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Brian Kahrs Bio, Wife, Age, Job, Instagram, Netflix Outlast

Meet Brian Kahrs, the oldest contest on Netflix’s survival show Outlast. How old is he? Does he have a wife? Is he on Instagram? What job does he do to make a living?

Find out more as you scroll down this article.

Brian Kahrs On Netflix’s Outlast

Of the cast members of the Netflix series’ first season, Brian Kahrs was the oldest. But when it came to surviving in the wild, his age was scarcely a barrier. Immediately after entering the competition, Brian joined Javier Colón, Timothy “Tim” Spears, and Corey Johnson in Bravo Camp. On their first night, the group struggled to locate a place to sleep and rest, and Javier tried to take charge as much as he could, which bothered and amused his friends.

Javier’s teammates were irritated with him since Bravo Camp couldn’t make a fire on their first night, although Brian appeared less offended than the others. Soon after, the former did start a fire, but Tim and Corey were irritated by his continued behavior. The two ultimately made the decision to leave because they did not think they could survive in the Alaskan wilderness much longer, especially with Javier “micromanaging.”

Now that there were only two left, Brian and Javier did their best to hold on and make the most of their predicament. As they got to know one another more, they discovered their ideal dynamic really fast. They also joined forces with Alpha Camp, which allowed them to obtain a crab pot even if Brian was unable to use their raft to get to the necessary island. Bravo Camp soon understood, though, that the alliance might not be what they had hoped for.

Brian and Javier were approached by Alpha Camp, who revealed their intentions to cross the river and take items from the other two camps. The two men were taken aback by this because they didn’t like the concept. Yet, there was quite a ruckus when their accomplices entered Delta Camp and took all three sleeping bags.

Brian was horrified by these behaviors and struggled to understand how someone could act in such a way considering the challenging circumstances they were facing. After the theft, Brian awoke early and fired his flare gun. This was due to his realization that using strategies he thought to be “disgusting” was the only way to prevail in the competition. As a result, he decided to leave the show.

Brian did not tell Javier about his decision to leave because he believed that his teammate would be able to persuade him to stay. He did write him a letter outlining his justifications and expressing regret for leaving without bidding him farewell.

Where Is Brian Kahrs Today?

After the show, Brian appears to enjoy being outside and practicing his survival skills whenever feasible. He maintains his fitness very consistently, frequently going to the gym to keep his body in shape. Brian appears to appreciate his family beyond all else, and he never passes up an opportunity to spend time with them.

The reality TV star constantly enjoys the activities and the company with a charming smile on his face, whether it is a straightforward trip to the grocery store with his wife, a reunion with his brother, or his stepdaughter’s wedding.

Brian Kahrs Wife

Brian Kahrs isn’t married in 2023. However, he is in a long-term relationship with his girlfriend Svetlana Smitt. They have been together as early as 2011. This means they have been in relation for more than a decade.

On Svetlana’s birthday in May 2016, Brian wished his ladylove, “Happy Birthday to My Miss Universe, Svetlana Smitt.” Svetlana is apparently a native of Saint Petersburg, Russia. You can find Svetlana on Facebook.

Brian has at least one daughter from her previous relationship with Sandy Walker. Sandy turned 61 years old in November 2022. She is currently residing in New Port Richey, Florida. Her relationship status reveals that she is currently widowed.

She is named Taryn Walker. Taryn is engaged to Nicolai G. Karlsvik. She is currently residing in Miami, Florida.

Taryn also promoted her father’s appearance on the show with a FB post writing, “World premiere of OUTLAST!💥 Watch my dad tonight on Netflix’s newest survival series OUTLAST. Grab the popcorn, because this one is binge-worthy. Proud of you old man!”

Brian Kahrs Job

Brian Kahrs is a long-time construction worker turned actor. He was a standout athlete and artist while a student at a Long Island primary school. He began lifting weights at age 8 after an older neighborhood kid assured him that by lifting weights every day he could soon become “the toughest kid on the block “.

Growing up, Brian spent very little time inside. He spent all of his leisure time playing street sports and discovering hidden wooded areas on Long Island. He started working as a newspaper delivery guy after school when he was 10 years old. Throughout his academic career, he also worked night shifts in restaurants and factories. Because of his constant naughty and hilarious antics in junior high school, his instructors and peers gave him the moniker “Ziggy,” which they chose in honor of the well-known newspaper comic strip character of the time.

Brian started experimenting with making amusing videos with his mother’s 8mm video camera when he was a teenager and quickly developed a passion for entertainment as a hobby. Later in life, Brian would make use of his early training in video production to succeed as a maker of viral videos. After high school, he would start a protracted, difficult career in construction.

Brian worked as an asphalt worker for a while before switching to the masonry profession as an apprentice. He worked as a master block mason full-time for more than 40 years, laying blocks nonstop. He estimates that over his career, his arms have laid more than 1.5 million cinder bricks.

Check his IMDB here for his on-screen work.

Did You Know? — Brian has also studied over 10 different martial arts and is also an expert at urban and wilderness survival.

Is Brian Kahrs On Instagram?

Yes, Brian Kahrs is on Instagram (@brianedwardkahrs) and Facebook (@BrianEdwardKahrs).

Brian Kahrs Age

Born in 1963, Brian Kahrs turned 59 years old in 2022.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Brian Kahrs Birthday?

Brian Kahrs celebrates his birthday on 30 September.

  • Where Is Brian Kahrs From?

Brian Kahrs was born in Brooklyn, New York but raised in Long Island, New York. He is currently based in Holiday, Florida.

  • How Tall Is Brian Kahrs?

According to his profile on Model Mayhem, Brian Kahrs stands tall at 5 feet 11 inches.

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