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Anthony Cook Age, Now, IG, FB, Mallory Beach Boyfriend

The boating accident near Parris Island, South Carolina, on February 24, 2019, shocked everyone, and the following events and revelations still feel bizarre to this day. HBO Max’s ‘Low Country: The Murdaugh Dynasty’ as well as Netflix’s ‘Murdaugh Murders: A Southern Scandal’ focuses precisely on that. The boating accident left one dead and five others narrowly escaping their death. The person that unfortunately died was Mallory Beach. That incident left Mallory’s boyfriend, Anthony Cook, in pieces who was also there in the boat with the group.

The article below is about him.

Meet Anthony Cook, Mallory Beach Boyfriend

On that tragic 2019 evening, Anthony and his girlfriend Mallory had plans to attend a house party on Paukie Island with Anthony’s cousin, Connor Cook, Connor’s girlfriend/Mallory’s best friend, Miley Altman, Paul Murdaugh, and Paul’s girlfriend, Morgan Doughty. At Paul’s river party, the group decided to travel by Paul’s family boat to the party for comfort.

At midnight, the group decided to leave the party. But then, Paul and Connor decided to hit a bar in Beaufort, South Carolina, where they had a couple of drinks before returning to the boat. It was around 1 am when the group finally left the party to return home via the boat.

Unfortunately, Paul, who was driving the boat, had become intoxicated by that point, with his blood alcohol level reaching three times over the legal limit, and also refused to let anyone drive the boat.

Their whole way back, as Anthony recalled, the group was fighting and arguing. During one of their arguments, Paul suddenly began acting like he was on drugs, and started taking off his clothes before putting the boat at full speed.

At one point, Anthony had also grabbed Mallory and put her in his lap at the bottom of the boat. Unfortunately, Anthony’s attempt at safeguarding Mallory went in vain as the boat crashed ejecting all five of them.

Although the four of them managed to make it to the surface, Mallory was still left to be located. Anthony refused to be taken away to the hospital until he had found his girlfriend. In fact, at one point during the search, he had told a friend if he were to find Mallory alive, he’d have immediately taken her away and married her.

Anthony Cook and his girlfriend Mallory Beach before her death.

Sadly, a week later, Mallory’s body was located. Paul was, then, charged with three counts of driving under the influence. Around that time, there was also severe speculation regarding lapses in the investigation because of the Murdaughs’ influence in law enforcement.

However, the case did not go forward, as Paul and his mother, Maggie Murdaugh, were shot dead on their property in June 2021. Talking about Anthony’s stance on Paul, he mentioned in the Netflix original that no one deserved to die in the way Paul did, even though he was infuriated.

Talking about Mallory, she was born on April 18, 1999, in Walterboro, to Phillip Harley Beach (Robin) of Hampton, and Renee Searson Beach of Brunson. A graduate of Wade Hampton High, she was also on the soccer team of her high school. Mallory worked at “It’s Retail Therapy” clothing store in Beaufort, attended Huggin Oak Church of God in Cummings, and enjoyed hunting with their dad.

The couple was reportedly in the initial stages of a relationship when Mallory died. However, Anthony and Mallory had known each other for the longest time and knew they wanted to be together for their whole life.

Where Is Anthony Cook Now?

Anthony Cook was devastated after losing the love of his life. Around a month after the incident, he shared the feeling of losing her girlfriend on Facebook. Anthony wrote, “I have to live the rest of my life with the memory of getting thrown into the freezing pitch black water with the true love of my life in my arms… I had to swim to shore without her to save my own life and live in regret of that forever…”

The pain of losing his nearest one also drove Anthony to fall into a phase of partying too much in the hopes of forgetting the past. But, obviously, that habit was not good for him so he decided to get clean.

Since then, Anthony has maintained a low profile. As it appears, Anthony currently works as an electrical lineman in Southern USA.

Anthony Cook Age

As of 2023, Anthony Cook’s age was 23, at the least.

Anthony Cook Job

As we said earlier, Anthony probably works as an electrical lineman in Southern USA.

Is Anthony Cook On IG And FB?

No, we did not find Anthony on Instagram and Facebook.

Is Anthony Cook Related To Paul Murdaugh?

Although mentioned Anthony Cook as Paul Murdaugh’s cousin in their article titled “Depositions released in Mallory Beach wrongful death lawsuit.” However, it came later to light, Anthony is merely a friend of Paul Murdaugh. Actually, Anthony was Connor Cook’s cousin.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Anthony Cook From?

Anthony Cook is originally from Hampton, South Carolina.

  • Who Are Anthony Cook Parents?

Sorry, we do not have any information about the South Carolina native’s parents.

  • When Is Anthony Cook Birthday?

Anthony Cook’s birthday details were unavailable at the time of this writing.

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