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Domenica Calarco Bio, First Husband, Parents, Age, MAFS

Season nine of Married At First Sight Australia kicked off on 21 February 2022 with some of Australia’s most adventurous singles as its line of the cast. Domenica Calarco, who we are going to talk about in the rest of this writing was among them.

As Domenica placed the search for a life partner in the hands of relationship experts John Aiken and Mel Schilling, and clinical sexologist Alessandra Rampolla, she got paired with Jack Millar. And the rest, you shall explore in this ‘Domenica Calarco Bio’.

MAFS Australia: Are Domenica Calarco And Jack Millar Still Together?

The first episode of MAFS Australia introduced to its fans two couples: Selin & Anthony, Tamara & Brent

The S09 E02, then, covered Domenica & Jack (and Ella & Mitch) meet for the first time at the altar in Helensburgh and Sydney.

Luckily for Domenica, coming into the experiment likely turned out well. As she met Jack Miller with a lot in common with her. They both are of Italian heritage, both dog-lovers, both vegetarian, and both funny in a quirky way. Theirs is believed to be a better match than MAFS fans have seen in a long time.

Even the experts Mel Schilling called them her early favorites of the season, while John Aiken dubbed them an “Italian Power couple.”

Now, are they still together, after the filming?

One could locate a few major clues that these two people have gone the distance.

Domenica and Jack have been following each other on social media since before the show began airing. (Of course) the two also made a joint, live television appearance the morning after their wedding episode aired.

The couple hit it off from the start.

According to SportsBet, they had also already been tipped to make it to the final vows as a couple.

Also, the kind of hyper-romantic edit they received during their wedding ceremony was a telling sign that the Nine Network was telling fans they love the couple and knew they were gonna make it.

Domenica Calarco First Husband

“Even after everything I’ve gone through, I still believe in love at first sight,” Domenica had said before talking about her past. During the wedding reception, she revealed she had divorced her ex-husband 18 months ago.

Domenica did not get into the details of it. However, she did hint that now with her walls still up, she is scared to be a failure again. And because of this experience, this time she was hoping to find a husband who will love her for all her quirks and can deliver the right chemistry in the bedroom. She also hoped that her new groom will lead her in the direction of kids and her own big Italian family.

Be that as it may, Domenica was also all nervous and apprehensive to get to know a stranger and call him her husband.

Domenica Calarco Parents

Despite this one-time bitter experience Domenica Calarco never stopped believing in love stories, thanks to her parents, who over years showed her what good marriage looks like.

“I just think their love story – well it’s not very modern but I still think it is beautiful. My dad rocked up to my mum’s family farm to buy a box of tomatoes and my mum’s grandfather said ‘Anna, this is a single man’ and I mean it was the 1980s but it felt like the 1800s”, Domenica showed fans a glance to her perfect love story.

Domenica’s mom Anna Maria Calarco can be located on Facebook, where she jestingly claims that her life now is all about reading, twittering, studying, sleeping, eating, vacuuming, and dusting. (Of course) she is also married to Johnny Calarco. They have always been based in Sydney, Australia.

On MAFS, Domenica also revealed that she hails from a big family and one of them in the family is her brother Marc Calarco. Now based in Sydney, Marc is an allied health assistant at NSW Health. He studied at the University of Technology Sydney and Western Sydney University.

Is Domenica Calarco On Instagram?

Yes. Domenica Calarco could be found on Instagram @domenica.calarco and entertained 30.3K followers as of 25 February 2022.

Domenica also already acquired 17.6K subscribers on the YouTube channel she was yet to put content.

How Old Is Domenica Calarco?

Domenica Calarco turned 28 years old in 2021.

Domenica Calarco Height

Beautiful Domenica Calarco stands below 5’3” tall.

Domenica Calarco Job

As per LinkedIn, Domenica has been a social media executive at VANITY GROUP in Sydney as of September 2019.

Before that, for almost three years, she worked as a beauty contributor on Studio 10 of Network 10 Australia.

Briefly, in 2014, she was EtailPR‘s

(Of course) Domenica is introduced to MAFS viewers as a makeup artist.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Domenica Calarco’s Birthday?

Every year the 26 of February marks Domenica Calarco’s birthday, making her a Pisces.

  • Where Is Domenica Calarco From?

Domenica Calarco was born and bred in Sydney, Australia. She continues to call it her home even today.

  • How Much Is Domenica Calarco Net Worth?

Domenica Calarco reportedly acquired $300 thousand as net worth as of February 2022.

If you want to know more, she should make $55.35 per hour, on average, working as a makeup artist in Australia.

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