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Andy Spinks Bio, Net Worth, Age, Wife, Gold Rush Now

Andy Spinks takes his job as a foreman seriously. And thanks to his supervision, the Hoffman crew on Gold Rush was always able to extract that gold from the dirt without any complications.

So, where is he now? Let’s take a deeper look into this foreman’s life as this Andy Spinks Bio proceeds. 

Where Is Gold Rush’s Andy Spinks Now?

After hanging his gold pan for over 4 years, Andy Spinks finally returned to the game in 2022. He is now a part of the Discovery Channel’s new series Hoffman Family Gold which features Todd Hoffman’s yet another journey alongside his father, son, and the rest of his crew including Andy, safety manager Jim Thurber, and mechanic Randy Hubler.

For those of you confused, Hoffman Family Gold is not a franchise of Gold Rush. Todd left the show back in 2018, and so did Andy. At the time, Andy had appeared in over 83 episodes of Gold Rush and 11 episodes of Gold Rush: The Dirt.

To put it in seasons, Andy appeared on the 3rd,4th, and 5th installment of the popular Discovery franchise.

He was always cautious and positive about finding gold. No wonder, most of the fans still remember his popular quote — “It’s probably gonna be a fight to get to the very end, but one way or another, this team right here, we’ll get there. And we’ll get that thousand ounces.”

According to Discovery, Gold Rush fans have watched Todd Hoffman and his crew from the very beginning. They’ve seen him excavate mine after mine for a chance to strike it rich in gold for years. So now, after a four-year hiatus, the Hoffman Crew is back again digging gold around a rundown mine far off the grid 80 miles north of Nome, Alaska.

Trying to save this mine would definitely be a big gamble for the crew. But on the bright side, if they’re successful, Todd will secure the mining rights for the next decade and could build a family legacy.

Hoffman Family Gold premiered at 10 p.m on March 25, 2022,  after the Gold Rush finale.

Andy Spinks Net Worth

Andy Spinks flaunted a net worth of above $800 thousand in 2022.

A foreman most of his life, Andy stepped into the limelight in 2012 making his TV debut on the popular Discovery show Gold Rush. Since then, things have only looked up for him. Even after the Hoffman crew went on a hiatus after 2018, he then went on to be associated with the Oregon Department of Forestry.

Reportedly, an average mine foreman’s salary in the US was around $88 thousand per annum. So, that was probably what Andy got paid as well.

Andy Spinks Age

Andy Spinks was 53 years of age when he appeared on Hoffman Family Gold in 2022.

He is a year older than his employer Todd Hoffman.

Does Andy Spinks Have A Wife?

Yes, Andy Spinks has a beautiful wife named Gina Leszar Spinks. If you’ve been a long-time Gold Rush fan then you should’ve known this because she has appeared a few times over the show as well.

Andy married Gina back on August 26, 1989, and the two have been together for over 3 decades. Together, they share a daughter named Kenzie Jo Spinks who is the owner of Dapper Dackel Dachshund, a dog breeding program offering long and smooth coat dachshunds with all parents genetically health tested.

The last we checked Dapper Dackel Dachshund were on their way to completing their CHIC certifications.

Talking more about Kenzie, she went to Sandy High School and Sam Barlow High School (from 2 July 2010 to 31 December 2012). She is a Christain and supports the libertarian party.

As of 2022, Kenzie led a single life in Baker City, Oregon.

Here’s Kenzie’s Facebook.

Her bio then wrote, “When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this. You haven’t.”

Trivia: Kenzie was born on November 2, 1995, while Gina was born on November 30, 1967.

Andy Spinks Height

Andy Spinks stands tall at a height of around 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm).

Mentioning his district features, Andy has a square face a comparatively smaller mouth.

Andy Spinks Family

Andy Spinks wasn’t so open about his family. However, we’ve listed a few names linked to him — Anne Fischer (sibling-in-law/wife’s sister), Kyle Fischer (Anne’s husband), Jill Spinks, Melissa Spinks, Dakota Spinks, and Wes Spinks (a Cattle Order Buyer at Spinks Ranch LLC).

Also, he called the Gold Rush cast to be his family.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Andy Spinks Birthday?

Andy receives his birthday wishes on August 29, making him of the Virgo zodiac.

  • Where Is Andy Spinks From?

We’ve no idea where Andy is from. But as of 2022, he resided in Gresham, OR.

  • Is Andy Spinks On Instagram?

Yes, as of March 2022, find him on Instagram @andyspinks with 126 followers; which was kept private then.

Also, here’s his Facebook @andy.spinks.3 and Twitter @GRAndySpinks.

Most of his posts then featured his time in Gold Rush.

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