained on TikTok. “I told him to stop. I told him to get off of me multiple times. He tried to put my hand down his pants. I was fighting against him.” Andrew eventually got out of the car after Dana refused to give him oral sex.

There are more women who have accused Andrew of sexual misconduct besides Elise and Dana. Numerous allegations of harassment and violence dating back to 2019 are detailed on the r/Channel5ive subreddit. The journalist’s reported history of sexual compulsion and wrongdoing seems constant, ranging from claims of ra*e to chasing kids.

Andrew Callaghan Response Statement

According to The Mary Sue, Andrew Callaghan is yet to respond to the allegations made against him by these women. Following the accusations, Andrew’s friend and fellow content creator Ethan Klein weighed in on the situation. Klein acknowledged that he agreed with the girls’ claims made by TikTok users @/cornbreadasserole and @/moldyfreckle.

But after the second female came out with her allegations, he said that he needed to talk with Callaghan: “I needed to hear from him what happened.” Following that Ethan added that Callaghan was in a “really bad mental headspace.”

Klein then said that he would only be communicating what Callaghan wanted him to say and would not be disclosing any personal information. He claimed that the latter exchanged information with Klein with the “knowledge” that Klein might distribute it because he wanted people to hear “his side of the story.”

The YouTuber continued, saying that he wanted to make sure Andrew Callaghan was safe and that the latter was in a mental hospital: “He told me he was at a psych ward. He was not doing well and he was having panic attacks and stuff. First of all, [I] wanted to make sure he was safe, that he wasn’t gonna hurt himself, that he was with people that cared about him.”

Ethan later clarified that he wasn’t defending Andrew and that he believed the victims “one hundred percent since they came out with their videos.”

Later, Ethan confirmed that Andrew said he knew the victims. Klein continued, “He confirmed what they are saying is true. He confirmed he knew the girls and he had encounters with them… He was pretty open and basically that’s what I wanted to hear like he confirmed that this stuff basically happened.”

Ethan added further, “My main takeaway is that he confirmed he knew the girls… I talk to him a lot and I wanted to hear from him what happened and that’s all I’ll say that he confirmed he knew them. That’s not defending him at all. If anything it is corroborating what they said.”

The YouTuber further mentioned that he was waiting for an official statement on the situation from Andrew Callaghan himself: “I [am] really just waiting for a statement. There is not even really a conclusion I mean it sucks. What the f*** can I say? It sucks.”

How Much Is Andrew Callaghan Net Worth?

In 2023, Andrew Callaghan surpasses his last reported net worth of $2.5 million. According to his LinkedIn, he is a reporter at Maroon. He is also the director of This Place Rules which premiered in 2022. He was a host of TV series called Channel 5 and appeared on One Week ‘Til Doomsday, his IMDB states.

More about Channel 5, he served as the CEO along with Nic Mosher and Evan Gilbert-Katz.

Andrew Callaghan Age

As of January 2023, Andrew Callaghan is 25 years old.

Who Are Andrew Callaghan Parents?

Andrew Callaghan’s parents are named Brian Callaghan and Molly Callaghan. Brian and Molly, both residents of Seattle, Washington, are both 51 years old and celebrating their birthday in September.

According to Brian’s FB, he hailed from West Chester, Pennsylvania. Molly on the otherhand claimed Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to be her hometown.

Andrew calls Seattle his hometown and is currently residing in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Andrew Callaghan Girlfriend

The last time in 2021 when Andrew Callaghan updated his relationship status, he was single. Andrew’s current relationship status is unclear in 2023.

Andrew Callaghan Height

Andrew Callaghan’s height measures under 6’3”.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Andrew Callaghan Birthday?

Andrew Callaghan celebrates his birthday on 23 April.

  • Is Andrew Callaghan On Instagram And Twitter?

Andrew Callaghan is on Instagram ( and Facebook (@andrewsnickas) but has no Twitter page.

  • Does Andrew Callaghan Have A Degree?

Talking about his education, Andrew Callaghan holds an undergraduate degree from Loyola University New Orleans. He completed high school at The Northwest School in 2015.

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