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Love After Lockup Martel Bio, Age, Height, Last Name

Meet Martel from Love After Lockup. After being sentenced to 13 years in prison, Martel is out and got six months in the halfway house. He has his mother and his long-term girlfriend Kaylah expecting his return.

So, how is Martel? Learn everything that we know by far about him.

Love After Lockup: Are Martel And Kaylah Jackson Still Together?

WE TV’s Love After Lockup‘s Martel met Kaylah 14 years ago at a party by chance via her friend Theresa in 2006. Martel was Theresa’s cousin. They hit it off right away and dated briefly before Martel was arrested and sentenced to prison. Kaylah and Martel’s romance survived the prison walls. Will secrets and falsehoods go in the way of the love they’ve shared for all these years after a 13-year prison sentence?

In the show, Kaylah explains that she has never dated an inmate. But, found the love of her life with her. They dated for 13 years. Before the release, she saw him for the last time in 2018. She is already ready to settle down with Martel and even got a picture of a ring she would wear.

They aren’t engaged but have talked about marriage. But, Martel has been in a prison for a long time and doesn’t have a job. But, she hopes that he should drop $30-$40 thousand if he wishes to keep him around because losing her is like losing a “million dollars”.

Kaylah shares that the first thing that she is going to do right after her partner comes out is have s**. The only request martel had when he got locked up was her not having sex with anyone else.

But, Kayla has doubts that once Martel gets out of the halfway house, he may see people that he knows that including his ex-girlfriend approaching him. She is worried that Martel might reignite the old flames but his mother assures Kaylah that she has nothing to be worried about.

As the show progresses, we get to see Martel and Kaylah visiting their apartment. After they reached the apartment, the argument started almost immediately. By far their compatibility level doesn’t look very good.

Kaylah is giving up a lot for their relationship to work and we hope that Martel appreciates her effort. As for how the relationship panned out, we will have to wait and see it through to the end.

Love After Lockup Martel Arrest History

Love After Lockup Martel was arrested for drug and gun trafficking charges.

How Old Is Love After Lockup Martel?

At the time of filming the show in 2021, Martel was 37 years old.

Love After Lockup Martel Last Name

The last name of Love After Lockup’s Martel is not known.

Love After Lockup Martel Height

Love After Lockup’s Martel stands tall above the height of 6 feet.

Is Love After Lockup Martel On Instagram?

No, Martel doesn’t seem to be on Instagram.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Love After Lockup Martel From?

Love After Lockup’s Martel hailed from Jackson, Mississippi. He was hailed in Atlanta, Georgia.

  • What Do We Know About Love After Lockup Martel Family?

Martel’s mother is Deirdra who is his best friend.

Deirdra and Kayla worked together to make sure that her Martel has everything he needs while he is in a halfway house for six months. He also has a niece named Kasani who he was excited to see after coming out of prison.

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