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Angie Kenai Bio, Age, Partner, Job, Instagram, Netflix Outlast

Fans of survival adventures from around the world have taken a liking to Netflix’s Outlast and naturally also to Angie Kenai, one of its participants.

So, in this writing called ‘Angie Kenai Bio’ we shall tell you who Angie is, about her age, partner, job, Netflix Outlast journey, and more.

Angie Kenai On Netflix’s Outlast

Outlast, the newest survival competition series dropped on Netflix on 10 March 2023. 16 people, including Angie Kenai, were dropped on Chichagof Island by the Neka River, a remote section of Alaska just west of Juneau, in the middle of autumn.

Shortly after, Angie became a member of Charlie Camp. Initially relieved for not being the only woman on the team, she was highly discontented when Andrea left the show citing health reasons. Angie eventually seemed demoralized regarding the dynamics of her team (including Radner, Andrea Hilderbrand, and Seth Lueker).

A lot of things happened then one after the other, the crab pot task and issue with Nick which ended in reconciliation. Things went sour between Angie’s team and Delta Camp which ended with Charlie Camp dominating the competition. Angie and her team eventually secured an alliance with Alpha Camp but refused Javier Colón’s request to join them. With that, there were two teams, Camps Charlie and Alpha.

But, after spending 24 days in this wilderness Angie was evacuated from the show as she was at high risk of perforation, having not had a bowel moment in all those days. Following her treatment, she was given the choice to go back or exist. She chose the latter option and sent her teammates a heartfelt letter expressing her regrets and wishing them luck to last until the end and get that $1 million prize.

When Angie was asked, “What makes you think you can survive in Alaska?”, her answer was “I have respect for the land and the wildlife. I have lived my life with many obstacles — abuse, PTSD, bullying — and the skills I have learned to overcome them can be applied in every aspect of this exciting new challenge.”

Where Is Angie Kenai Today?

As of March 2023, Angie seemed to have recovered from the health issues that did not let her go until the finale of Outlast. And despite that, she seemed very satisfied with her journey on the show. She has been happily promoting it.

Other times, she appeared to be spending her time enjoying the outdoors as much as possible. Trekking, hunting, fishing, and recurving bows while chasing hogs and turkeys seemed to be her favorite activities. Also, she was at this point yet to accomplish her next goal of catching a shark.

Angie Kenai Age

Born in 1992, Angie Kenai turned 30 years old in 2022.

Speaking of her real name, it’s Angeline Sanchez.

Angie Kenai Job

Angie Kanai, with fluency in the English and Spanish languages, is a former member of the Texas State Guard. There, at the time, she worked to provide disaster relief. While most people would describe the job as grueling, she describes it as fun.

Today, it seems, she is an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician). This means she has learned the essential skills to help in life-threatening situations. She might have also thought of getting an Advanced EMT certificate or becoming a Paramedic. In November 2021, she organized a fundraiser asking people to help her further her education and get the “NREMT certification” under her belt up in Alaska. In the description, she explained that the course is $1,600, but she was asking for $1,800 to help cover any extra costs such as flights. When it was completed though, she was able to raise $1,070 USD only.

FYI: The average salary for an EMT-basic is $16.17 per hour in San Antonio, Texas, as per‘s estimation.

How Tall Is Angie Kenai?

Angie Kenai stands below 5’6” in height. A fitness fanatic and tattoo lover among other things, she sports a tattoo of an aquatic animal on her arm.

Angie Kenai Family

Here are a few things we know about Angie’s family.

She has a brother and a sister and they are twins. Often she is seen admitting on her social media post that she loves spending time with her little brother and sister. She once also revealed that her sister was born 25 weeks early at 1 lb 5 oz with her twin brother. In November 2022, the twin siblings turned 19 years old.

Not to miss, on the Netflix show, Angie opened up that she grew up in several places across the country due to having a parent in the army. She said this helped her become well-versed in various forms of terrain and weather patterns.

Angie Kenai Partner

As of March 2023, Angie Kenai loudly admitted her relationship status as ‘In a relationship’ on her Facebook profile. She, however, did not reveal who her partner is.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Angie Kenai From?

Angie Kenai originally hails from her hometown of Lorain, Ohio. As of March 2023 though, she had been calling San Antonio, Texas home.

  • When Is Angie Kenai Birthday?

Angie Kenai’s birthday is on November 23rd and that makes her a Sagittarius.

  • Is Angie Kenai On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes. Angie Kenai could be found on Instagram and Facebook. On his IG account @angie_in_alaska there were 256 posts and 334 followers as of 10 March 2023. And she also seemed active on her ‘Angie Kenai’ Facebook page.

One could also see her living the outdoor life on her TikTok @angie_outlast.

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